Sometimes, I would love to indulge in a full twenty-minute long skincare pampering session. Most times I’m a 20-something that knows my sleep-deprived self wants all the glow of skincare without the actual effort needed. FOREO’s UFO is a lifesaver in these times, I just didn’t know it until I was tasked with this review. Spoiler alert: I absolutely loved it. But first, let’s get into what the FOREO UFO actually is. 

A Spa-like Treatment Encapsulated in a Tiny Machine… Is It Possible?

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The FOREO UFO is a device that utilises T-sonic pulsations, heat technology and LED light therapy to recreate spa-like treatments from home. The UFO-activated masks fit snugly on the UFO and work in tandem with it to deliver specific skin benefits.  If you are feeling sceptical whether a palm-size device and a small sheet of mask would be able to do all that, then don’t worry — I thought the same too! 

But after a deep dive into the mechanics and trying out the product for myself, I was able to reach a deeper understanding of what makes this device tick: 

T-sonic Pulsations

We’ve seen vibrations in beauty tools become a big thing — from cleansing tools to mascara wands — and science has proven that they can be useful for the skin. The pulsations by the UFO enhances circulation and blood flow to your skin, promoting the absorption of ingredients from the activated masks. 

Thermotherapy & Cryotherapy

Working alongside the pulsations is the UFO’s ability to cool or warm itself according to the benefits of the mask. Generally, the UFO warms (thermotherapy) to open your pores and enhance absorption of the masks’ ingredients. On the other hand, the cooling effect (cryotherapy) helps to lift and firm the skin. 

LED Light Therapy

What is a UFO without some fancy lights, right? FOREO’s rendition stays true to the 80s UFO design with a full-spectrum LED light in blue, green and red:

  • Blue LED promotes circulation for a clearer, healthier complexion
  • Green LED brightens any dullness and evens out skin tone 
  • Red LED helps to erase signs of ageing for smoother, youthful skin. 

UFO Activated Masks

These sheet masks are unlike your conventional ones — they are only as big as your palm. Despite this, its ultra-fine microfibers hold plenty of essence that can be incorporated in both day and night routines. Presently, there are two ranges of UFO activated mask formulations available: Advanced Collection and Farm to Table Collection. 

The Advanced Collection is made with the help of top Korean skincare experts while the Farm to Face Collection is designed with natural ingredients from the likes of New Zealand to Brazil. It’s even 100% plant-based and biodegradable! 

Setting Up

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As a girl who grew up thinking one day she will be electrocuted by lightning (thank you cartoons), the idea of self-administering a machine was daunting. Especially when you mix liquids into the equation — that is almost like a recipe for electric disaster. 

Thankfully, my fears were unfounded. This little UFO is waterproof and absolutely safe for use on the face. The setup was also much easier than expected. All you needed was to download the app (on App Store and Google Play Store), enter your login details and voila — you are connected to your UFO! 

After, fit the UFO mask onto the device, and let the voiceover guide you through how the mask is working its magic on your complexion. The entire process only requires 90 seconds, so it is perfect for both your day and night routine. 

After two weeks of continued use, here are my honest thoughts on the entire FOREO UFO Activated Mask range: 

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Make My Day Mask ($15.90)

This was the first mask I tried, and I was mighty impressed. Touted as a day mask, the essence wasn’t too thick and went on nicely. It was also fast-absorbing — so fast that almost all the essence was absorbed into my skin once I was done rinsing the UFO. This is unlike most sheet masks, where a film of wetness is left behind after removal. 

My skin felt plumper (thank you hyaluronic acid!) with a lively glow that did not reflect the haphazard sleep I had the night before. Aside from the moisture-loving hyaluronic acid, this mask also contains red algae which are high in antioxidants and defend your skin against free radicals. 

The most important aspect of a day mask for me is if it works well under makeup — and it did! I tend to have dry patches around my nose and chin area, but no flaky skin peeked through my foundation after this treatment. An A+ in my books! 

