In the fifth episode of our Get Ready With You (GRWY) series, we catch up with local celebrity makeup artist and beauty blogger, Sahur Saleim! Sahur gives us an exclusive tutorial on her go-to sultry glam makeup look — so if you missed her masterclass last year, you’re in for a private treat (like we were). She reveals her brows-on-fleek technique, a smokey eyeliner trick and more beauty tips you’ll want in on!

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Foundation Tips For A Flawless, Full-Coverage Finish  

Instead of dabbing your foundation evenly all over the face, Sahur suggests starting from where you need concealing the most. To maximise coverage, use a brush to apply your foundation directly to problem areas. Sahur’s personal holy grail base product is the Nars Radiant Long Wear Foundation (S$76), which she swears by for dry, acne-prone skin and a skin-blurring effect. If you have sensitive skin, or suffer from breakouts (like Sahur herself), opt for non-comedogenic complexion products to avoid irritating your skin. Pro-tip: Sahur recommends analysing your skincare/base makeup on COSDNA to better understand how skin-safe the ingredients are! 

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Master The “Big-Wow-Brow” Game!

Yep, in Sahur’s own words. The trick to “big-wow-brows” that taper into a strong, sharp tail? First, define the tail of your brows by filling them in from the middle to the end. Then, to create a soft, fluffy front, Sahur recommends using less pressure while drawing in the front of your brows. In fact, instead of filling the front in completely, only line the bottom of the brow then spoolie everything out for an easy feathered look. Sahur’s current favourite brow products include the Anastasia Bevery Hills Dipbrow Gel (S$28) and Dipbrow Pomade ($35). Watch our video with Sahur to see exactly how she does it, step by step! 

The Ultimate, Super-Simple Smokey Eyeliner Technique

For an uncomplicated smokey eye, cheat by using a pencil eyeliner like Tarte’s Easy On The Eyes Clay Liner (S$29), instead of eyeshadow. With a generous hand, line your eyes halfway (from the middle to the outer corners), then blend out the eye pencil for effortless, sultry eyes. Amplify your look by lining the lower lash line and connecting it to your eyeliner on top — Sahur promises it’ll make all the difference you need. If you’re still up to intensify your eyes even more with some eyeshadow, watch our video with Sahur for useful tips!

Wait up!

Find out how Sahur “rolls” her mascara, the right way to apply blush and more beauty shenanigans! Watch our fun GRWY video with Sahur Saleim for the full routine and final look (plus tons of pro-tips)!

Snoop the full makeup routines of our Get Ready With You (GRWY) guests, from their best hacks, to holy grails and brutally honest opinions — it’s the TMI we’ve been waiting for. Stay tuned!

This episode was shot before the circuit breaker in Singapore.

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