It’s been quite a run! Following two wonderful collaborations, we’re delighted, beyond excited to bring you another chapter in Superga x Drea Chong — the most substantial and elemental one yet. Introducing: Essentials, an exploration of the everyday, assembled into a collection of wardrobe fundamentals. 


A Study In Necessary Objects

Inspired by snippets and basics from Andrea’s weekend ritual, the collection is a charming take on easy, multi-functional essentials for daily wear. The goal was to marry contemporary styles with an intelligent fit, for intuitive designs that will slip into your own everyday. Versatility is key. 

New Hues

The colour palette introduces 4 soft shades that return us to what’s near and dear. We’re introducing brighter additions (Garden Party, Lavender Mist) but pared back, to keep them playful and always wearable. 

Fresh Laundry: A clean, ivory cream; imagined from the calming scent of freshly washed clothes on a Saturday morning — an understated staple. 

Weekend Bakes: A classic nude; reminiscent of Andrea’s love for the kitchen. For us, this brings back fond memories of her homey creations — of the banana muffins, warm cookies and loaves

Garden Party: A light green; a delicate interpretation of the greens in Andrea’s herb garden.

Lavender Mist: A refreshing lilac; imagined from the exact scent of Andrea’s room — the gentleness of a sanctuary.

Form & Function

This time, the Essentials collection has expanded to include 2 new styles: the Ballerina and Slingback. Coupled with a body made from Superga’s classic canvas, it’s all about streamlining modern design, durable form, maximum utility and seamless function. 


Meet: The Slingback. A reinvention of the iconic Superga 2402 Mule, the slingback features 3 instead of 5 eyelets for a more subtle, dainty silhouette. Lowered soles make for a more effortless and elegant design; but the highlight lies in a new backstrap securing the cutaway back. Complete with adjustable tonal buckles, the strap will allow for a snug and flexible fit. 


Meet: The Ballerina. Espadrille soles add a hint of texture to this otherwise polished, minimal design. Again, 3 eyelets lower the profile for a more feminine, elongating cut . Simple, timeless.  

The Essentials Tote


A singular classic. This one is made from sturdy canvas, in just the right petite size and with an ideal drop for arm or hand carrying. A universally flattering ecru adds to this carrier’s possibilities — from grocery runs, weekend tripping, as a chic shopper…let it take you places.

An Essential Cause

Amidst weathering COVID-19, ‘essentials’ has taken on new meaning. To play a part in giving back during these unprecedented times, Superga will be donating 5% of all sales from the Essentials collection to Free Food For All; a community-led charity that provides free meals for the less privileged and empowers them to take steps towards fulfilling their fullest potential. We hope you can join us in supporting this important cause.


FAQ: Your Guide To Essentials, by Superga x Drea Chong


What is the difference between the Essentials collection and the previous collaborations?

Unlike the first travel-inspired collection and the second A New Day collection, Essentials takes it back to basics. With 2 new designs in 4 pastel shades, along with a handy tote, this collection is about wardrobe fundamentals that will slide into your daily life seamlessly. Scroll back up to read more about the Essentials collection in detail.

How much will the shoes cost? 

Both the Ballerinas and Slingbacks retail at S$139.90/RM409.90 per pair.

How much will the tote bag cost?

The tote bag retails at S$35 and is exclusively available on Superga Singapore website.

Where & when can I shop this collection? 

The Essentials collection is available exclusively online and will not be sold in-stores. The collection will be launched on Superga’s Singapore and Malaysia website on 17 July 2020, 10A.M. SGT. The first 50 orders will receive a free Tote Bag and a selection of delectable treats curated by Andrea. All purchases will also be accompanied by a limited edition notepad in the collection’s colours (look out for it in your Essentials shoebox)!

Can I still purchase the collection if I do not reside in Singapore?

Of course! International shipping is available on the Superga Singapore website.  Shipping charges will be calculated automatically at checkout and varies depending on your location. It will take about 1 – 2 weeks for your order to reach you. 

How are the colours Fresh Laundry and Weekend Bakes different? 

Fresh Laundry is an off-white ivory-cream shade with more yellow undertones. While Weekend Bakes is a natural nude beige, with a pinker undertone. Both are great neutrals for any wardrobe! Here is a comparison of the 2 shades, true to colour: 

Colour Ref 3 IG

What size should I get for my Ballerinas?

You can stick to your usual Superga size for the Ballerinas. However, as the reduction in the number of eyelets makes the shoes more roomy, we recommend sizing down for the Ballerinas if you are in between sizes e.g. if you typically wear a EU37.5 shoe size, we recommend sizing down to EU37. The lower cut makes a snugger fit important to prevent your heels from slipping out of the Ballerinas when walking!

What size should I get for my Slingbacks?

We recommend sticking to your usual Superga size for the Slingbacks.

Here is a size chart for reference:

IGS #1

Will I be able to return or exchange my order?

All products can be returned and exchanged within 7 days of receiving your parcel. However, note that this is subject to stock availability. Superga will not be able to process your return/exchange if your desired shoe/size is no longer in stock. To check for stock availability, simply look up your desired shoe/size on Superga’s website, or drop Superga an email (if you see that your desired shoe/size is out of stock online, you can still drop Superga an email to double-check). 

How do I care for my Essentials Supergas?

Gently wipe down the canvas with a damp cloth and detergent. For stubborn scuff marks, brush with a soft toothbrush. Avoid soaking your Supergas for extended periods of time when washing them; also avoid drying them under direct sunlight because this could damage the canvas and soles. We strongly suggest leaving your Supergas to air dry indoors. 

Shop Essentials, by Superga x Drea Chong

The Essentials collection by Superga x Drea Chong will be launching on the Superga Singapore website and Superga Malaysia website, 17 July 2020 at 10 A.M. SGT. Mark your calendars!


With love,
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