We spend a lot of time here at The DC Edit exploring what’s new and trending in the beauty industry. Particularly in the belly of the beast; with our sights set on the industry’s big players, the latest fads and most fashionable ingredients. So in this very special edit, we’ve decided to bring the spotlight back home. From superlative skincare technology, to the highest standards in organic beauty and industry disruptors, we bring you the ultimate guide to Singaporean beauty brands that are slowly, but surely redefining categories. It’s time to get in the know and get excited. Presenting: The Local Beauty Edit 2020.

1. A For Apothecary

Just 7 ingredients. That’s all you’ll find in A For Apothecary’s products, with its commitment to safe, effective and ultra-clean formulas for the most delicate skin. Founder Jingyi Yang was inspired by her children’s struggle with eczema to create a line of truly non-toxic, yet high-performing products (for the skin and body) using only certified-organic ingredients. Apart from producing remedies that are child/baby-friendly and pregnancy-safe, A For Apothecary is also dedicated to conscious skincare. The entire line is sustainably-sourced, ethically produced and thoroughly cruelty-free from farm to bottle!


A botanical blend that harnesses the power of organic cold-pressed plant oils (Oat Lipid E, Rosehip Seed, Sea Buckthorn, Calendula, Rosemary). This lightweight yet deeply-nourishing facial oil aims to combat skin hormonal imbalance and restore healthy, radiant skin. A potent addition to post-natal skincare routines, or if your skin is acting up from stress, lack of sleep, diet, or your menstrual cycle.


A 100% natural herbal balm to rescue and soothe little skin mishaps; from itchy bites, to minor scrapes and other small irritations. This ultra-gentle baby-safe formula eases inflammation, pain and broken skin. [Writer’s note: I’ve been using this balm to comfort spots and blemishes, when I get that occasional allergic reaction rash and even to calm my bouts of adult eczema I love that it's easy to carry around! - Melisa]

2. Alche{me}

Alche{me}’s innovative skin technology allows precise, state-of-the-art skin solutions to be delivered right to your doorstep. Rooted in the belief that skincare should be  as effective and efficient as possible, the brand prioritises conscious, customised skincare. The bespoke experience includes skin analyses via facial detection technology, questionnaires and consultations with their skincare expert; expect products that are potent, with botanical formulations and laser-focused on your unique skin concerns. The cherry on top? Not only is bespoke skincare possibly the better way to go for sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint (that comes with mass production), Alche{me} takes it one step further by keeping their packaging eco-friendly and recyclable!



Regardless of your skin type, you can be sure that the serum will be an effective mix of selected vitamins and botanical-derived ingredients. You can even select the kind of fragrance you'd like to have, or go fragrance-free if you have sensitive skin. Of course, what we appreciate most about bespoke serums is that they guarantee a host of active ingredients targeted exactly to your skin concerns -- definitely a level-up on your skincare routine!


Finding the right eye cream can be tough; especially when the delicate eye area isn’t cut out for much experimentation (the risk of milia seeds is very real). If you've struggled with finding the perfect elixir for your eyes, or find most eye creams far too rich, a customised eye serum that's lightweight and with a non-irritating fragrance-free formula could be exactly what you need! Aside from promising to be a better fit for your eye care needs, this personalised serum will also alleviate crow feet, under-eye discolouration and sagging eyelids.

3. Allies Of Skin

Allies Of Skin is the skin-friend we need in our lives: clinically-proven, clean formulas that only include the necessary ingredients. Their formulations are a medley of targeted actives that work towards a common goal of efficacy. From antioxidants, to nutrients and superfoods, the product line is rich with reparative and preventive benefits so that your skin is amply cared for in the long-run. Allies of Skin’s commitment to only skin-safe ingredients also means no SLS, chemical screens, drying alcohol, or other any other nasties across their formulas. The brand promises a well-rounded routine that will deliver results which can be both seen and felt. 


