An open confession: my recent woes surround my thinning hair and the (albeit irrational) fear that I would be bald by thirty. The fact that my father started seeing considerable hair loss in his 20s only deepens my worry. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I check the crown of my head every day, only to be dismayed that the scalp beneath is becoming distractingly obvious with no hair growth. 

Truth be told, my weak hair follicles have been a concern since I first turned vegetarian. I noticed that my hair was so brittle, I would find strands of hair between my fingers when I run them through my tresses. My hair was also flat with no volume — it was clearly in an abysmal state! Since then, I have been on a hunt for hair products that would help alleviate this problem. 

While taking Vitamin B3 supplements and hair strengthening masks have helped slightly, I have yet to find a line of products that could treat my thinning hair on all fronts. That was until I was presented with the opportunity to try out the entire SHISEIDO Adenovital Line. Spoiler alert: they are now my new bathroom must-haves. 

What Makes The Sublimic Adenovital Line Special?

From the Professional branch of SHISEIDO’s hair care line, this range of products is infused with their patented ingredient Adenosine. This miracle active ingredient increases the production of growth factors, aiding hair growth. It even improves blood circulation to the scalp so that your roots can receive ample oxygen and nutrients! An all-around great ingredient to have, especially when your hair has been traumatised by impulsive box-dye jobs and repeated bleachings (Exhibit A: my hair). 

An added benefit is that all products in this line are pleasantly fragranced with fruity green notes. Reminiscent of citrusy sweet fruits, it is an invigoratingly fresh aroma that relaxes you as you massage your roots. 

Initially, I thought everything sounded too good to be true — that’s why I was pleasantly surprised by the visible results after just one week of use! Here’s my honest review of each product:

Step 1: Adenovital Shampoo


Every hair care routine starts with a thorough cleanse to prep the scalp for incoming treatments. SHISEIDO’s Adenovital Shampoo ($44) is a straightforward product that rids the hair of the day’s pollutants without stripping it of any moisture. The consistency is a runny liquid that lathers into a rich foam — a luxurious experience that gently cleans. 

While it works well as a functional shampoo, I personally feel that the steep cost does not warrant this product a necessity. But definitely a good-to-have if you want a complete range of Adenovital hair routine!

Step 2: Adenovital Scalp Treatment


With freshly clean hair, it is time to layer on nutritious goodness to nourish and repair the scalp. The Adenovital Scalp Treatment ($36) comes with a nifty nozzle that neatly dispenses the product. With a consistency akin to silky conditioner, the treatment is a much-needed hydration boost to my dry scalp. While easily overlooked, ensuring that your scalp is well-hydrated is just as essential as it is to moisturise your skin — it prevents pesky and itchy dandruff from appearing! 

This was the first scalp treatment I’ve ever tried, and to put it simply: I was blown away! When my hair dried, I instantly noticed that my hair had more volume than ever before. Its usual dull flatness was exchanged for revitalised and airy locks. It was truly a marvel, and I can already tell this will be a long-term repurchase for me. 

Step 3: Adenovital Hair Treatment


While the scalp treatment does its magic on my scalp, I treated my dry ends to the Adenovital Hair Treatment ($54). A creamy texture, it glided through my strands easily and left a silky finish after it was washed off. My brush went through my usually difficult hair without a hitch, and I was impressed to say the least! I also noticed that my hair had a cheery bounce with less frizziness than before. A welcomed improvement that I did not expect, but now can’t see myself without! 

Step 3: Adenovital Hair Mask (Twice a week)


A quick preface: I swear by SHISEIDO’s hair masks. From their cult favourite Tsubaki Premium Hair Mask to their royal jelly Fino Premium Touch Hair Treatment Mask, I have never found any hair mask that worked better on my hair than SHISEIDO’s. Just one use is all it takes for my hair to bounce back to life — and the same happened when I tried out the Adenovital Hair Mask ($76). 

Twice a week, I swapped out the Adenovital Hair Treatment for this hair mask. Both times, the results were spectacular. While the hair treatment provided consistent reparation to my ends, the hair mask boosts its volume and shine like no other. It’s the kind of hair mask I’ll use right before attending any functions where I’m desperate to impress. It’s just that good at producing visible, voluptuous difference to my usually limp mane! 

I can also safely say that this is my favourite SHISEIDO hair mask among those I’ve tried. Going beyond an instantaneous hair lift, I could feel that the jelly-like treatment was repairing the damage in my brittle strands and strengthening it. Whenever I run my brush through my hair after using this mask, little to no strands are found on the bristles!

Step 4 (Day): Adenovital Volume Serum 


This has been my morning routine as of late: wake up, brush my teeth, and spritz some Adenovital Volume Serum ($48) onto my scalp followed with a quick head massage. A simple and fuss-free way to incorporate a volumising boost to my hair routine, it’s a quick pick-me-up for my hair I never knew I needed. Incorporating this leave-in volume serum has been a saviour for my usually dead-flat morning hair. 

I would liken it to a dry shampoo with nourishing benefits — while boosting hair appearance, it also creates a healthy scalp environment to boost resilience at its roots. A win-win if you ask me! 

Step 4 (Night): Adenovital Scalp Power-Shot


At night, I opt for the Adenovital Scalp Power-shot ($100) on my towel-dried hair. Perhaps the most efficacious scalp serum the brand has released yet, it stimulates the deep layers of the scalp to produce hair that is thick, strong and healthy. Everything I ever wanted, really! 

The Adenovital Scalp Power-shot is born from SHISEIDO’s research that proves that healthy hair growth lies in the scalp’s deepest tiers. A thin inner layer leads to a loose hair root that is not firmly nestled in the scalp. On the other hand, a thick deep layer roots the hair firmly to ensure optimal hair growth.

Similar to the Adenovital Volume Serum, this product comes with a spray nozzle. Simply spritz it over sections of your scalp before massaging the product in. While I absolutely adore this convenient inclusion to my routine, I am hesitant to recommend it to everyone due to its hefty price tag. The Adenovital Volume Serum works just as well if you are looking for a quick volumising fix at a cheaper price point, but the Adenovital Scalp Power-Shot is a potent concentrate that targets the root of your hair-thinning issue. It is highly dependent on what your needs are at the moment, and whether your accountant would deem this as a good investment!

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t gleaned my verdict from my rave review, then here it is bold and clear: I love it! A hair care line for the busy modern woman, it is a comprehensive range that addresses my deep-seated complex — my thinning hair and exposed crown — with little fuss. The products’ abilities to show instant restoration to my hair was a marvel on its own. While I do not feel that all the products are absolute necessities, a good number have become my new holy grails. Namely, the Scalp Treatment, Hair Treatment and Volume Serum. 

This SHISEIDO PROFESSIONAL experience has truly been a treat for my scalp and my strands — and I plan to keep pampering my roots with these products until my limp tresses rival that of Rapunzel’s luscious ones!

SHISEIDO PROFESSIONAL SUBLIMIC products are available at selected SHISEIDO PROFESSIONAL salon partners. 

With love,




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