A modern beauty-centric spin on Shakespeare’s famous theatrical line — all the skincare’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. The saturated market definitely makes it feel like we are swept away by waves of beauty trends… Until we find ourselves dead centre in the ocean of products not knowing what actually suits us. But the beautiful thing about the Internet is that it provides effective solutions to modern-day problems. And navigating the elusive world of skincare is one of them! So here are my go-to online platforms that have helped transform me from a trend-chasing newbie to a self-made skincare pro (If I do say so myself!): 

Picky App — Fuss-free Convenience


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Ever wanted a 24/7 skincare pro by your side advising you before you make a purchase? Well, Picky has made that possible! Cutting through the noise of the skincare market, the Picky app (App Store) matches your skin type to products best-suited for you. Their informational database of 30,000 skincare products is streamlined for you after you complete a quick, fuss-free skin-analysis. You can even define your skin goals to refine your curation of product recommendations. 

This app truly puts skincare in your own hands, and I appreciate how their recommendations go beyond the conventional big-name products. Their skin-type analysis is also particularly illuminating — it highlights specific ingredients to include and avoid in your routine! 

Dig Deep with Ingredient Decoders 

Skincare ingredients — so vital to understand, but oh-so-confusing. Don’t be disheartened though, the Internet pulls through yet again! Online ingredient list decoders are now a thing. What they do is break down the benefits each ingredient provides for your complexion. This affirms you whether the product is actually effective and does as it claims. Here are two sites I use before I make any major beauty purchase: 



Being savvy with your products has never been easier than with SkinCarisma. Simply pop in the brand or product name into the search bar, and peruse their ingredients in full transparency. The site also helpfully provides quick product notes on whether they contain commonly avoided ingredients, along with the ingredients’ suitability to different skin types. There’s even a nifty review function where you can read real users’ takes on the product before you purchase – a game-changer for your routine and your wallet! 



If you prefer a closer look into what each ingredient does, then INCIDecoder is the one to click into. Providing easy-to-understand explanations, I always find myself learning a new skincare ingredient after visiting this site. I also appreciate how straightforward this website is — all the information is showcased in a one-page scroll without the need to overwhelm your browser (and yourself) with various open tabs. 

Instagram — More Than Just Selfies

Visual learners assemble! Instagram is the next go-to for skincare content that is easily digestible and a treat for our aestheticism. Many niche accounts have popped up over the years producing thoughtfully designed graphics to deepen our skincare knowledge. As someone who enjoys picking up tidbits of information rather than a whole chunk of intimidating text, I will be the first to admit that such beauty accounts were the first to spark my interest in skincare beyond trends, and contributed to much of what I know today! 

Regardless of whether you are a skincare-newbie or junkie, here are some accounts you need to follow, pronto

For Those Starting Out

HelloAva | @helloavabeauty


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Skin information made accessible. Their easily comprehensible information is complemented with brightly coloured designs that make skincare seem like a breeze, as it should be! What I particularly like about HelloAva is their attention to detail — no generic information that leaves you with more questions at the end of it. Everything is explained thoroughly but succinctly, which (unfortunately) cannot be said for many convoluted descriptions online. They also share goofy skincare memes on their Instagram stories that always bring a spurt of cheer into my daily scrolls! 

Michelle Wong | @labmuffinbeautyscience


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Skincare’s very own mythbuster! With a comprehensive feed of product recommendations and skin(care) facts, this is the page to go if you are looking for clarifications on skincare. I’m sure we’ve all heard that fragrance is bad for the skin, but is it really and why? Questions such as these and more are all answered on the account — a much-needed respite from the misinformation that has been floating around the interwebs.

For Those Looking To Understand Ingredients

The Skin Scientist | @the.skin.scientist 


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If you are looking to dive into skincare ingredients, then this cheerfully yellow feed could just be the right addition to your ‘following’ list! From trendy skin ingredients (do they actually work?) to a detailed breakdown of what each actives treat — they have it all! Not to mention, their clean colour-coded feed is already worth a follow in itself. 

For Those Interested In The Science Behind Skincare

Science Becomes Her | @sciencebecomesher


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If you already have a substantial understanding of skincare and its ingredients, why not delve into the science behind it? While the larger amount of text may seem intimidating, rest assured that it is not peppered with jargon! In fact, it is generally layman language that makes science seem not so bad after all.  Providing answers to fundamental questions (How can we treat acne?), the account goes beyond blanket-reasoning but rather probe into the specifics of the causes and solutions. 

Feelin My Skin | @feelinmyskin


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Illustrated graphics and skin facts galore! The science behind how ingredients work in your products are put on blast and explained thoroughly. The accompanying graphics help you visualise terms, transforming them from mere science-speak to comprehensible descriptions. This has been a great help personally — I find that I am able to glean more from a product’s ingredient list and their marketed actives! 

Audio-visual Learners, Look Towards YouTube

If static images won’t do the trick for you, why not hop on to YouTube to kick-start your skincare-pro journey? With a trove of content creators simplifying skincare for our eyes and ears, these are some of my trusted favourites (That I’m subscribed to!): 


How can we talk skincare without mentioning social media’s favourite specialist Hyram? Dishing out skincare knowledge in an approachable and entertainingly sassy manner, his YouTube channel comprises beginner-friendly tips to insightful analysis of beauty brands (Are they really what they claim to be?). I particularly enjoy his “Specialist Reacts” series, in which he reacts to others’ skincare routines. In a (slightly comedic) candid way, Hyram ascertains or approves of their steps, allowing you to correct any mistakes you’ve been making in your own routine. The fun way to finetune your skincare! 

James Welsh

James Welsh’s channel feels like an answer bank to all the questions I ever had in skincare. Similar to Hyram, James approaches skincare in an honest, no-fluff manner. Letting you in on what really works and what doesn’t, James feels like that one trusted friend you go to before making any beauty purchases. I appreciate how he delves into scientific research papers before recommending any skincare ingredients to his audience.

(Psst! If you are also a fan of makeup, James’ twin brother Robert Welsh doles out useful makeup tips on his channel.)

These are, of course, a few of the plethora of tools out there that you can engage to be your own skincare pro. Do not be afraid to venture onto different platforms to deepen your skincare knowledge (and be sure to share with us what you find — we are always on a lookout for new skincare tips *winks*). While it may seem daunting at first, I promise that elevating your knowledge on skincare will definitely bring visible differences to your skin. All the best! 

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