It’s February, which means we have officially reached the month of love. For this month’s #DCCommunity, we partnered with local floral boutique BloomBack to organise a special Valentine’s Day floral arrangement workshop. We gathered 10 couples on a Saturday morning to create preserved floral buckets for residents at the Thye Hua Kuan Nursing Home. The idea behind creating floral arrangements from preserved flowers – as seen a lot in BloomBack’s creations – is a special one. The flowers are treated to last at least 6 months to a year, so the residents will have blooms to accompany them through February and the rest of 2020!


Why BloomBack

I chanced upon BloomBack a couple of years back when researching on affordable floral arrangement workshops that I could possibly attend for leisure. After browsing through the plethora of workshops the local scene had to offer, BloomBack was one of the only boutiques that struck a chord in me. Their constant mission to give back to the community through flowers was something that stood out amongst the others. (I’ll elaborate more about this later on.)

Therefore, when thinking of an event that would coincide with February’s theme of Valentine’s Day, choosing BloomBack came as a no-brainer.


More About BloomBack

More than just a regular gift shop, BloomBack is a social enterprise that believes in conscious gifting. For them, conscious gifting has the power to rebuild the lives of marginalised individuals such as the physically impaired and bring joy to both the giver and recipient knowing that they are making a difference in the community. BloomBack hires and trains people with special needs or low-income backgrounds. These people then go on to be the florists and workshop instructors of BloomBack. Revenue from these workshops and floral pieces would then help to sustain these instructors.

Apart from that, BloomBack also does this meaningful act of repurposing leftover flowers from events like weddings and parties. The staff at BloomBack collect these flowers from the venue, repackage them and pass them on to the marginalised communities — an act of healing through flowers.

This initiative was started by co-founder Hazel and was born out of her simple intention of using flowers to cheer her sister, Faith up. Faith has been battling with a hearing impairment and a degenerative eye disease, causing her to have a tunnel-like vision. Consumed by feelings of depression and suicide, Hazel used flowers as an instrument to brighten her day. Today, Faith is also one of the workshop instructors at BloomBack. Her vivacious and carefree disposition radiated throughout the entire 2-hour workshop, making it an event to remember.


What Went Down at Floral Arrangement Workshop Held By BloomBack

Faith started off by sharing her inspiring story about the physical and mental adversities she faced throughout her life. She then relayed a story about how one day, despite feeling down, she decided to attend a wedding with her sister. When she arrived at the wedding, the fresh blooms decorated all around instantly lifted her spirits. This led her sister, Hazel, to recognise the power of flowers and the joy it could bring to people.



Amidst the laughter and slight panic from the guys who were initially clueless on how to start, everyone listened intently to the instructions given by Faith. They thoughtfully arranged each and every flower into the flower bucket, which were given to the residents of the Thye Hua Kuan Nursing Home after the event ended.


Taking photos with their meticulously-crafted preserved flower buckets.

The end result! 20 preserved flower buckets uniquely arranged with love.


After that, each couple also created their very own floral frame which they could bring home.

If you are thinking of giving back to the community, or are looking for a floral arrangement workshop to attend, do check BloomBack out. Buy a floral piece or create one all in the name of helping the marginalised. From fresh blooms to preserved flowers I encourage you to support this local floral boutique for a good cause.

For more photos from the event, head to our Facebook page here. Also, do keep a lookout for another very exciting DC Community event next month! See you then!


With love,



Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

Content & Community Manager at The DC Edit


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