Well… That was quite a break! It’s been 6 months since our last episode of Get Ready With You, but we’re alive and kicking again! Reviving our series, we get cosy with Mongchin Yeoh (@mongabong) on her trademark, everyday Korean-inspired makeup look. From her current holy grail cushion (plus secrets to perfect your cushion application), to why you should try layering your blush if you haven’t, Mongchin tells-all on personal beauty tips you’ll want in on! 

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1. How To Perfect Your Cushion Foundation

It turns out there’s a particular (but easy) technique to getting plush, immaculate skin with your cushion foundation. Mongchin’s current ride-or-die is the Laneige Neo Cushion (Glow) — which I must add, has one of the most aesthetically pleasing compacts — that she adores for its medium to full coverage and radiant finish that won’t budge. The trick is not to overdo anything with the exception of patting-in. Instead of loading up your puff at one shot with foundation, go easy with 1 -2  presses each time. And as Mongchin emphasised, “Keep on patting!” For that ultra seamless, skin-like finish. 

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2. Get Korean-Inspired Doe Eyes With This Simple Eyeliner Trick

One of the most identifiable facets of Korean makeup would probably be the eyes; think softer hues, bright and sparkly accents, and dainty lines. Mongchin’s eyeliner trick for almond eyes makes the eyes appear rounder, by reversing the standard eyeliner technique (Ooh!). Simply line your eyes thicker in front and taper it downwards at the end of a gentle, doe-eyed effect. To make softer lines, swap out laser sharp black liners for gel liners in brown tones, like Maybelline’s TattooStudio Gel Eyeliner Pencil in #Deep Onyx

Psst: Watch our full video with Mongchin to see how she uses eyeshadow to complete her doe-eyed look!

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3. It’s All In The (Purple) Blush

One thing we realised about Mongchin’s look was that it involved a fair bit of layering. And if you haven’t tried layering your blush… Well, you should! For dreamy cheeks, Mongchin sweeps a brightening lavender-toned blush (Clinique’s Cheek Pop in #Pansy Pop) horizontally across her cheeks. Whoever knew lavender could be so wearable! Then, pop on a pale pink blush (like Clinique’s Cheek Pop in #Blush Pop) on the centre of your cheeks for a gentle flush. Mongchin also recommends paring back on contouring to keep your angles looking delicate. 

See More! 

Find out where Mongchin has been getting her K-Beauty inspiration, why you should contour your eyebags, an exciting project she’s having in the works and more beauty shenanigans. Watch our GRWY video with Mongchin for the full routine, her final look, plus a generous serving of candid reflections and life advice (wink)!

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Melisa Goh

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