This leave-on treatment mask is combats breakouts with a supercharged blend of anti-blemish complex, antioxidants, brighteners and Rosehip Oil. The concoction also includes Manuka Honey, which nourishes problematic skin while killing acne-causing bacteria and unclogging pores. We love this mask for that morning-after glow -- especially handy when you have important last-minute day-outs (Or dates!).


With an alcohol-free aloe and rosewater base, this skin-repairing mist is a restorative blend of antioxidants and probiotics. Anti-evaporation molecules help this hydrating formula glove the skin and every nutrient-packed spritz refines pores, while brightening up the skin. Place it within reach on your desk for a refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day. (Yes, you can even spray it on over sunscreen and makeup!)


ANIA is not about that 10-step skincare routine life. Launched four years ago, the brand has a simple goal: to become the cleanest skincare line in existence. Committed to intensive R&D for maximum efficacy and safety, ANIA harnesses its potency from botanical blends and safe synthetics. Its straightforward, but high-performing formulations draw on co-founder Mehdi’s childhood of discovering the traditional skincare remedies of Africa.


Packed with fatty acid, vitamin E and antioxidants, this argan oil acts as a moisturiser from head to toe. On your face, it is safe to apply even around your eye area (and only 2-3 drops are needed!). Adding argan oil to your hair care routine can also promote shine and lessen frizz. Your cuticles will also benefit from a dab of argan oil; it helps to strengthen brittle nails. Truly a jack of all trades!

5. Acuralle

An abbreviation of “a-cure-for-all”, Acuralle is all about improving your wellbeing with quality products; their line is made only with the finest ingredients and free from nasties like pesticides, parabens and phthalates. The streamlined range consists of just an aloe vera gel and two oils — so Acuralle is able to zero in on the sourcing and development process of each product to ensure that freshness and quality is preserved at every step.


Douse your skin with Acuralle’s 98% Aloe Vera Gel, in which only organically grown mature aloe plants are used. The transparent gel effectively soothes dry patches and inflamed skin, we also love using it as a hair mask to restore natural shine. For an extra boost of moisture, you can also add a few drops of Acuralle’s Argan Oil to the gel!


Made in Morocco, Acuralle’s Argan Oil is fair trade and 100% organic. To retain the vitamins and antioxidants in the oil and ensure a longer shelf life, unroasted Argan kernels are cold-pressed and machine-pressed at a low temperature. The end result? A beautiful liquid gold that is non-greasy and melts into the skin effortlessly.

6. Auolive

Pronounced ‘olive’, Auolive’s ethos is inspired by the multifunctionality of the pitted fruit which can be used in food, your hair and even your skin. In similar fashion, the brand’s line is perfect for the modern working woman. Only four products are needed for both your day and night routine: a day moisturiser, a water-based night cream, eye cream and weekly exfoliator. Bonus? Auolive’s dermatologically-tested formulations are housed in a double-walled, airless pump bottle that is both leak and spill-proof. Here’s to beautiful skin on-the-go, in true hassle-free fashion!



Mornings are made easier with this all-in-one day moisturiser-cum-sunscreen. With built-in SPF 30 and UVA/UVB protection, this lightweight water-based moisturiser protects the skin from sun damage and premature ageing. The antioxidant-rich formula also 'amps up your skin's defence against environmental pollutants, while Vitamin C and Squalene (from olives) add to its brightening and hydrating properties. Did we mention priming properties too? Truly a multipurpose wonder!


