Presenting the newest beauty collaboration by Team DC: The Drea Chong X Ksisters 4-Step Glowing Kit – A curated K-beauty routine that will help you achieve that refined radiance and “chok chok” skin. 

When they first met 3 years ago, Ksisters founder Jungmin Lee and Andrea had an instant synergy. That synergy eventually led to a conversation about having Andrea curate her favourite products and assembling them into a kit, which the duo named ‘Deul’. 

In this reveal, we walk through the entire 4-step glowing kit with 4 uncomplicated products for your everyday skincare journey. Product ingredients, prices, launch dates — the unearthing to better, healthier skin begins now!

'Deul' 4-Step Glowing Kit

Packaged in a calming sage box, go on a skincare voyage that’s made more therapeutic and universal. 

Affectionately named ‘Deul’, or field in korean, this 4-step glowing kit was inspired by what Andrea misses most about Korea (also an homage to Jungmin’s home country!); the vast blooming fields in Jeju, freer days and a sensorial summer.

Each kit is equipped with 4 postcards that give you user instructions, as well as the ingredient make up of each of the 4 full-sized products within the kit.

Additionally, stand a chance to receive an oatmeal-coloured ‘Deul’ drawstring pouch that comes with a nude beauty sponge in your box — limited only to the first 360 customers to snag this kit! 

'Deul' 4-Step Glowing Kit: Products

The First Step: BY ECOM’s Pure Calming Bubble Cleanser (150ml)

An effective skincare regime begins with a fresh, clean base. BY ECOM’s Pure Calming Bubble Cleanser is exactly that squeaky clean beginning. Unlike regular gel formulas, this cleanser is bubble-textured and satisfyingly frothy, allowing for a deeper cleanse into your skin’s pores.

This 150ml miracle water is loaded with Oxygen, Glacial Water and natural ingredients to control sebum production while balancing your skin’s pH levels. It purifies, moisturises and maintains your skin elasticity without tightness. Bubbly, calming and pure in ingredients, get acquainted with the cleanser that delivers all its claims. 

The Second Step: Bonabella 28Days Return Booster (150ml)

Chok-Chok skin is what the Koreans love and if you want bouncy, youthful skin, this is it. Bonabella’s 28Days Return Booster is a multi-use toner that restores, exfoliates and moisturises the skin. With a calming and efficacious formula that contains 85% Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, soothe dryness and irritation to maximise luscious skin health. In addition, unveil immediate glassy skin with this essence-like toner that Andrea compares to having snail mucin on your face — thick, nourishing and luxe. 

For further absorption, consider neck and face toner-masking. Like Jungmin, infuse up to four rectangular cotton pads to boost skin hydration. Toners (They’re not just water) are huge skincare assets in Korea and are, in actual fact, the first step of skincare after cleansing. Toners hydrate skin by binding moisture, all whilst maintaining a supple and bouncy appearance. For that chok chok skin, 5 minutes is all you need — so never skip it! 

The Third Step: Bonabella Teatree Calming Moisturizer (70ml)

Cut through the overwhelming industry noise of moisturisers with Bonabella Teatree Calming Moisturiser. This is a potent jar that delivers optimum moisture levels, even for sensitive skin types. Infused with Tea Tree Leaf Extract (100,000ppm) and Houttuynia Cordata Extract (95,000ppm), boost your moisturising levels with a super-concentrated formula that prevents skin dehydration and oil excess. 

Lightly textured and cooling in sensation, this moisturiser was tailored for humid weather, courtesy of its fast and non-sticky absorption. Use it as a sleeping pack, a moisture-lock pack or after-sun care, this is versatility in its most elegant form. Andrea is already on her fourth tub so best believe that this is a must-have for fresh and moist skin.

The Fourth Step: I Woke Up Like This Protecting Base Sun Cream (50ml)

Waking up feeling flawless is a muscle to work on. But, we’ve got a hack. Meet: I Woke Up Like This’ Protecting Base Sun Cream. It’s no new fact that sunscreen is indispensable. 

The IWLT sun cream is an expert formulation of eco-friendly botanical ingredients that brightens, tones up and curbs wrinkles. Additionally steeped with hydrogel elastomer and generously high in UVA and UVB levels, this is a sophisticated one. Get mesmerised by its light and wearable texture that adheres quickly to all skin types without a tacky aftermath. Despite sweltering heat that slips and slides, one layer of this suncream sets a perfect canvas before makeup. Wearable, smooth and moisturising, it’s a covetable sunscreen that does it all.

FAQ: Drea X Ksisters 4-Step Glowing Kit

How much does the Drea X Ksisters 4-Step Glowing Kit cost?

The entire skincare kit retails at $141.95. The products in this kit are sold at 15% off their usual retail price on Ksisters! 

Where and when can I shop the Drea X Ksisters 4-Step Glowing Kit?

The #DreaxKsisters 4-step glowing kit launches 29 October, Thursday, at 12PM SGT exclusively on This is a limited edition collection so mark your calendars! 

Is the Drea X Ksisters 4-Step Glowing Kit available for international shipping?

Yes! More details on both local and international delivery fees will be on the Ksisters page here.

Can I purchase the Drea X Ksisters 4-Step Glowing Kit ‘Deul’ pouch even though I’m not the first 360 customers?

Unfortunately, the ‘Deul’ pouch (and the nude beauty sponge) is only available for the first 360 customers.

Are the skincare products in Drea X Ksisters 4-Step Glowing Kit all full-sized?

Yes, each product in the kit is a full-sized amount. 

Are the products in Drea X Ksisters 4-Step Glowing Kit suitable for people with sensitive skin?

All 4 products have been tested for skin irritation and is certified safe for people with sensitive skin. The degree of sensitivity can vary for individuals. If your skin is extremely sensitive, kindly refer to the full ingredients list and check with your dermatologist before placing an order.

Are the products in this kit safe for pregnant & breastfeeding ladies?

Yes. However, since it is a sensitive period, we strongly advise you to check with your gynaecologist to be extra careful.

Imagine this: the breeze from your favourite day, open fields and glowing skin during a warm summer day. Essentially, ‘Deul’ is a timeless skincare curation; a starting line if you’ve been wanting to restart your regime. Achieving fresh and clean skin, as promised, now exists — in just 4 fuss-free steps. 

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Get glowy, and shop the Drea X Ksisters 4-step glowing kit, available exclusively and while stocks last from 29 October 2020, Thursday, 12PM SGT on!



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