I’m not proud to admit this, but I’ve never put in much thought when it comes to haircare. My day-to-day routine consists of shampoo and maybe a scrub or conditioner once in a whilei.e., when I feel like it (oops). On most days, I get away just fine without brushing my hair too. However, its recent limp and dull state must have been its way of telling me that it was in desperate need of some TLC. Well, the Hair Gods must have heard its cries because Drunk Elephant’s new haircare range recently arrived at The DC Edit office’s doorstep. It’s a sign for me to redeem myself, right?

Drunk Ele-11

Housed in the iconic, eye-catching Drunk Elephant packaging, the haircare line consists of four productsa scalp scrub, shampoo, conditioner and a detangling spray. The first thing that struck me was the sweet almond scent all of them exude. I wasn’t too fond of it initially, but it has grown on me over time. The entire line is also free of sulfates, silicones, essential oils, fragrances, dyes and drying alcohols so it’s about as ‘clean’ haircare can get.

So, did Drunk Elephant’s haircare range revive my hair, and is it worth the splurge? Well, here’s a peek at my experience as I jot down my honest thoughts over a span of five days.

Quick Disclaimer: My hair is thick, straight and long, and is chemically untreated. I mainly grapple with dryness, dullness and a lack of volume.

Day 1: A Clean Start

I knew achieving healthy hair all begins with having a healthy scalp so I started off with Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Happi Scalp™ Scrub (S$52). This scrub boasts both chemical and physical exfoliants: an AHA/BHA acid blend to loosen and dissolve dead skin cells and buildup, as well as biodegradable plant cellulose exfoliating beads to sweep them away. I have used scalp scrubs before but this one had, by far, the tiniest granules. Interestingly, with this scrub, you’re supposed to apply it on completely dry hair and scalp. The long and skinny nozzle came in really handy for targeting the scalp as I sectioned off my hair. I didn’t experience any tingling that some people mentioned feeling, and it was actually really easy to wash off despite having such tiny beads.

The scrub also doubles up as a body scrub but frankly, I didn’t enjoy using it as one. It left my skin feeling a tad bit raw because the application felt quite abrasive—sort of like rubbing sand onto my skin so I’ll definitely stick to using it on my scalp.

After rinsing I went in with the Cocomino™ Glossing Shampoo (S$35). It’s packed with a coconut amino acid blend and natural oils to deeply nourish and add shine to the hair. The consistency of the shampoo was a thin gel but it surprisingly lathered well into a rich, creamy foam which made for a really pleasant cleansing experience. It left my hair feeling really clean, but not stripped of moisture in any way.

Results: The first thing I noticed when my hair dried was how light and airy it felt plus, the added volume at the roots. I reckon it was the work of the scrub which got rid of any buildup at the scalp and lifted the strands. There wasn’t a difference in the dullness of my hair but to be fair, it’s only been one wash and I wasn’t expecting a major transformation so soon.

Day 2 & 3: Nourish and Repair

Many conditioners use silicones to add instant softness and silkiness to the hair, but Drunk Elephant’s Cocomino™ Marula Cream Conditioner (S$35) promises to do that (and more), sans silicones. Using the same coconut amino acid blend as the shampoo together with their hero ingredient, Marula Butter, this creamy conditioner gently softens the hair without weighing it down. At a pH of 3.6, it’s also compatible with the scalp so it’s safe to comb it through from root to end. With this conditioner, it washed off easily without making my hair feel “slippery” and added a natural softness. It didn’t weigh down my already heavy hair even though I applied it from root to tip but for those with oily scalps or fine hair, you can simply apply the conditioner mid shaft down.

Results: Day 3 was when I felt like I began to see a difference in my hair. The shampoo seemed to be working its magic as my strands were finally showing some gloss and shine. The conditioner complemented the shampoo perfectly, adding lushness and hydration to my parched strands. Overall, my hair looked healthier and was a whole lot more manageable.

Day 4: Style It Up

On this day I was heading out and decided to do a quick blowout for sleek and bouncy tresses. After washing with the shampoo, I spritz Drunk Elephant’s Wild Marula™ Tangle Spray (S$35) on my towel-dried hair. Besides working as a detangling mist, the formula is also infused with nourishing plant oils and a multi-amino acid blend to protect hair against heat from styling tools, strengthen and restore natural shine to the hair.

Results: I loved how lightweight the formula of the mist is, not at all sticky or greasy. It gave a nice shine to the hair after blow drying and left it feeling smooth and soft enough such that I could run my fingers through without meeting any annoying knots. However, it is quite pricey for what it does and considering how well the shampoo and conditioner worked, I felt like I could probably skip this one.

Day 5: Final Thoughts

Oh man, I’ve arrived at my last day with the range! Needless to say, I used all four products for the ultimate treat. With Drunk Elephant’s haircare range, I really think it’s all about patience and consistency. If you’re expecting wow-worthy results the first wash, you’ll be disappointed. As for me, I’m pleasantly surprised by how the products effectively restored my hair over time, and bonus points for using clean ingredients. My only gripe is the price point, but I’m already thinking of getting my hands on both the shampoo and conditionermy favourites from the range. I find that this duo alone is enough to keep my hair healthy and happy. If you have damaged hair or use styling products frequently, then you might be better off with the scalp scrub and tangle spray.

I have to say, I feel a little bummed about switching back to my old haircare products. My hair has been loving the attention and care it’s been getting from using Drunk Elephant’s haircare and by now, I can really see and feel the changes in my hair. My strands are looking much healthier than before with a noticeable shine and bounce, and I plan to keep it that way!

Love always,


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