We have been working on something in the ‘wraps’ and it’s time to spill the beans! We are beyond excited to present you a very special collaboration and our first in fact — introducing: The Nodspark X The DC Edit Nail Wrap Series. 

We have a fondness for effortless, transitional beauty at The DC Edit, which is why we find ourselves falling head over heels time and again with the ease of nail wraps. Particularly Nodspark’s — from Singapore’s leading designer of nail wraps comes a range of stunning designs that offer a professional finish at a fraction of the hassle. Nodspark celebrates everyday, time-efficient beauty that’s creative, fuss-free and always fun; which speaks to our philosophy so closely, and that underpins our collection together.

The Three Designs

Andrea, the founder of The DC Edit and Eugenia, the founder of Nodspark, wanted to combine the essence of purpose-driven work and timeless beauty in modern, yet classic and sensible nail wrap designs. So conceptualised with the independent, curious and adventurous in mind — and guided by a colour palette we adore — we present you 3 original, in-house designs. Prints that speak to us, the work we do, what we stand for and most importantly: you.

Design 1: Dayspring

A dressed-up nude. ‘Dayspring’ features a base of soft, earthy beige that we think so endlessly elegant, and which lets the wraps’ motifs take centre stage. Decorated with our imagination of The DC Edit woman planting a seedling, the print speaks to new beginnings, the nurturing of fresh ideas and dynamic beauty. It is our interpretation of you, in your most charming element!

Design 2: Days Like These

A mix of calming pastels and toned-down brights, complemented by an endearing gingham in our signature colours. ‘Days Like These’ is a wistful one that dreams of lush greens, sunlit strolls and crisp morning air. The print is a love letter to your favourite summer, maybe a felicity you can’t put your finger on — although in this case, you literally can. We’re enamoured!

Design 3: Silhouette Of You

Inspired by the heart of our edit, ’Silhouette of You’ pays homage to diversity on all fronts; be it identity, career, perspectives, beauty or purpose. Set against a universally-flattering spectrum of nude hues, the print brings together female silhouettes and abstract accents that celebrate individuality. Our interpretation of less is more — ‘Silhouette of You’ is classy, and a delicate way to speak volumes.

FAQ: Nodspark x The DC Edit Nail Wrap Series Collection

How do I put on the nail wraps?

Don’t worry, nail wraps are beginner-friendly and highly fuss-free to apply! Detailed instructions (with visual references) on how to wear your nail wraps are available on the Nodspark website here. You can also find tips on caring for your nail wraps here

How much do the nail wraps cost?

Each Nodspark x The DC Edit nail wrap design retails at $15. However, it is 3 for $36 if you purchase it on the weekend’s opening sale (8th to 10th October). So, keep your eyes peeled!

Where and when can I shop the Nodspark x The DC Edit collection?

The Nodspark x The DC Edit Nail Wrap series launches 8 October, Thursday, at 8PM SGT exclusively on nodspark.com. Our collection is limited edition and will only be available while stocks last — so don’t miss it!

Is the Nodspark x The DC Edit collection available for international shipping?

Yes, it is! More details on both local and international delivery fees will be on the Nodspark page here

Our Nodspark x The DC Edit Nail Wrap collection is a chapter we hold closely. From the brilliance of ‘Dayspring’, our musings in ‘Days Like These’ and vision in ‘Silhouette Of You’, we hope you’ll love this series as much as we delighted in translating our story into wearable art. Shop the collection, available exclusively and while stocks last from 8 October 2020 (8PM SGT) on nodspark.com!

With love,
Andrea & The DC Edit


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