Last time I checked, we were positively still in the first week of February…not! Lately, we were pretty busy at The DC Edit with our International Women’s Day celebrations. Though I’m sure you have been too — with all the places you’re going and ceilings you’re smashing *wink*. For the recharge you need (and deserve), here are some of the newest in beauty and wellness treats you’ll want to try!

1. OLLY’s Gummy Vitamins, S$30.90 – 38.90


If you haven’t heard of OLLY, it’s time to get in on this San Francisco-based wellness brand that just hit local shelves. OLLY’s benefit-driven gummies simplify the science behind supplements; which is always a bonus if you don’t have time to sieve through the sea of ingredients-based vitamins with labels as intense as your work life. Over at the DC office, we’ve been popping OLLY’s best-selling wellness trio in Probiotic + Prebiotic (for a balanced belly), Goodbye Stress (for calm and alertness) and Daily Energy (to combat fatigue). The soft, naturally-flavoured gummies are fuss-free to consume and possibly highly enjoyable if you’re a gummy fan! 

2. Kew Organics Ultra-Glow Kit, S$199

Turn down your skin with Kew Organics’ all-natural, botanical infused skincare for the purest facial treat yet. If stress has gotten the better of your skin, give it a guilt-free, radiance boost with the Ultra-Glow Kit. Featuring the Mandarin Acai Cleansing Lotion, Megaboost Hyaluronic Concentrate Serum and Sugarcane Royal Flush Exfoliant — the 3-step kit is a simple, but potent cocktail for clear, luminescent skin. 

Looking to indulge further? Check-in at the new Kew Organics flagship spa at Cluny Court for highly effective, bespoke organic treatments. Take a time-out with their new, ultra-relaxing treatments that combine the power of botanicals with cutting-edge technology. Their Sugar K Cyro Posh Organic Treatment (S$128) for example, uses incredibly cold temperatures (as low as -15°C) to reinvigorate, hydrate and tighten. Fatigued skin? Restored!

3. Teapasar Tea 

There’s a good reason why “settling in with a cup of tea” has become an almost universal synonym for taking a breather. For a cuppa that’ll soothe your senses while supporting homegrown ventures, meet: teapasar. The Singapore-born multi-brand tea marketplace features a near-overwhelming array of local and international tea brands and exclusive teas straight from the plantations. Best part? Teapasar has used technology to transform tea shopping, so you can finally own your perfect blend. Committed to authenticity assurance and taste matching, teapasar adopts ProfilePrint, that allows it to generate taste profiles for its teas. This makes possible taste matching between individual tea preferences and all the tea profiles across teapasar’s database. Now this is tea we won’t want to spill!

4. Glamglow The Pore Squad, S$52.50

Self-care Edited-08

For skin that’s winning like you are at life, you can’t miss this outstanding quartet from Glamglow. The Pore Squad includes an impressive lineup of Glamglow’s best selling remedies for acne-prone skin and pore concerns; from the SUPERMUD® Clearing Treatment, to SUPERTONER™ Exfoliating Acid Solution, SUPERCLEANSE™ Clearing Cream-To-Foam Cleanser and SUPERSERUM™ 6-Acid Refining Treatment. With key ingredients such as a super six acid blend (including lactic acid, salicylic and glycolic acid), activated-x charcoal and hyaluronic acid, this super kit promises cleaner, clearer and glowier skin. Just our kind of detox!

5. Ksisters Glow Up Fridge (Limited Edition), S$150

Self-care Edited-09

The next big thing after shelfies, make room (quite literally) for beauty fridges! These dainty babies are about as satisfying to look at as they are to use. Beauty fridges help to keep your skincare fresh because the cooler temperatures prevent bacteria from building up and help maintain the shelf life of your products.  The Ksisters limited edition Glow Up Fridge also gives you a headstart on all the skin-loving treats you could pack in your new storage, by coming well-stocked with a curation of their best-selling sheet masks! It’s for all your masking wants and needs; from the multi-targeted I Woke Up Like This All In One Concentrate Treatment Mask, brightening Common Labs Ggultamin C Real Jet Mask to the soothing BY ECOM Pure Calming Mask Pack (and more). Go ahead, spoil yourself!  

6. This Works Love Sleep Pillow Spray, S$40

And finally, for a great night, settle in right with this aromatherapeutic concoction from This Works. The 100% natural Superblend is infused with Ylang Ylang and Patchouli; a relaxing, but sensual blend that sets the mood for deep sleep and greater intimacy. We already know the wonders a good rest sleep can do for happiness and wellness, so have a generous spritz, switch off and turn on. 

Go ahead, spoil yourself. Relax, recharge and go farther.
Happy International Women’s Day from all of us!

Take care,

Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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