Plagued by perpetual dark eye bags, puffy eyes, fine lines and a busy schedule? This could be the next best thing after a good night’s sleep. Made from an innovative blend of active compounds, this fragrance-free eye serum invigorates your eye area for a fresher-looking appearance. [Writer’s note: The lightweight nature eradicates my fear of milia-seeds: a common concern that arises when eye creams are too heavy for our delicate under eyes. I also appreciate how the water-based formulation works well under my concealer! - Cheyenne]

7. Balm Kitchen

A passion for plant-based living and dedication to finding natural solutions for her (Founder Teresa Foo’s) son’s eczema bloomed into Balm Kitchen — a conscious green beauty brand rooted in Asian botanicals. Vegan and cruelty-free, their products are specially formulated to be the perfect fit for Singapore’s tropical climate. By harnessing prized ingredients such as ginseng and goji berries, Balm Kitchen’s products are safely lab tested, gentle and most importantly, efficacious. Aside from nourishing for our precious skin, the brand also cares deeply about its impact throughout their product life cycle. Balm Kitchen only sources from suppliers and manufacturers that have active roles in the preservation of the ecosystem!

Balm Kitchen


Or as we like to call it, a daily skin-strengthener! Infused with the natural goodness of ginseng, mushrooms, and goji berries, this tonic introduces intense hydration to dull skin. The antioxidant-rich mushroom extracts also help to form a protective shield over the skin that deflects oxidative stress. With external factors defended against, the skin can heal and strengthen in the well-moisturised environment. [Writer’s note: I can affirm that your skin will have a radiant plumpness after continued use! The formulation is also fast-absorbing with no sticky residue. Perfect for day and night use. - Cheyenne]


Their best-seller to date and for good reason! This serum is an all-star performer: it improves your skin barrier, replenishes antioxidants so that your skin is well-protected against pollutants and facilitates cell regeneration. A youth elixir suitable for all skin types, this is a serum promises healthy, more supple skin.

7. Baréskin

Singapore’s tropical monsoon climate can be quite a confusing experience for our skin — which is probably why so many of us have that paradoxical dehydrated-oily skin type. If you haven’t found the perfect skincare for island-living yet, you might want to sit up for Baréskin! The brand prides itself on safe, efficacious and luxurious formulas developed with high-performing actives and innovative skincare technology. The philosophy is simple: skincare before makeup, always — because beauty comes from being comfortable in your own skin. And with that natural glow its products strive to deliver, you’ll probably want to go bare!


Enriched with potent botanical extracts from the Swiss glaciers (hence its name), this gel-based cleanser delicately lifts impurities without over-stripping the skin. Featuring a cocktail of antioxidants, marine extracts, Niacinamide and vitamins, the cleanser also promises to leave skin refreshed, toned and enviably lucent!


Baréskin’s Facial Elixir is probably as potent as it is simple. Made only from 100% organic Jojoba Oil (yes, that’s one ingredient), this miracle worker nourishes, protects (against free radical damage) and returns the skin to an optimal balance. Since Jojoba oil is so similar to natural sebum, expect the elixir to sink in seamlessly for radiant, healthy and restored skin.


There’s no room for false promises, exaggerated claims, or beauty jargon here. Armed with over 30 years of experience in her family’s bee-based wellness business, founder Su-Mae Chia was motivated by her own acne journey to take charge of her skincare goals. So began BSKIN, whose smart skin science approach begins with cutting straight to the chase; products should be effective, transparent and solutions that will empower your skincare journey. From rigorous R&D and expert formulations (all BSkin products are developed by top skincare scientists in Korea), the range is powered by only the highest quality, natural ingredients, potent antioxidants and is meticulously skin-safe (even for the most sensitive skin). 


It's called Smart Skin Cream for good reason! This multi-tasking moisturiser fulfils 4 essential functions, including broad spectrum UV protection, evening and brightening your skin tone, as well as serving up a balanced, non-greasy dose of hydration. The soft, velvety finish is also great as makeup base! A winning everyday moisturiser, if you ask us.


A watery, superbly lightweight essence that offers an instant boost in hydration, while rebalancing the skin's natural pH. The alcohol-free formula also helps prep and prime your skin to enhance the absorption, as well as efficacy of your entire skincare regime. Try switching around the application of this versatile essence -- use it with a cotton pad like a toner, or pat it into the skin directly for a more concentrated dose of actives.

