One of the first things Riley (AKA Sandra Riley Teng) tells us about her newest single, ‘Love Me Like A’*, is that it’s all about “Feeling your oats!” Which apparently, is a pretty hip thing to say nowadays. Though I guess since we were all confused, you know who’s the cool one here! (It basically means to go all out and revel in yourself.) In the third episode of our Get Ready With You (GRWY) series, we sneak insider info on Riley’s makeup look, straight out of her ‘Love Me Like A’ music video. She also tells-all on why she won’t wear heavy foundation, her ‘annoying’ eyeliner technique and more beauty tips you’ll want in on!

*‘Love Me Like A’ by Riley just dropped on Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t heard it already, tune in on Spotify and all main streaming platforms! (Psst! Riley will also be dropping her first EP very soon.)

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Why She Won’t Wear Heavy Foundation 

It’s no news that Riley keeps up with an enviably fit and active lifestyle — from being a dedicated yogi to a newfound wake boarding hobby she recently picked up. The only downside: sunburn. Riley revealed that she loves a lightweight base that won’t emphasise dry patches, whenever she’s peeling from over exposure. Her holy grail complexion products? Chanel’s Perfection Lumière Longwear Flawless Fluid Foundation and Fenty’s Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

Try This To Make Your Eyelids Pop!

For the ultimate smooth, glossy lids, Riley used a generous dab of Chanel Ombre Première Longwear Cream Eyeshadow to top off her eyeshadow. Then sealed the deal with the Chanel Baume Essentiel Multi-Use Glow Stick in Transparent as a lid topper. Viola. 

(Psst! Have uneven eyelids? Watch our video with Riley to see how she works with her own uneven eyelids and perfects her eyeshadow!)

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Riley’s ‘Annoying’ Way Of Drawing Eyeliner

Spoiler alert: Andrea took almost 30 minutes trying to get Riley’s technique right! If you’re wondering how Riley’s eyeliner always looks on point…well it does require some practice. Using the Signature De Chanel Intense Longwear Eyeliner Pen in Noir, make a tail, then draw downwards, then up again. Riley’s tip: try matching the tail of your eyeliner to the tail of your eyebrow, so it looks just right! Sounds confusing? Learn it from Riley herself here

Her High-Tech False Eyelashes Are A Must Try

Riley readily admits she’s a total sucker for Instagram ads, though her magnetic lashes from Glamnetic proved this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They’re apparently quite life-changing and much easier put on and take off. We’re sold too! 

Don’t Go Yet! 

Hear more about ‘Love Me Like A’ (we hear she even sang us a part *wink*), see how Riley completely transformed Andrea into her artiste twin and more beauty shenanigans! Watch our fun GRWY video with Riley for the full routine and a big final surprise! 

Snoop the full makeup routines of our Get Ready With You (GRWY) guests, from their best hacks, to holy grails and brutally honest opinions — it’s the TMI we’ve been waiting for. Stay tuned!

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