Call it A Night Mask ($15.90)

Unlike the day variant, this night mask was more viscous and left a tackier base behind. But this thicker moisture layer makes me feel safely prepared for the harsh aircon winters ahead. And I was proven right — the morning after, my skin still felt soft and moisturised despite not slapping on my usual serums. 

A quick look through the ingredients tells all: formulated with a blend of olive oil and ginseng, it helps nourish the skin while you snooze. The device complements these ingredients with red LED to help stimulate collagen production. The warming therapy was not only great at lulling me to sleep, but also prepped the skin for a deeper infusion of the mask’s essence. It was a great night mask that did everything it claimed to do! 

Green Tea Mask ($29.90)

Foreo Edited-03
I woke up this morning with a few pesky blemishes (completely natural, but annoying nonetheless) and immediately thought: where’s the FOREO?  I decided on this Green Tea mask because of its “purifying” claims, which I desperately needed for my new budding ‘friends’. 

The first thing I noticed about this mask was its light and fresh scent. It added to the relaxing experience for me, and as always, I was amazed at how fast the essence from the mask was absorbed by my skin. I can simply pat on some moisturiser right after without worrying that my skin would be the next Singapore Reservoir. 

The entire process was also refreshing — especially during the green LED light cooling section. I ran this treatment twice as I had a bit more time. After the second run-through, I could visibly see the puffiness and water retention around my face decrease, which was definitely a plus during the day. 

H2Overdose Mask ($29.90)

Unlike the other masks, the essence was milkier and had a subtle powdery fragrance. After the treatment, my face had a similar effect to the Make My Day mask. It felt plump and rejuvenated, with a nice afterglow! My skin also felt more velvety to touch after I pat in the excess essence. I attribute this to the mask’s hyaluronic acid and ceramide. These ingredients work together to quench your skin’s thirst while retaining its existing moisture. This mask also helped with my foundation application, which went on smoothly with a dewy sheen. 

After five days of UFO use, I find myself putting on less moisturiser and my usual serums have been left untouched.

Coconut Oil Mask ($29.90)

Foreo Edited-07
As expected of a mask derived from coconut, the essence was a lot more viscous and thicker than other variants. The slight coconut smell was not overpowering. The serum itself did not sink into my face as readily as the rest, but was not too heavy either — just right for night time. 

The mask’s nourishing benefits stem from its amino acids, vitamin C and coconut water from Indonesia. These ingredients target dull, dehydrated skin by hydrating it with electrolytes and essential proteins. I did feel that my skin was well-moisturised, and almost (read: almost, but I still did it!) skipped moisturiser. 

Manuka Honey Mask ($29.90)

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The essence of this mask mimics its key ingredient, manuka honey. With a slight tackiness and the subtly sweet scent of honey, this was a treat for both my skin and olfactory senses. Honey is famously known for healing the skin, and this mask adds on to its benefits by including Allantoin, a natural extract that soothes, moisturises and softens the skin. 

The 90 second routine with this mask included an orange LED, which helps to revitalise the skin. This, in conjunction with the pulsations, resulted in glowy, supple skin after. Like its other counterparts, the skin drank up the essence readily. I personally enjoy honey as a key ingredient in my skincare, and can see myself repurchasing this mask again! 

Youth Junkie Mask ($29.90)

Getting straight to the point — this is definitely a night mask. The consistency of the essence is thicker and slippery, as you would expect from collagen products. It also sat on top of my skin and took some patting in before it was absorbed fully. 

I will admit that in my early twenties, it is hard for me to appreciate this rich collagen-infused product. But their ingredients seem to target those more mature in age: the collagen rejuvenates skin elasticity while smoothing fine lines and vitamin E protects skin from free-radicals to decelerate the ageing process. In the mix are also shea butter, jojoba oil and olive oil which provide added nourishment to the skin. 

Acai Berry Mask ($29.90)

Foreo Edited-05
Taking a two day break off the FOREO, my acai junkie self dove right to this mask. And I was not disappointed — this mask smells phenomenal. The light, berry sweetness was something I would love to have as a candle. 