9. DrGL

With 20 years of medical experience, Dr Georgia Lee founded DrGL a decade ago in pursuit of premium, medical grade skincare products. With a focus on scientifically-backed formulas, extensive R&D and the highest standards, DrGL skincare is about straightforward products that deliver only maximum efficacy for all skin types. The brand’s development process is uncompromising and overseen by Dr Georgia Lee herself — so you know you’re definitely getting skincare born from a doctor’s expertise. 



A precious, multi-targeted formula that combats signs of aging, restores and regenerates skin from the cellular level to reveal a visibly smoother, softer and more supple visage. This all-in-one serum is an anti-aging powerhouse derived from active plant stem cell extracts; proven to simulate and stimulate human skin (stem) cell growth. (Psst: Pop this in the fridge after opening. It’ll be an excellent way to wake up your skin in the morning!)


A quick-drying, super fine mist that offers comprehensive protection against UVA/UVB rays and Blue Light. We think sunscreen mists are quite irresistible; they’re portable, versatile and so unbeatably convenient for spraying anywhere and everywhere! DrGL’s formula also feature bonus antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will help to alleviate redness. (Psst: This has become Andrea’s favourite sunscreen of late!)

10. ést.lab

Take the expertise of renowned beauty experts and combine it with technology from leading research institutions. The result? A seamless amalgamation of experience and science, and the forefront of ést.lab’s vision to pursue the highest rates of safety, as well as efficacy for all skin types. So much so, that the brand developed the SKAI (Skin Analytics and Ingredients) Matrix with A*STAR as a framework to evaluate, track, select and formulate the most efficient products possible. It is modern skincare innovation exclusively for Asian skin types, that’s rigorously researched and tested to deliver the most robust results yet.

Est Lab-1


A multi-award winning smart device that brightens and reinvigorates the eyes for a more youthful appearance...in just 1-minute! This nifty eye massager is powered by a Therapeutic Hot Compress, dynamic Sonic Vibrations (spanning 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute) and LED Red Light Therapy for possibly, one of the most potent eye treatments you can have at home. We love how easy, yet mighty and customisable (9 different heat settings, 3 modes) this device is. (Psst: It compresses 10-minutes of eye massage by hand into a single minute!)


Another competent all-rounder that deeply purifies, exfoliates and soothes skin for a clearer, smoother complexion. Apart from power acids Salicylic Acid (BHA) and Mandelic Acid (AHA), the mask also features a host of skin-loving ingredients. Mineral-rich French green clay, tea tree oil and pumpkin seed extract add to the alimentative experience. Importantly, this non-drying, comforting treatment fights blemishes (and blemish scars) without causing irritation, making it suitable even for sensitive skin.


FRANKSKINCARE is a rare find in the skincare industry. They are wholly, 100% certified organic! While their ingredients are sourced from all over the world, the brand’s skincare range is otherwise made locally in small batches. Founder Cissy Chen started her brand after finding insufficient organic options in the market that would work for both for extremely sensitive skin and the humid Southeast Asian climate. FRANKSKINCARE’s products are now the solution to her woes, and also for many women across Asia. Using only core and effective products is the brand’s principal philosophy: their skin ritual is a frills-free 3-steps. To stimulate and promote natural healing of the skin, the range also includes a selection rose quartz tools (that are as pampering as they are pretty).

Frank Skincare-1


If you've strayed away from oils in fear of their heaviness in Singapore’s climate, FRANKSKINCARE could change your mind. Fast-absorbing and lightweight, this facial oil boosts your skin's suppleness in just a few drops. The luxurious blend features 11 organic ingredients that improve cellular turnover and strengthen the skin barrier; in fact this supercharged product can even replace your daily moisturiser! [Writer’s note: As someone who doesn’t usually reach for oils, fearing that it would be too difficult to work with in Singapore’s weather, I was thoroughly impressed! The oil was quickly absorbed into my skin without a hitch, with no oily film. It acts as a great base under makeup too. I can definitely see why this is a best-seller! - Cheyenne]


A makeup remover and day-to-day cleanser all in one, this cleansing oil takes off all the nasty buildup without stripping moisture from your skin. The key ingredient in this oil is Tamanu oil, which helps to treat acne, eczema and inflammations. This makes the product suitable for all skin types, even those with combination skin. Every purchase of Magic Wipe is also paired with an organic (And insanely soft!) bamboo washcloth, which will help to gently and effortlessly wash off the cleansing oil.

