Korean Beauty Products That Helped My Troubled Skin

I love the feeling of trying out a new skincare product. The initial adrenaline rush I get as I apply this potentially life-changing friend with great diligence and optimism is something I’ll never get tired of. And like perfecting a cookie recipe on the first try, uncovering a new skincare product that works for me always feels novel and exciting. 

A few weeks ago, a combination of listlessness and an unannounced breakout got me on a hunt for new skincare products. My immediate instinct was to take the plunge into Korean beauty products because 1) As innovative as these products are, they are also known to be highly effective. 2) It really doesn’t get easier to shop for skincare than to do so online. So below, a foray into the world of Korean beauty products that I’ve recently tried and loved.


Aprilskin’s Real Calendula Peeling Pad ($29.90)


This peeling pad is packed with 80% Calendula, a golden flower with medicinal properties that have been lauded for centuries. It is anti-septic and anti-bacterial and can help tackle impurities and dead skin cells all in a couple of swipes. 

Opening the packaging felt like I was opening a delectable jar of marmalade jam. Each peeling pad was covered with bits of calendula petals. I wiped a piece of this citrusy-smelling cotton pad all over my face and right off the bat, my skin felt as fresh as a dew-dropped daisy. I now use this product a couple of times throughout the day whenever my skin starts to feel greasy and is dying for a reboot. 

Skinfood’s Egg White Pore Mask ($16.90)

I’d have to admit, I approached this product with a healthy amount of skepticism. Despite being a passionate believer of clay masks, the two words ‘egg white’ threw me off a little. I didn’t really know what to expect out of it. Thankfully, the words ‘pore mask’ drew me right back in. I for one really needed some help with my pores.

I then found out that egg white is loaded with albumin which promotes firmer skin and smaller pores. The mask was pure white, smelled like moisturiser, but also resembled paint. It possessed an extremely creamy texture which sat comfortably on my skin without drying it out. Overall, it did a great job in drawing out all the impurities leaving my skin feeling cleaner and plumper. I guess egg whites aren’t just for omelettes anymore! 

Cell Fusion C’s Final Rescue Syrup Ampoule ($54.90)

Niacinamide, which is a star ingredient in this ampoule, is an under-the-radar skincare ingredient that has been proven to minimize enlarged pores, improve uneven skin tone and diminish dullness. This syrup ampoule also contains calamine to soothe any inflammation and concentrated water essence to maintain hydration in one’s skin.

I’ve always struggled with finding a comfortable balance between keeping my skin matte throughout the day and still maintaining its moisture levels but I think I’ve found my solution in this ampoule. Its lightweight formula kept my sebaceous glands in check but also delivered lasting yet undetectable hydration. If you are on the hunt for a super featherweight acne-fighting product, this one takes the cake.

CNP Laboratory’s Anti-Blemish Spot Patch ($12.90)

I would like to take this opportunity to make a case for pimple patches. All throughout my teenage years and adulthood, I’ve jumped from one acne treatment to another but have somehow always found myself gravitating back to these zit zappers. 

This number by CNP contains Tea Tree extract which treats a wide range of blemishes from blackheads to whiteheads and even deep-seated cystic acne. I slapped several of these patches all over my blemish-filled skin and sure enough, within a couple of hours, the excess sebum got sucked right out like a high suction vacuum cleaner. My swollen and pus-filled pimples were left helpless and defeated and I believe I can, therefore, rest my case.

Bring Green’s Artemisia Calming Repair Cream ($31.60)

Moisturising is always a tough battle between my head and my heart. On one hand, my heart tells me to skip on it lest my skin looks and feels oilier than it already is. On the other hand, my head knows how important it is to seriously hydrate to limit the excessive production of sebum.

As someone with blemish-prone skin, I am always on the lookout for moisturisers that bring a calming element to my skin. This moisturiser by Bring Green consists of 54% Artemisia (also known as Mugwort) which is designed to soothe and treat sensitive and acne-prone skin. I applied a small dollop of this butter looking formula at night. This, coupled with all the other products above, gave my skin an almost velvet quality. My skin was adequately moisturised and is Sublime, truly. 

I’m glad that this breakout crisis that I mulled over on weeks on end has finally come to a peaceful resolution. Dealing with troubled skin isn’t always easy but I hope that these Korean beauty products would be your solution just as they were mine. 


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Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

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