Mother’s Day Looks A Little Different This Year

If your usual plans to celebrate Mother’s Day got disrupted (no) thanks to the ongoing pandemic, you’re not alone. With the announcement of a month-long Circuit Breaker, it was apparent the staycation I had planned for this Mother’s Day weekend wasn’t going to happen. Dining out or organising any other special activities were also off the table. For the first time, Mother’s Day meant staying home the whole day, making do with a no-frills celebration. 

Which left me wondering – perhaps a no-frills celebration is all that’s ever needed. Minus the excesses of expensive high-teas and extravagant spa treatments, time spent together is just what our Mothers (and us) want. 

I got the chance to chat with three readers last week – Rachel Ann, Kvell Ong, Hannah Wahyuni, and I asked how this Mother’s Day will be different, and how being at home these past few weeks has impacted their mother-daughter relationships. For some, this period is an opportunity to make up for lost time, or discover new things about each other.

New-Found Gratitude And Realisations

Rachel Ann shared that the circuit breaker has definitely drawn everyone closer. Something new they’ve started is a weekly Fancy Sunday Brunch, to spice up their time at home since weekdays and weekends have started blurring together. “I think my mum wanted to make it a fun time for us during the weekends,” Rachel says.

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For Kvell, being at home more often has changed her perception of her mum, and allowed her to get to know her daily schedule. “I used to think since [my] mum [does not] work, [she must have a lot of “free time” at home],” Kvell tells me. On the contrary, a day in the life of her mum is actually quite the opposite – aside from preparing meal after meal, there’s household chores and minding over each family member to manage. 

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For Hannah, simply getting to be around her mum more is something she’s thankful for. “Usually we will be working in the same room [in the morning], and I actually really enjoy that a lot. Even though we are not talking, being in the same room and just having her near me is really comforting. If we don’t have work to do in the afternoon, we will bake and try out new recipes together”.

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Going Back To The Heart Of Mother’s Day

So yes, Mother’s Day this year won’t look the same as previous years, but it definitely doesn’t have to change how we feel about it. 

Plans may have changed but the essence of this day hasn’t: it is a day to honour and show appreciation for the mothers and/ or the motherly figures in our lives. If anything, a simpler celebration could be just what our Mother’s need, knowing the same joy and contentment can be achieved without the material gifts. 

Who knows, this Circuit Breaker Mother’s Day might just be the one you find yourself looking back on time and again.


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