12. Glowfully

Just as how we’re mindful of the food we put into our body, we ought to pay attention to what ingredients go onto our skin too. Founder Charlene Sim discovered this when her mother underwent chemotherapy for her cancer, and started researching on products to avoid during that period. The newfound knowledge coupled with her passion for skincare resulted in Glowfully — a brand birthed to provide innovative, gentle formulas that will help women achieve healthy skin inside-out.


Specially tailored for sensitive and inflamed skin, this lightweight gel is packed with amino acids, soothing aloe vera and chamomile extract for instant relief. The elixir is cool to touch and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin immediately more pillowy soft and smooth.

S$42 (5 pieces)

Doused in a rich concoction of Aloe Vera, Acerola Cherry, and Carrageenan (a natural ingredient extracted from red seaweed), this jelly mask immediately refreshes and soothes your skin. It's also infused with hydrating ingredients to quench, firm and plump skin. (Tip: For extra goodness, apply any leftover essence to your décolletage and body too.) Beyond dreaming up high-performing skincare wonders, we love that Glowfully has also partnered with the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) to donate part of their sales proceeds of the Jelly Mask!

13. Handmade Heroes

For starters, Handmade Heroes’ eye-catching packaging is one to enjoy. Although the brand’s cult-following is really underpinned by its natural, cruelty-free and vegan formulations that have captured the hearts of skincare junkies, both vegan and non-vegan alike. What started out as a passion project by founder Lynsey Lim, turned into a full-fledged range that caters to concerns from head to toe. The care in their formulations can be seen from their rigorous R&D process, which focuses on harnessing the benefits of natural ingredients into easy-to-use topical products suited for the masses. Think potent clay masks to nursing balms — there’s something for everyone from environmentally-conscious students to busy mums! 

Handmade Heroes-2


All skin types can rely on this clay mask to tone and minimise the appearance of large pores. Although great at sucking out all the gunk, the mask is mindful to be gentle towards your delicate skin. It is also infused with jojoba and sweet almond oil for added nourishment and moisture. The powdered form allows you to be your own skincare chef — control its consistency by measuring the amount of water used, or substitute the water with chamomile tea for extra soothing benefits. Its pink powder slather looks great for Instagram stories to let everyone know you are having a self-care day!


We love how pocket-friendly Handmade Heroes is, especially for such a big tub of scrub infused with skincare goodies. Made with no synthetic substances, the ingredient list is satisfyingly succinct. The stars of the gritty show being shea butter, sweet almond oil, sunflower extracts and crushed rose petals. These ingredients come together to deeply hydrate the skin while the sugar base exfoliates debris and dead skin cells. The result is glowy, silky skin that is soft to touch. It doesn’t hurt that it smells like a rose petal bath in a spa too!

14. IDS Skincare

Meet extraordinary solutions for the most common, but pressing skin issues. Backed by 20 years of experience in the aesthetics industry, IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions) was created by Dr SK Tan to treat prevalent skin woes such as acne (teens, young adults), pigmentation (sun damage) and wrinkles (mature skin). The results-driven line is fuelled by research-intensive and expertly-developed formulas that promise visible improvement, sans the typical side-effects of prescription skincare products.


Streamline everyday skin protection with this superbly lightweight sunscreen. From broad-spectrum UV rays (up to 99%), to pollution and blue-light, (more than 35%) this mineral sunscreen is designed to guard against a holistic suite of daily aggressors, while enhancing skin health. Bonus: The formula also features Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C), a powerful antioxidant and whitening agent with anti-acne, as well as anti-aging properties!

