Remember when “glued to your phone” was still a manner of expression (and somewhat of a joke)? I’m pretty sure — especially with the recent turn of global events — that I’m now glued to my screen…with some industrial strength adhesive. Which begets the question: what is all that screen time doing to our skin? 

If you’ve hopped onto our Ultimate Sunscreen Guide, we’ve introduced blue light and delved into its concerning implications. While the sun remains the primary source of blue light, there are countless man-made sources including fluorescent lighting and of course, LED screens. So you can imagine the degree of exposure you’re getting every day! The industry has only recently been picking up on its dangers; a growing number of broad-spectrum sunscreens now offer blue light protection. 

But here’s another milestone in beauty innovation. Fresh off the shelves from Milani Cosmetics, comes a cutting-edge foundation that will streamline flawless base makeup with powerful blue light protection. Meet: Milani’s Screen Queen Foundation, with blue light protection. 

Milani SQ - 1

A Quickie: Here’s Why Your Screen Might Be Destroying Your Skin 

Since blue light (also known as High Energy Visible/HEV Light) is relatively new to the list of harmful wavelengths, research is still underway on how it implicates skin. But one thing’s for sure: it doesn’t look great. Emerging studies show clear evidence for blue light’s damaging effects, which include: 

  • Depleting your skin’s collagen through inducing oxidative stress — which also causes inflammation. (Read more about the process here.)
  • Contributing to hyper-pigmentation, particularly in medium to dark skin. (Read a 2010 study on that here.)
  • Weakening the top-most layer of your skin and hindering its regenerative capability. This impedes the efficient recovery of your skin from daily skin stressors. (Read more about the disruptive effects of blue light here.)
  • Causing photo-aging i.e. premature skin aging, just like UVA/UVB rays. 

Well…yikes. While there’s surely room for more conclusive evidence, it’s safe to say we have a mounting case against blue light. We’ve already introduced our favourite sunscreens with blue light protection. Now get ready for a new level-up that will boost your skin’s digital defence, flawlessly. 

The First Of Its Kind: Milani’s Screen Queen Foundation

I’m personally a huge sucker for multi-tasking products, or as I like to term them, multi-wonders. Screen Queen combines revolutionary Digital Bluelight Filter™ technology with Milani’s winning foundation formula, for a state-of-the-art base product that performs on multiple fronts. No compromises. 

Milani SQ - 2

If you know Milani for their iconic (and common holy grail) Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer, Screen Queen’s formula proves new heights (quite literally).

Think ultra buildable light-to-medium coverage and a smooth, absolutely non-ashy formula that blends like a dream to even, blur and illuminate for a my-skin-but-better finish. Part of the foundation’s magic lies in Nasturtium Flower Extract that promotes oxygenation, which fortifies the skin barrier and boosts its ability to fight oxidative stress. The rest of the hard work comes from Screen Queen’s novel Digital Bluelight Filter™ technology that combats digital damage to effectively alleviate signs of discolouration, dullness and hyper-pigmentation. 

What more can we say? This game-changing foundation is likely in a league of its own. 

We Want To Level-Up Your Foundation Routine! 

[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] With telecommuting in full force, we can’t think of a better time to pop the Milani Screen Queen foundation into your routine, to make sure all that screen time won’t be a downer for your skin. And what’s a good thing if it’s not shared *wink*? 

Together with Milani, we’ll be giving away 2 sets of Milani’s Screen Queen Foundation, for your most immaculate, digitally-ready face forward. Hop over to our Instagram for all the giveaway details you need! 


Up your foundation game! Discover and shop Milani’s Screen Queen Foundation, now available in 8 flattering shades exclusively at selected Watsons stores.

Take care,

Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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