I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly a morning person. I hit snooze a lot, I’m not the biggest fan of breakfasts and I most certainly don’t feel inspired most mornings. Something I’ve been doing lately to snap out of my morning zombie-mode though, is tuning in to podcasts. They’ve been a great outlet for a much-needed motivation boost in the AM, and set me in the right headspace. So, if you haven’t joined the wonderful world of podcasts yet, we’ve rounded up 5 inspirational podcasts that are perfect to kick start your day.

1. Second Life

For: eye-opening conversations with women who have made pivots in their career
Length:  ~1 hour

Co-founder of Who What Wear, Hillary Kerr, chats with women with a myriad of backgrounds who have made major career shifts (thus “second life”) to share about their life and journey. From supermodels to authors and CEOs, you get to catch a glimpse of these women’s work journey, struggles, lessons learned and more. I love the honest advice given by the guests that will definitely come in handy at any stage of your career. If you’ve been rethinking your career lately and you’re considering embarking on your “second life”, be sure to give Second Life a listen.

2. The Goop Podcast

For: dissecting compelling topics with knowledgeable guests
Length: ~1 hour

Is simply existing good enough? Can narcissism be healthy? Can I eat my way to health? Find the answers in this educational and entertaining podcast by goop. Gwyneth Paltrow and goop’s Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen tackle wellness and self-improvement topics with experts in the area like psychiatrists, thought leaders and nutritionists to name a few. Topics are always interesting and diverse (scroll and find one you like!) and you’ll be surprised how much you take away from each episode. A recent one I enjoyed was “Releasing Emotional Blocks around Food” and it touched on sustainable lifestyle habits and other useful health tips!

3. UnStyled

For: fun and enlightening chats about style and the complexities of womanhood
Length: ~30 minutes

This podcast with Refinery29’s editor-in-chief, Christene Barberich, and her guests is truly like listening in on a conversation with friends. Barberich interviews women from the sphere of fashion and creative arts like Karlie Kloss and Alexa Ching. Besides insightful advice for navigating the complexities of life, Barberich’s conversations with her guests also highlight how style and what we wear can impact the way we feel and behave. Funny, gripping and uplifting, UnStyled is an easy favourite for me.

4. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

For: feel-good stories and deep conversations with thought-leaders, authors, politicians and entertainers
Length: 30 minutes to 1 hour

I know her, you know her, everyone knows Oprah Winfrey. The audio-only version of her “SuperSoul Sunday” episodes, Winfrey’s robust humour and radical empathy lets her get personal with her guests and dive into deep and thought-provoking questions. Through each episode, you are sure to walk away recharged with a new perspective on life.

5. Happy Place

For: candid and thoughtful discussions that will leave you invigorated
Length: ~1 hour

In Happy Place, Fearne Cotton gives us an insight into the lives and minds of a fascinating array of guests such as Russell Brand, James Bay and Zoe Sugg. With enthusiasm that is contagious, Cotton has a knack for getting her guests to open up about their life, success, vulnerabilities and everything in between. 


Plug in to these brilliant soundbites for an injection of positivity into your morning routine or commute. What are some of your favourite podcasts to kick start your day? We’re always looking to add new discoveries to our list, so share with us your picks in the comments below!

Love always,


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