We take a closer look at the cutting-edge, Japanese-turmeric-charged skincare line from multi award-winning homegrown brand, RE:ERTH.  

I am certain that a mochi makes one of the most brilliant metaphors for skin. In fact, I am quite convinced that it is the version of #skingoals I’ve been searching for. As resplendent as “glass skin” is, it might not work for oilier skin types, tropical heat/humidity or simply, if it’s not your cup of tea. So if your #skingoals don’t correspond with glass skin, allow me to introduce an alternative: mochi skin. It is exactly as you would imagine the dessert: bouncy, smooth and with a soft, almost powdered-down appearance. 

And amidst the sea of products for glass skin, here’s one brand dedicated to the life of mochi-skin. Enter: RE:ERTH and its precious key ingredients, the Japanese White Turmeric as well as the Japanese Spring Turmeric. 

Just how transformative is Japanese Turmeric and why does it hold the key to clear, radiant, mochi-like skin? Do the answers lie in RE:ERTH’s simple, straightforward Japanese-tumeric-charged skincare? 

Here’s everything you need to know.

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At A Glance: Why Japanese Turmerics Are Gems

For the longest time, the only thing that came to mind with ‘turmeric’ was this really good turmeric chicken dish I once had, but then proceeded to suffer the worst food poisoning ever (what a tragic trade-off…). Likewise, if you haven’t heard much of turmeric in skincare, buckle-up! They are precious for (many) good reasons. 

Meet: Japanese White Turmeric 

Originally found at the foot of Mount Aso, the Japanese White Turmeric is now cultivated exclusively in Kyushu, Japan. The unique root has been proven to possess a growing list of impressive skin and health* benefits — it’s really quite the superior plant among other variants of turmeric. (*If you’re interested in further reading, read at length the extraordinary uses of Japanese White Turmeric in Osteoarthritis treatment here.

For a little science, the leaf and root extract of the Japanese White Turmeric contains 4 main components: Curcumenone, Curcrabranol, 4s-Dihydrocurcumenone and Labdane-type Diterpene. Which taken together serve up remarkable benefits for skin, including: 

  • Offering natural hyaluronic acid protection
  • Stimulating cell production
  • Promoting firmer, more supple skin 

Meet: Japanese Spring Turmeric 

Probably the only worthy competitor of the Japanese White Turmeric, the Spring Turmeric has a decorated history of use (see: centuries) in Kampo, or Japanese traditional medicine. Similar to the White Turmeric, the Spring Turmeric has 4 main components, including Curcumenone, Curudione, Neocurudione and Curcumol. It’s primary benefit for skin? Illumination for days!

The Japanese Spring Turmeric has been proven to help inhibit tyrosinase activity* — responsible for the production of melanin — hence contributing to brighter, more lucent skin. (*Geek out! Hop onto this detailed article on the relationship between tyrosinase activity and skin colour for the science.)

If your interest has been piqued, here’s something else to get excited about: both the Japanese White Turmeric and Spring Turmeric are patented to RE:ERTH. This means RE:ERTH has exclusive rights to their use, which also means…you can only experience the Japanese turmeric’s potency in RE:ERTH’s skincare. 

Now Meet: RE:ERTH’s Ritual For Clear & Healthy Mochi Skin

It’s high time we get acquainted with this Singapore-born skincare brand redefining categories in the global beauty industry. RE:ERTH’s straightforward, minimalistic approach to skincare means only 7 essential products (excluding a supplement) make up the party. It would be an understatement to call the line-up promising — every single product is award-winning (with the exception of its newest addition). All RE:ERTH products are also cruelty-free (with most of their products being vegan-friendly too), which is always a massive bonus!  

**Note: For my review of RE:ERTH’s range, I followed the order below (based on how I usually arrange my skincare). However, you can also follow RE:ERTH’s suggested routine for ultimate mochi skin goodness: Step 1: Clarifying Cleanser, Step 2: Multi-targeted Elixir, Step 3: Illuminating Concentrate, Step 4: Blemish Control, Step 5: Calming Toner, Step 6: Smoothing Eye Cream, Step 7: Hydrating Gel Moisturiser.

Step 1: Clarifying Cleanser

A gentle 2-in-1 cleanser that effectively removes light makeup, sebum and debris without stripping the skin’s moisture. Key actives at play are CocoBetaine and AG8 (both derived from coconuts), that work to maintain the skin’s natural pH while offering a thorough cleanse. The coconut derivatives are also enriched with amino acids that help to boost skin elasticity and suppleness. 

