In this month’s #SheByDC feature, we invited three women from our community to try the new Supergoop! CC Screen (SPF 50).

Remember when CC creams first made their debut here? Post-BB cream craze, CC creams were the bomb. One of the first base products I ever bought was a CC cream and I used the life out of it. Short for “colour control”, CC creams synthesised the best of many worlds by offering a suite of skincare benefits (hydration, sebum control, anti-aging…etc.) plus coverage for complexion correcting. Then after a few years of topping the cult favourite charts, the BB/CC (later even DD) hype eventually mellowed and took a backseat. But while CC creams may have been making their rounds a little slower, they’ve also been quietly upping their specs. So if you haven’t had one on rotation since the 2010s… It’s about time.  

New to the CC cream block, Supergoop! recently (re)worked its SPF magic in the CC cream department to unveil a new Supergoop! CC Screen (SPF 50). Featuring a revised and upgraded (see: impressively cleaner) formula, same powerful broad spectrum UV protection, a buildable tint and an expanded shade range. We never say no to anything with whopping SPF, so in this month’s #SheByDC we decided to put Supergoop!’s CC Screen to the test. Our community takes it away!


Supergoop 2

Supergoop!’s CC Screen on Chloe, with a cheek swatch for shade reference. Chloe wears #230C.

Skin type: Combination, with an oily T-zone. 

“I think the Supergoop! CC Screen is overall a good product for all-in-one makeup! I tried using my fingers (to apply the CC Screen) during the shoot but it was a bit hard (maybe cause I’m not used to it). So at home I used a beauty blender — this made application much easier and faster too! The CC Screen spreads well and blends nicely with my skin colour.”

“I find that it offers a satin finish, not a moist look but with some shine at the right places. I personally top it off with a little bit of finishing powder for a more matte look because of my oily skin. Coverage wise… It makes a good base, but doesn’t cover everything. I wear the CC Screen throughout the day (8-10 hours) and it still looks put together! I also find that the CC Screen’s shade settles into my own skin tone after 30 – 45 minutes (perhaps due to the heat from my skin).” 

Would I recommend it? Yes! Supergoop!’s CC Screen is worth the price because of all the benefits it has; you also don’t have to use a lot everyday so it could last you for a long while. I find the packaging very bright and cheerful too, which seems to add a touch of positivity and chirp to my routine!” 


Supergoop 6

Supergoop!’s CC Screen on Sara, with a cheek swatch for shade reference. Sara wears #215N.

Skin type: Normal/Dry

“I use my fingers to apply the Supergoop! CC Screen first, then smooth it over with a beauty blender. It has a dewy finish, which I love! But it does need to be set in place, especially in Singapore’s weather.” 

“It has medium coverage and covered more than I expected — which is great too! I find that the Supergoop! CC Screen is quite long lasting as compared to other BB/CC creams. Although again, it needs to be set with powder or I find it a little bit too shiny!” 

Would I recommend it? Yes! I think it’s a great product for everyday coverage!” 


Supergoop 10

Supergoop!’s CC Screen on Dhiya, with a cheek swatch for shade reference. Dhiya wears #336W + #215N.

Skin type: Combination, with a slightly oily T-zone and some dryness in the cheek area. 

“I think a little goes a long way for the Supergoop! CC Screen! The shade I got was actually too dark for me but I can still get by with it! On that note, it’s pretty impressive how the shade range stretches covers quite a spectrum of hues. I find that the CC Screen looks very healthy on my skin, even though I used a super small amount. It’s really true to the my-skin-but-better look!” 

“The blendability is pretty good too. The CC Screen is smooth, creamy and very very easy to apply. It just blends seamlessly into the skin — without fancy brushes or tools needed, honestly! I like to apply the CC Screen with my fingers because I feel like I can have more control with it as well. It has a satiny finish, not super dewy but it does give a radiant/healthy shine which I love.”

“Coverage-wise, it’s a light-medium but buildable if you need/want to cover up more. I didn’t set my CC Screen and had it on from 3PM to 7PM, it still looked quite fresh! It didn’t feel cakey only my skin either and was comfortable to wear. Personally, I prefer my base to have as few products as possible and the CC Screen is just that. It’s low-maintenance and stays put (even though I don’t set it with a powder).” 

Would I recommend it? Yes! It’s a great everyday product. I recommend it for days where you need to run a quick errand outside, maybe a zoom meeting… Or just a chill day out!” 

Why We Love Supergoop!’s New Game-Changing Complete Care Formula


Five reasons: It’s wickedly clean, extra nourishing, has buildable coverage, 100% mineral and of course, comes with Supergoop’s trademark broad spectrum UV protection of SPF 50 PA++++. 

For starters, the new super formula omits even more potential skin sensitisers (and environmentally-harmful ingredients) like D4 and D5 Cyclical Silicones, PEGs, Talc, as well as Phenoxyethanol. Also powered by Apple Extract for an instant radiance boost and Irish Moss Extract for protection against free radicals, Supergoop!’s CC Screen is a formidable new player to the SPF-meets-skincare-meets-makeup game. 


The coverage is one to beat. CC Screen’s creamy (but still lightweight) formula is painless to work with and delivers light-medium correction that smooths out imperfections/uneven skin tone enough for daily wear. If you love a touch of dewiness, the luminous finish will hit all the right buttons (I can imagine Supergoop!’s CC Screen being perfect for cool spring weather!). But if not, the CC cream is easy to set with a dusting of powder

Maybe you were looking for a CC cream comeback, or a reason to jump back on the CC bandwagon… Well, we think we’ve found it!

Shop super! Discover Supergoop!’s CC Screen (SPF 50) now available at all Sephora stores islandwide in 8 shades. For the full 15-shade range, hop over to

Take care,

Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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