14. Individual Collective

Perhaps you have gleaned from their name — Individual Collective is all about celebrating individualism. This ethos permeates into their product range, namely the bespoke customised powders. The customised loose powders are tailored for your individual skin tone, concerns and skin type. Extra benefits can also be added, such as a soft-focus glow or shine control. For those concerned about their pores, not to fret: their mineral powders are non-comedogenic and talc-free. Not only are they safe for the skin, but they are also safe for the animals, with their  brand proudly showcasing their cruelty-free and vegan label. The days of happy, #nofilter skin is here!


We can see why this is a holy grail product for many. The fully customised experience (from the comfort of your own home) provides you with the opportunity to craft a loose powder that gives an immaculate finish. The powder is also a buildable formula that makes this powder suitable for both a light touch up and a medium coverage powder. [Writer’s note: My personal customisation included a soft-focus glow benefit, and it did as it claimed – my skin had a smooth blur that made it look photo-ready at all angles! - Cheyenne]


While not necessarily a beauty product, candles definitely help to soothe our moods while we do our makeup or skincare routines. This candle emits an elegant, floral scent with a powdered scent — definitely a olfactory pleasure for those that love roses. Its artisanal aspect comes from the fact that it is hand-poured in small batches in the charming town of France. We also love that it is made with no synthetic ingredients and vegan!

15. IRÉN Skin

IRÉN Skin is for the modern woman that only expects the best of herself and her skincare. Inspired by Japanese skincare ethics that is famed for its strict standards, this brand has a no-nonsense, heavily researched approach to their range. All their products are cleanly formulated and vegan-friendly, with a massive (and much appreciated) ban on over 2000 ingredients that may be toxic, allergenic and comedogenic. Perfected in a Japanese lab before it is distributed to our sunny island, you can expect skincare that makes visible and inner difference to your skin. We also vibe with the fresh and colourful packaging — it reminds us of fresh fruit goodness, except that it is specifically tailored to bring us radiant, glowing complexion.


Blueberries are little gems for your skin and this hydrating serum delivers a concentrated, topical version of their benefit. The blueberry extract here is reinforced with 12 types of moisturising ingredients, making it the ideal solution for parched skin! Quench-up works overtime and through the night to deeply hydrate, so you wake up plump and dewy skin (Imagine that!). Impressive skin benefits aside, we also adore how user-friendly the serum's packaging is. With a one-touch dispenser technology, you'll be drawing up the perfect dose of serum -- without air bubbles -- in a single pump!


Glow from the get-go with this renewing serum that will visibly illuminate your visage in just one application. The ingredient list is supercharged: formulated with pumpkin extract, oats and skin-loving Vitamin B5, this wonder serum will accelerate skin resurfacing, heal scarring and diminish dullness for a glow that lasts!

16. Katfood Skincare

Cheeky name aside, Katfood Skincare is another seriously clean local beauty brand on a no-nonsense mission. Born from the noise of watered-down, overpriced skincare with dodgy labels, Katfood Skincare is only about plant-based, active raw botanical ingredients and worry-free formulations. Multitasking and sustainability are key. Katfood’s skincare wonders are made to target multiple skin needs at once, in the true essence of honest and uncomplicated skincare. Uniquely waterless formulas make for not just greener products (reducing water weight reduces the carbon footprint), but more potent results — since eliminating water also enhances the concentration of those skin-loving actives! Who knew you could have your cake and eat it too?

(We got our community to review Katfood Skincare’s POSITIVITEA Matcha Scrub Mask, hop over here for the low-down!)


A 100% natural, 100% waterless natural Botanical Clay Mask for *positively* your glowiest skin yet, no nasty strings attached. Supercharged by potent glow-giving plant-based ingredients including Matcha, Jasmine Rice, White Clay and Hibiscus, POSITIVITEA visibly smooths, evens and tones. The mask is also vegan and cruelty-free, which is always a massive bonus. Psst: POSITIVITEA is also a breeze to customise to better suit your skin needs. ‘Amp up your masking routine by mixing in coconut/olive oil for dry skin, or try a dash of green tea for oil/acne skin. Also adjust the liquid:powder ratio for the perfect consistency!