Why you’ll love it: 

I’m personally a big fan of pH-balancing cleansers. My only other preference for facial washes is that they should ideally, be fungal acne safe. The Clarifying Cleanser checks both boxes (I analysed its ingredient list on Skin Carisma for fungal acne triggers). Like everything else in RE:ERTH’s range, the cleanser has a fresh, slightly herbal scent. It’s not a fragrance bomb for sure, but should herbal scents not tickle your fancy, this one is so delicate it won’t linger. If you love cleansers that feel like a thorough cleanse, note that the Clarifying Cleanser isn’t going to make your skin squeaky and polished. Instead, the low-foaming wash will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh but smooth. 

All in, the Clarifying Cleanser is a mild, sensitive skin-friendly cleanser that does exactly what it promises to do. It makes a great everyday cleanser, especially for delicate skin. The only downside is that at S$70, it’s a tad pricey. Although considering how essential cleansing is (and how the wrong cleanser could really mess up your skin), I’ll say give this a go if it falls within your budget. 

Step 2: Calming Toner

A refreshing toner that hydrates, preps and brightens. Featuring Japanese White and Spring Turmeric extracts, as well as APPS (a highly stabilised form of Vitamin C), this toner promises to immediately calm and illuminate.

Why you’ll love it: 

I have a soft spot for toners that you can never have too much of — the ones that are light, simple and only packed with skin goodness. RE:ERTH’s Calming Toner is exactly that. The watery, lightweight formula absorbs quickly to instantly soothe (visibly alleviating redness too), while offering a decent dose of hydration. That said, the toner’s illuminating properties seem best delivered when the toner is used as a toner mask, which I wouldn’t be inclined to do given the sheer amount of toner needed (and the S$70 price point)! 

This is another product I think sensitive, more reactive skin types will appreciate. If you’ve never tried Vitamin C for skin before, the Calming Toner could be a foolproof introduction. Though honestly speaking, S$70 for a toner does feel like a pinch (particularly for someone who enjoys being liberal with her toner)! But if it falls within your budget, I’d recommend trying the Calming Toner in a heartbeat. **Note: I used the Calming Toner as Step 2 of my routine, which differs from RE:ERTH’s suggested ritual (that puts the Calming Toner as Step 5). Scroll back up to see RE:ERTH’s suggested skincare routine!

Step 3: Multi-Targeted Elixir

Possibly the most stellar player of RE:ERTH’s range, the Multi-Targeted Elixir is described as mochi-skin in a bottle. A potent skin refining serum, the lightweight formula absorbs in just 10 seconds, leaving zero residue but unlocking a whole lot of goodness. The Multi-Targeted Elixir is charged with Lipodisq® technology that transports key actives into the deeper layers of the skin; it restores, rejuvenates and re-texturises for a more poreless, radiant and youthful visage.

Why you’ll love it: 

A contender for one of the most high-performing, yet lightweight serums ever! I noticed a slight tackiness upon initial absorption, but the elixir eventually sinks in — and I kid you not — immediately delivers a smoothening effect. I’d park the potency of this serum in its impressive refining and rejuvenating properties. After just a week of use, I noticed that the fine lines at the corner of my eyes had been visibly ironed out. My skin seemed more enlivened and felt deeply recharged; as if I was well on my way to healthier, mochi-like skin. It’s no wonder so many users swear by it. 

Arguably the hallmark of RE:ERTH, the Multi-Targeted Elixir is definitely one of the must-tries in this line-up. If you love multi-performing serums that do-it-all-in-one, you’ll want to jump on this. The weightless, non-oily formula also makes this serum extra fuss-free!

Step 4: Illuminating Concentrate


The newest addition to RE:ERTH’s family, this spot lightening serum is a cutting-edge treatment for healthy, luminous skin. Its botanical actives (including Cherry Blossom Flower Extract, Monkey Jack Heartwood Extract) treat pigmentation at the core for spotless, more lucent skin. 

