SU:M37° — the culmination of Korean tradition and modern skincare. Skincare should be as easy, and as vital, as it is to breathe and this is aptly reflected in their moniker. Pronounced “soom”, it means ‘to breathe’ in Korean. The latter half of the name, 37°, is a nod to the perfect fermentation temperature, underpinning the brand’s core philosophy — natural fermentation as a means to maintain skin health. 

But just as it is important to nourish the skin with skincare, it is important to protect it as we go about our day to day routines. SU:M37°’s suncare collection, all generously infused with skin-improving fermented ingredients, is the fruits of their dedication to safeguarding the skin. And their latest addition to the range? A conveniently small but high-performance stick sunscreen!

Say Hello To Fuss-Free UV Protection With Sun-Away Velvet Sun Stick


Sun sticks — the solid rendition of traditionally runny sunscreens. By nature, these stick sunscreens are a favourite for its convenience. An effortless glide, they leave no white cast or greasy feel. Pop it into your bag for quick touch-ups (Yes, a one-off application isn’t enough for a full day!) without any worry of spillage. 

While stick sunscreens are no stranger to the UV defence market, SU:M37°’s Sun-Away Velvet Sun Stick stands out for its hero ingredient  — marigold. These warm yellow blooms are known as herbs of the sun for good reason. With the ability to quell UV damage and pigmentation, the floral extracts protects your skin from further UV attacks. The sunscreen’s glowing SPF50+/PA+++ status also assures us of complete protection against harmful (but unfortunately unavoidable) UVB and UVA rays. 

But It’s More Than Just Sun Protection

As expected of SU:M37°’s sunscreens, this Velvet Sun Stick goes beyond basic sun protection — it helps prevent ageing too! Following its predecessors in the Sun-Away range, the formulation consists of a Pure DTM Complex, which is a concoction of fermented Scutellaria root, Mulberry Bark and Licorice root. In essence, these ingredients come together to prevent early ageing caused by environmental stressors (Looking at you, fine dust!). 

Working in tandem with the fermented anti-ageing wonders is a Blurring Powder Complex that gives your skin the appearance of literal silk. With a clear, non-sticky finish, I could see my pores disappearing with every glide. It was a mesmerising (and slightly narcissistic) experience — I couldn’t stop staring at my face in fascination! The resulting velvetine surface also served as a great makeup primer that did not chalk up my foundation. Despite the silky feel, the sunscreen latches onto your skin stubbornly, making it suitable for beach days, water sports or a particularly sweltering day. 

As an avid liquid sunscreen user, I was thoroughly impressed by the convenience and performance of this sun stick. In fact, I can see it being a failsafe favourite for many! 

A (UV-Protected) Celebration of Tropical Summer — Through Art!

If liquid sunscreen is still more your cup of tea, read on — SU:M37° has something special for you too! Accompanying the handy sun stick is their quintessential Sun-Away Multi Effect Sun Block AD and Sun-Away Cooling Watery Sun Block EX, newly adorned in limited edition tropical packaging. Inspired by the keywords “Tropical Blast”, the design is a celebration of dreamy summer. Illustrated floral motifs in comforting pastels decorate the body, resulting in a vibrant evolution from its sleek-white origins. The size also upgrades: instead of its usual 70ml, prepare to make space on your vanity for a jumbo-sized 90ml worth of UV-defense goodness. 

Similar to the Velvet Sun Stick, both sunscreens in the Sun-Away range have anti-ageing and antioxidant properties that serve to protect the skin from environmental nasties. 

Tropical Blast Art Edition 2020 Special Sets


Every Sun Block is also paired with a deluxe-sized Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam so that you can take the day off after a jolly (but polluted) funfair in the sun. Comprising hypoallergenic botanical ingredients, a thorough cleanse leaves your skin supple and moisturised instead of stripped. The lather is unlike most foam cleansers — upon squeezing, it is a clear gel that transforms into gentle suds. I would recommend using this as a second step in your double-cleanse routine! 

Sun-Away Multi Effect Sun Block AD

This is perfect for those that enjoy brightening products! With a lightly tinted, tone-up formulation, this sunscreen evens your skin tone while lighting up dull skin. Aside from the added radiance and slight concealing, I also adore its consistency — lightweight with no greasy finish, it feels as if you have nothing on. I personally think it’s great for quick runs to the supermarket or casual outings when you don’t feel like doing your makeup, but want to look (decently) awake. 

But if you are a makeup junkie that will bring your concealer with you to a deserted island, then I have good news for you! This works like a dream under your makeup too. No need to worry about concealer creasing or foundation caking — just slap it on and you can dive into putting on your base. No wait time needed! 

Sun-Away Cooling Watery Sun Block EX


This is the one to go for if you struggle with dry, sensitive skin! A moisture-rich counterpart to the Sun Block AD, this sunscreen goes on with a cooling effect that is incredibly soothing to the skin. Similarly, this sunscreen feels almost non-existent and extremely comfortable. I particularly enjoy the extra boost of hydration it adds before I layer on my foundation. 

Personally, I prefer this variation of the two as I wake up with flaking skin. Any extra moisture I can get into my skin, I’ll take it, especially when it’s as lightweight as this! 

Sunscreen is such an essential daily product — so why not make it an enjoyable experience by purchasing one that looks good on your vanity and feels amazing on the skin? Shop the SU:M37° Sun-Away Velvet Sun Stick and their entire Tropical Blast Art Edition 2020 Special Sets at the following outlets:

TANGS Tang Plaza
TANGS VivoCity
Isetan Tampines


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