Those who have trouble with skin sensitivity know very well that many elements can trigger it. Lack of sleep, stress, hormones, changing climates and even air pollution…the list is endless. These factors weaken the skin barrier — leading to heightened reactivity, redness and a slew of other skin problems. When it comes to choosing products for ultra-reactive skin, it is important to look for products that will restore and nourish your skin barrier; while steering clear of formulas with alcohol, colorants and fragrances.

In this month’s #SheByDC, we invited five women with different skin concerns to try d program’s Lotion and Emulsion line. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, the line is free from skin irritants, rigorously patch tested and developed with the highest purification standards in Japan. The transformative duo defends your skin by protecting it from internal and external triggers, as well as building lasting resilience. Our favourite part? Customisation is key. The comprehensive range allows you to choose from five different pairings based on your skin type and specific skin concern(s). How neat. 

Siti Ismail (@citiismail) 

Skin Type: Combination Skin


“I didn’t have a nighttime skincare routine before this, so [I] thought to make use of d program’s lotion and emulsion as a [first] step to start taking better care of my skin and provide it with “extra nutrients” to repair while I sleep.

Both the lotion and emulsion are quite light-weight (and not harsh too!) and not as sticky as I thought it would be. One pump of each is sufficient to cover the whole face. I also pat any remaining residue onto my neck as more often than not, [the neck] is neglected when it comes to skincare.

I’d then head to bed, and wake up with my skin feeling more moisturised, supple and also less rough the following morning. Overall, the lotion and emulsion did help (at least for my skin condition!) to hydrate my skin overnight and prep it for a full work day after.”

Vanessa Tan (@verrnessa)

Skin Type: Acne-Prone Skin


“I love that the lotion and emulsion are unscented and super lightweight, which ticks the boxes for my skincare preferences. Its fuss-free, two-step routine satisfies the hydration needs of my skin and does not leave behind an oily sheen which I normally get from other moisturisers. 

As my skin was highly receptive to the products (which is a big win to me) it produced less oil than usual. I was able to go about the day without feeling the need to cleanse my skin.

Do not be alarmed if it feels sticky for the first ten minutes, give it some time for the product to sink into the layers of your skin. I have experienced zero irritation thus far and am super pleased with my current skin condition. I’m definitely a convert!”

Laura Ngiam (@laurangiam)

Skin Type: Dull & Irritated Skin


“Overall, I found d program’s claim to smoothen out roughness of the skin to work! I noticed that my skin texture had improved [after about] a week of using the products.  

The lotion and emulsion are also quite watery which makes for fast absorption and easy layering without feeling too overpowering or heavy. Although there was a bit of a tacky feeling after applying the emulsion, this didn’t bother me too much since I don’t wear base make-up on a day to day basis. 

There is also almost no scent to the products (aside from a faint milk-like smell to the emulsion) which is good if you are sensitive to smells.”

Beh Xiao Han (@behblade)

Skin Type: Dry & Rough Skin


“The d program moist care lotion has worked really well in providing instant hydration to my dry skin. One pump is enough to make my skin feel moisturised and plumped. 

The d program emulsion is the last step of my skincare routine right after the lotion. Surprisingly, it is quite heavy for an emulsion and thus, it does leave a sticky feeling upon application. However, it does its job in boosting hydration and preventing roughness. 

Both products do not have much fragrance and most importantly, there‘s no irritation to my skin. For both products, I have used them for one week straight for my AM and PM routine.” 

Natalie Wee (@nataliewee)

Skin Type: Ageing Skin


“Both products have a very lightweight and watery texture, so it’s easily absorbed into the skin. I like that both the lotion and emulsion are very hydrating and found that they provided instant relief and calmed my sensitive skin.

I also noticed that my skin doesn’t look as tired anymore, and that it has a subtle glow to it now!”


Anyone can fall victim to sensitive skin and treating your skin with the right products is always a good first step to nurse it back to health. Discover the d program’s targeted lotions and emulsions, now available exclusively in Watsons stores and online.

We’re also constantly on the lookout for new faces from our community to try exciting new launches! Interested in being part of our next #SheByDC? Connect with us on Instagram for all the updates you need!

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