Why you’ll love it: 

I’m grateful to not have any visible skin pigmentation concerns just yet. However, when I found out from the founders of RE:ERTH (Shinji and Ziling) that dark spots aren’t always visible while forming and this concentrate can serve as a preventive treatment, I had to try it. Also charged with Lipodisq®, the Illuminating Concentrate is superbly lightweight and absorbs in seconds. I used it on the areas where dark spots typically appear (such as the space between my cheek bones and eyes), while I had no pigmentation as measure, I did find the area looking slightly more lucent. 

That being said, I’ll be waiting a while before introducing a dark spot corrector into my routine proper. For now, as promising as the Illuminating Concentrate seems, I think it will deliver more for skin that needs it. It’s not quite worth the price tag for me just yet (as a preventive treatment)!  

Step 5: Blemish Control

An acne and blemish treatment for blemish-free skin, reduced pores and a healthy glow. Non-comedogenic, this absolutely non-drying formula can be used to spot treat, or all over the face (as a serum even) and on other break out areas (including the body). Blemish Control aims to target the root cause of bacterial infection to banish acne and prevent future breakouts. 

Why you’ll love it: 

Hands down the highlight of RE:ERTH’s entire range for me. If you struggle with flaky/dry patches after using acne/spot treatments, this is going to be the game changer. The non-drying formula makes all the difference. I used this along my jawline during a little fungal acne outbreak and noticed marked improvement, sans the usual parched aftermath. Since Blemish Control targets the root cause of bacterial infection, expect to wait a little longer before your skin starts clearing up. But once it does, you’ll likely notice a reduction in future breakouts.

In fact, I credit Blemish Control for fixing my most recent fungal acne woes (and we all know how stubborn fungal acne can be). All that aside, the cooling gel also offers immediate relief of inflammation and redness — a true SOS for raging zits! If I could only recommend one product from RE:ERTH’s range, it would be this. It’s brilliant and worth every cent of that S$80 investment. 

Step 6: Smoothing Eye Cream

A lightweight, depuffing eye cream that sinks in quickly to unlock smoother, firmer and brighter eye contours. It’s supercharged with Water-Soluble Vitamin A, Colostrum and Eyeseryl® that help to realign collagen fibers, boost blood circulation and reduce puffiness. 

Why you’ll love it:

Right off the bat, this eye cream smells amazing (with fresh floral notes). The texture is one to beat. It dispenses looking like a deceptively dense and rich cream, but applies so incredibly light, then sinks in seamlessly. I noticed visible smoothing of the deeper set lines in the inner corner of my eye bags and found my under eye area feeling more taut after each use. Extra brownie points because it also wears beautifully under makeup. While S$99 places this eye cream on the higher end, I like it’s frills-free, straightforward efficacy. Definitely a forerunner (ahead of other luxury skincare brands) if I were looking for a more pricey eye treatment. 

Step 7: Hydrating Gel Moisturiser

A weightless oil-free gel moisturiser for hydrated, glowy skin. Its antibacterial properties also help to prevent congested pores. 

Why you’ll love it: 

Moisturiser is an unusually complicated step here. The heavier ones don’t work in our climate, while the excessively lightweight ones don’t work for our skin. A perfect balance is elusive, but RE:ERTH’s gel moisturiser comes quite close. The consistency of this moisturiser reminds me a lot of the Smoothing Eye Cream. It has a cream-like texture that applies effortlessly without greasiness, but with a bigger dose of moisture than you’d expect. On my normal skin, the moisturiser was sufficiently hydrating (layered over a serum) at night and faultless as a day moisturiser. I especially liked how it created an instant plushiness to my skin.

The only downside however, is that like most gel moisturisers this contains alcohol. That said, the Hydrating Gel Moisturiser didn’t trigger my eczema. Though I’d probably take a break from it during my next dermatitis flare up. All in, I can imagine this gel moisturiser being a dream for combination to oily skin types! 

Mochi Skin? Yes Please.

Researched-backed, nature-derived formulas that cut to the chase and deliver visible results are at the heart of RE:ERTH — and we’re enamoured. The focus on weightless formulas, rich in actives and with unparalleled efficacy feels like the new frontier in skincare that we all need; one tailored specifically to the unique demands of a tropical humid climate. Amidst all these, I must add that RE:ERTH’s uncompromising dedication to safeguarding the environment means the brand is also constantly pursuing greater milestones in sustainability, for products that promote happy skin the mindful way. And if that’s not what the future of skincare should look like!

With its roots in Singapore soil, RE:ERTH is going places with industry-disrupting skincare innovation and we think it one to watch (And try!).

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