A set of 7 reusable facial cotton rounds (one for everyday of the week) that will elevate your skincare routine to new plushy and sustainable heights. Use these ultra-soft triple layered bamboo fiber and velvet pads like how you would cotton pads — for removing clay/gel masks, taking your makeup off and in your skincare regime. Writer’s note: If I dare say, these cotton rounds are BETTER than standard cotton pads. For starters, they’re incredibly soft and glide over your skin without a hitch. I like how they have a bigger surface area too, which makes everything so much more efficient. If you struggle with washing off your clay masks (especially in the nooks and crannies of your face), this will be a dream!

17. Kew Organics

Now here’s one step closer to realising that dream of radiant #makeupfreeskin and perpetual good-skin-days! Kew Organics is committed to synthesising the potency of natural ingredients with medi-aesthetics technology, into a line of transformative organic skincare. Founder Lily Kew — who is also a qualified expert in natural beauty — was driven by her deep-seated passion for organic skincare to complement high-performing organic skincare with facial treatments. So began Kew Organics, Singapore and the world’s first “serious” water-based organic skincare label!

Psst! From now till 31 Aug 2020, enjoy Kew Organics’ Clear Skin Hydra Deluxe Treatment at $88 (U.P. $170) and 30% off Kew Organics facial treatments! (Applicable for first-time customers only.) Discover more bespoke organic facials at the Kew Organics Facial Bar.

Kew Organics-1


Armed with hygroscopic properties, this potent hydration booster effectively attracts and retains moisture within the skin. The serum is also supercharged with a concoction of powerful antioxidants, including Vitamin C, B5, E and Asafetida Extract to defend against environmental aggressors. A remarkable everyday booster!


If you enjoy an efficient, but gentle clarifying cleanse, this cleansing lotion boosted with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Vitamin C might be a winner. Harnessing the goodness of organic antioxidants (Raspberry, Cranberry, Acai), as well as Sweet Orange, Lemon and Wild Yam, the cleanser promotes healthy cell turnover, while keeping your skin deeply nourished. We also appreciate that it’s vegan!

18. KUBY Beauty

Not all matte lipsticks formulas are made equal, and Kuby Beauty’s Matte Love Liquid Lipstick collection proves that there are matte lipsticks that won’t leave your lips painfully parched or flaky. From casual wear to full glam, Kuby Beauty’s range of shades work impeccably for every occasion, skin type and tone. Every product of Kuby Beauty’s is completely free from nasties like parabens, sulphates, phthalates, gluten, artificial colours and fragrances and is vegan and cruelty-free so go ahead, glide on these gorgeous shades with a clear conscience.


Woke Up Like This is a natural MLBB shade that is universally flattering; its dusty pink undertones will give you just the right dose of colour, without ever looking over-the-top. The comfortable formula is easy to wear all day and fuss-free to reapply on the fly. Couple that with intense pigment and all you need is one coat before you're good to go!


For a twist on the classic red lip, try Bite Me, a highly pigmented red with an intense colour payoff. Deep, rich crimson with slight burgundy undertones make a statement without being too bold. Despite a matte finish, the formula is moisturising and oh so comfortable it's almost imperceptible.

19. Kylaz

If one of your primary skin concerns is acne and blemishes, this is something to get really excited about. From the team behind IDS Skincare and IDS Aesthetics comes Kylaz, a new clinical approach to uncomplicated acne treatments that work, frills-free and without breaking the bank. The skincare line follows a straightforward 3-step approach that aims to correct spots, protect against further infections and prevent future breakouts by improving skin resilience. In fact, you should be seeing visible improvement in just two weeks. We particularly appreciate the brand’s commitment to affordability and accessibility — since many of us tend to grapple with acne in our youth.


