From the house of objects comes a new chapter dedicated to the beauty of the lips. This March, Hermès presents its sixteenth metiér, Beauty, opening with the first collection of Rouge Hermès. It is a creation helmed by some of the finest directors in luxury; Pierre Hardy on object design, Bali Barret interpreting femininity and colour, Christine Nagel on fragrance, as well as Jérôme Touron — the new Creative Director of Hermès Beauty — who transformed vision into bullet

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The Emblematic Collection

Inspired by the metiérs of Silk, the Emblematic Collection features a total of 24 shades (S$103) in matte (10 shades) and satin (14 shades) finishes. The limited edition Totem Collection also accompanies the first chapter of Rouge Hermès and is available in three shades (S$111), decked out in exclusive hardware. 

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From Form To Function

Without exception, Rouge Hermès lipsticks share the same aesthetic of function as all Hermès objects — dressed in lacquered cases of white, black and permabrass gold that are assembled by hand. An expression of utilitarian luxury, the cases are rechargeable and equipped with an intuitive, timeless form. The lipstick delivers in a single stroke (formulated with White Mulberry extract); with an exquisiteness reminiscent of fine, unequivocally Hermès leather.  

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The Rouge Hermès Experience

The collection completes itself with additional accessories for a full lip care ritual. Including a Lip Care Balm (S$103), Poppy Lip Shine (S$103), Lip Brush (S$120) and a Universal Lip Pencil (S$57). For leather objects that will complement your journey with Rouge Hermès, the house has also released a Lipstick Case (S$790), a Pop-Up Lipstick Case (S$3,050) and Mirror Accessory (S$1,100). 

Rouge Hermès presents a new, inimitable experience in luxury beauty. And perhaps, a more accessible foray into the house of our iconic Birkin. Discover the full collection, now available in-stores at Hermès Liat Towers, Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya. 

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Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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