Since acai berry is usually touted as an anti-ageing ingredient, I thought the essence from the mask would sit atop my face as with the Youth Junkie mask. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it absorbed into my skin. This can be attributed to warm thermotherapy throughout the session, which helped the ingredients to penetrate deeply. The warmth of the UFO also lulled me to sleep, to the point I almost dozed off in the middle of the treatment. 

The after-result was instantly hydrated and supple skin. I couldn’t stop touching my cheeks (with clean hands!) — they were that soft! The next day, I also noticed that my usual flakiness around my nose was not present. I think this mask solidified my opinion that the FOREO UFO could truly deliver results akin to a spa day. 

Glow Addict Mask ($29.90)

As someone who swipes on highlighter generously and religiously, I felt that this mask spoke to me on a personal level. I used this mask as skincare prep before makeup — and it was a decision I did not regret. The milky appearance was slightly daunting (since I was using it in the day), but it was absorbed by my skin perfectly. There was a nice dew and sheen left on my skin that did not look wet or heavy. 

A quick peek into the ingredients list revealed the workers behind the glow: natural pearl extract, niacinamide and antioxidant-rich Vitamin E. These ingredients form a concentrated team that helped to brighten my complexion while providing an immediate radiance. 

My foundation went on without a hitch and my skin exuded a luminosity even without the additional help of highlighter. This was the perfect mask for a pick-me-up in the morning, especially with the sonic vibrations from the UFO. It woke me and my skin up like a charm! 

Matte Maniac Mask ($29.90)

I was slightly hesitant to try this mask — I am, after all, a Glow Addict and not usually a Matte Maniac kind of gal. But colour me wrong! 

While the essence is definitely thinner than its other variations, it was a pleasant treatment with a nice warmth distributed by the UFO to open my pores and purify them. The sonic pulsations were particularly strong in this one, and I felt my face tingling even after the treatment. Once the essence was fully absorbed into my skin, my skin felt matte on the surface but still hydrated within. 

I had my apprehensions as I generally prefer to have plump and well-hydrated skin but this was better than I thought! 

Bulgarian Rose Mask ($29.90)

Foreo Edited-09
As expected, this rose water infused mask had a distinct scent of… Well, rose water! I personally enjoy rose water, especially in my toners, for their ability to improve skin complexion and calm redness. This entire mask treatment is a concentration of that benefit. Spoiler alert: my usually dull skin was instantly much brighter and energetic.

This mask also features rose petals, which contain sugars and natural oils that trap moisture and refreshes dry skin. Included in the bouquet of rose benefits is jojoba oil, which helps to restore oil balance for supple, well-hydrated skin. The green LED also makes an appearance to help even out skin tone. I feel that this is a good entry mask to kick start anyone’s FOREO UFO journey — who doesn’t like hydrated and bright skin?

Shimmer Freak Mask ($29.90)

Current mood: contemplating whether shimmer freak should be my next Instagram bio because it is my new favourite thing. With a feminine powdered rose fragrance, the entire mask treatment process was a delightful morning treat. With cooling treatment and T-sonic pulsations, my skin felt refreshed right after. The caffeine in the mask also delivered instantaneous results for me. My under eyes were visibly less puffy and my overall face looked more energetic. This was a great mask to round off my experience with the FOREO UFO. 

Final Verdict

Is the FOREO UFO truly effective? It’s an overall yes from me! 

My initial doubts have been cleared and I feel that this is the best my skin has looked in a while. Not to mention, the efficiency this product delivers is a big plus — I love my sheet masks, but sometimes I simply do not have the time. This 90-second skin solution has proven that it lives up to its claims. 

This UFO treatment also provides a unique, almost “customised” experience: each mask targets a skin concern and the UFO device helps to deliver its benefits deeply into the skin. While not all masks have been miracle workers on my skin, a good amount have impressed me and showed me visible results after one use. I am glad I had the opportunity to try out such revolutionary technology in skincare! 

But as always, our experience may differ based on our own skin types and concerns. Have you ever tried the FOREO UFO? Let us know how your experience went in the comment section down below!

With love,



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