The SOS blemish treatment we all need for those sudden, panic-inducing breakouts. This one is packed with eight powerful actives like Salicylic Acid (unclogs pores, clears blackheads and white heads), Centella Asiatica Extract (anti-inflammatory and healing) and Aluminium Chlorohydrate (astringent, dries blemishes quickly). It promises to quickly calm and clear inflamed/budding spots, while controlling sebum production. Easy!

20. Liht Organics

Pronounced ‘light’, Liht Organics believes that makeup is a tool for accentuating the multi-faceted identities women have. The functionality of their products mirrors this ideology: the beauty line is multi-use, efficient and safe for all skin types. In fact, they are so safe that the brand encourages you to have a taste (literally) of their foundation! The lip colours are also gentle and versatile enough for use on eyes, cheeks, or wherever you feel needs an extra pop of colour. If you love wearing makeup but constantly worry about “suffocating” your skin, Liht Organics could be your new go-to. Psst! In fact, founder Nerissa Low claims that her complexion worsens if she skips a day of applying Liht’s foundation!


Flawless coverage, anti-ageing benefits and added ingredients for healthy, happy skin? This foundation seriously piqued our interest -- and it did not disappoint. One pump goes a good way with this, blending is a breeze and the velvety finish is snug for all-day wear. Our favourite part: it's also a two-in-one complexion-enhancing and skin health-boosting foundation. The formula is packed with antioxidants and organic ingredients that protect, as well as help to heal skin all while giving you an infallible base. [Writer’s note: I appreciated how securely the cap fits on the ergonomically designed bottle! It lasted a wild ride in my bag with no spillage, which is an added plus to all the benefits I mentioned. I also felt that the foundation gave my skin a blurred, filtered effect that I greatly enjoy. - Cheyenne]


This liquid liner surely lives up to its name, with a budge-proof formula that will even last through a yoga session! The ultra-black liquid liner also has natural antibacterial ingredients that keep the spread of bacteria (and by extension, styes) at bay. The firm but flexible brush tip is especially great for eyeliner newbies (and seasoned practitioners alike), or when you need to wing it fast *wink*. Whoever said organic makeup can't rival non-organic ones? This one checks all the right boxes (and even more)!

21. Malika 

Get excited for an authentic beauty experience rooted in nature’s powerhouse ingredients! Organic-certified Malika uses only the purest of ingredients in their formulations, which steer clear of synthetic add-ons, chemicals and other unnecessary additives. Their gentle formulations are designed to be multi-functional wonders for the face, hair and body. Malika also goes beyond efficacious skin solutions — the brand is firmly committed to sustainability by sourcing only high-quality ingredients from local communities. Straightforward, safe and potent, Malika’s products pay homage to nature’s finest ingredients that have been trusted for centuries to nourish the skin in more ways than one.


from S$45

Malika zeroes in on Argan Oil’s multi-benefits for miracle serum that can be used from head to toe. Deeply moisturising and non-greasy, this face oil refines and rejuvenates by lightening pigmentation as well as scarring. The antioxidant-rich concoction also targets fine lines and wrinkles, to deliver mature skin a boost of youthful glow. Made from organically farmed Argan nuts, rest assured that no agricultural chemicals or herbicides will be found in this cold-pressed oil. [Writer’s note: I really appreciate how quickly this oil sinks into the skin with no oily film left behind. It can even be used to condition my nails and hair — a multi-benefit product that would be a great addition to anyone’s routine!]


The latest addition to Malika’s product line-up! This 3-in-1 clay mask will not disappoint. The Rhassoul clay-based mask works on all skin types as a deep cleanser, exfoliator and detoxifier. Working its magic on stubbornly-clogged pores, it draws out impurities (oil, dirt and pollution) without stripping the skin of its essential moisture. Expect instantly clarified and supple skin as dead skin buildup is gently lifted away -- a stellar 20-minute skin-revitalising fix!

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