We were not expecting such a teary affair! In the fourth episode of our Get Ready With You (GRWY) series, we bring you a special bridesmaid edition featuring Airin, Andrea’s wedding makeup artist and bridesmaid. Ahead of Andrea’s upcoming wedding (Yay!), we get the low-down on Airin’s fuss-free routine for a clean, ethereal look. The best part? It’s tear-proof and perfect for the bridal season. She reveals her favourite foundation contouring technique, lazy girl eyeshadow hacks and more beauty tips you’ll want in on! 

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Skip Bronzer & Try This Foundation Contouring Technique 

Instead of shading with a bronzer, Airin adds dimension to her face by using two shades of foundation. Use a darker shade of foundation along the periphery of the face (tracing along the hairline to jawline) and use a lighter shade in the centre. The result? Super subtle, natural contouring that makes all the difference. (Psst! Her current go-to for a soft, natural finish is Cosme Decorte’s AQ Meliority Repair Foundation (S$306).) 

The Ultimate Less-Is-More Eyeliner Tip 

For a natural-look, start with picking the right shade of eyeliner — try a greyish-brown in place of black, which could be too intense. Also be wary of reddish-brown tones, as they might make your eyes appear puffy (unfortunately, not tear-proof friendly)! Airin’s current go-to is the Excel Skinny Rich Liner in RL03 (S$39.84). Then, instead of lining your entire eye, simply add an upward flick at the outer corner for an understated ‘winged’ look that won’t overwhelm.  

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A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Perfecting Eyeshadow 

If you can’t seem to master blending and brushes, or just don’t have the time, we feel you! Save the stress and still look as great by going for cream eyeshadows that will blend as well with fingers. Airin’s holy-grail is Cosme Decorte’s Eye Glow Gem (S$35), which she swears is pretty much fool-proof. Make it tear-proof: Attending a wedding and expecting some happy-tears? Apply a deeper shade of eyeshadow along your lash line to create more depth and balance out swollen eyes. Watch our video with Airin for a step-by-step guide! 

Laugh Lines Be Gone — Try This Simple Trick 

Don’t let laugh lines dampen all that smiling, laughing and happy-crying at weddings! Once you’re done with your base, use a dry q-tip to remove some of the foundation wherever you’re prone to laugh lines. Then, blend out and over the area again to keep less product along the laugh lines — which will reduce creasing. Now you’ll be photo-ready the entire day!

There’s more.

Find out how Airin uses mascara to get the perfect brows, the surprising way she uses eyebrow powder and more bridal-party beauty shenanigans! Watch our fun GRWY video with Airin for the full routine (and some heartfelt, teary moments)!

Snoop the full makeup routines of our Get Ready With You (GRWY) guests, from their best hacks, to holy grails and brutally honest opinions — it’s the TMI we’ve been waiting for. Stay tuned!

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Melisa Goh

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