In this month’s #SheByDC feature, we invited three women from our community to try the newly launched 2-Step Steaming Hair Spa from Jung Beauty. 

The first time I got my hair treated in a salon setting, I was 18 and getting my routine haircut at a cosy heartland parlour (which I had been visiting for pretty much my whole life). The hairdresser asked if I would like to get my hair steamed and next thing I knew, my head was drowning in an airbag-like apparatus. While I did spend 30 minutes feeling embarrassed about looking like a big cone of melting ice cream, the end-result was marvellous. I still believe there’s something quite unbeatable about getting a salon-grade hair treatment. Though unfortunately, it’s a paid experience — and an increasingly costly one at that.

So when the launch of Jung Beauty also saw their debut product, a 2-Step Steaming Hair Spa hitting online shelves, I was quite smitten. From the founder of Ksisters, Jung Beauty by Jungmin Lee is on a mission to make professional-quality products accessible, uncomplicated, high-performing but always affordable. The 2-Step Steaming Hair Spa includes a hair-steaming first step (Oh fond memories!) and a potent leave-in keratin essence — just as what you’d get in a salon. The promise? Well-nourished, terrifically smooth and soft tresses that will rival your last salon treatment, at a slice of the price. 

We couldn’t resist putting this game-changing hair treatment to the test in this month’s #SheByDC feature. Hear it from our community! 


Charlotte Wang (@CharlotteWangWang) 

Hair type: Fine, slightly dry. 


“I tend to stay away from hair masks as my hair is pretty fine and tends to get weighed down by the heavy creams. But I was intrigued by this 2 step mask and decided to give it a try! The instructions were pretty straightforward and easy to follow, and I quite enjoyed the first step; the heated hair mask did really feel like a treatment you get at a spa. The product also washed off easily and didn’t leave any oily or wavy residue.

That said I did find the serum in the second step a little heavy and creamy for my hair type. As I have medium length and fine hair, I think I could have benefitted from just using half of the serum given as my hair ended up looking a little flat the next day. 

Overall I would recommend this to anyone with long, dry and damaged hair as I did find it moisturising. I did enjoy using it, but more as a once in a blue moon treat for my locks!”


Galissa Bri. Seth (@Galissas)

Hair type: Voluminous and frizzy, with dry ends. 


“I’ve never used a hair mask with a self steaming effect, which was really interesting! Within 20 minutes I had similar results as compared to sitting in a salon chair for an unnecessary amount of time. 

It was nice that the 1st step was in a wrap form and intensified the treatment. The rose scent left a minimal, yet not too overpowering smell. My hair also looked less brassy after the treatment as it’s been through sun damage. The gold ingredient made this self care session a real treat! I really enjoyed it!”

Shahirah Shaiful (@xxshrh) 

Hair type: Very dry and frizzy. 


“Honestly I’ve never tried any hair mask prior to this. But after trying the leave-in keratin treatment it made my hair more manageable, non frizzy, smooth and shiny! Not to mention it’s also fuss-free for those who are busy and lazy like me. It felt like I just stepped out of the salon!” 

Take the salon-experience home! Shop Jung Beauty’s 2-Step Steaming Hair Spa, available exclusively on Ksisters. Psst: The hair spa is currently retailing at a promotional price of S$45 (UP: S$50), while stocks last!

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Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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