Outfit Details: Bag from Furla (in Oceano) | Dress from hher |
Necklace from Tokyo, Japan | Cap from Beams Japan

Looking at my closet, you’ll be able to distinctively identify two types of bags: crossbodies, and LOTS of totes. Even my good friends Charlotte and Mei Ting will exasperatedly go, “Look at all these SMALL bags!” (Small to them because they are your very busy CBD ladies and they ain’t got no time to think about carrying multiple bags.)

I try to split my belongings into essentials (crossbody) and totes (laptop, and everything else). When I’m out of the office for lunch, I know I have everything I need in the crossbody – car keys, mints, a pen, power bank, lipstick, comb, and of course my phone (the litmus test for a good crossbody is if the bag fits my phone, it’s a bag worth considering!). Also the heavier the tote, the more likely I am to get a shoulder or elbow ache, so even though carrying 2 bags may seem a lot to some, I much prefer the convenience of a smaller bag!

Furla recently sent their new 1927 S crossbody in Oceano and it’s so handy – I don’t own a navy crossbody (I tend to gravitate towards brown or white hues), and it was refreshing to style a bag in this colour. I can see it with a striped dress or shirt, jeans, and even white culottes! To accessorise, I wore a pearl necklace and NY Yankees cap I got from my recent trip to Japan – combining a touch of elegance and tomboyishness.

The Furla 1927 S comes in several other shades, I’ve picked 3 of my favourite:

If I could pick another colour, it would definitely be the Cognac brown ($750)! Any other crossbodies you guys love? Leave a comment below!



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