For the uninitiated, tarot may come off as daunting or even gimmicky. And I get that. I was there once. Like many of you, I had a preconceived notion of tarot that’s largely influenced by films and tv shows: that if any of us everyday folks were to practise tarot, we could find ourselves subjected to the same fate of those who tinkered with an ouija board. But even then, I was intrigued still by the aesthetically alluring tarot decks, and soon enough, I called one my own.

Unlike what most might think, tarot does not actually predict your future, and tarot readers do not own a crystal ball that will give you a glimpse of your definitive future (sorry to disappoint y’all).

Instead, what tarot does is provide guidance and insight — it acts as a mirror, reflecting to you what your current situation and emotions are. For some, tarot acts as a sacred divination tool. For others, tarot is a powerful tool for self-reflection, a pocket-sized life coach, if you will.

My Experience With Tarot Reading

Here’s the thing: revelling in the present isn’t exactly my forte.

It could be that I’m a Gen Z or a Capricorn moon (see: ‘idealistic’, ‘ambitious’, ‘go-getter’ — you get the gist), but there seem to always be the next big thing to strike off on the to-do list and yet another existential crisis to be had. Ergo, I found myself so fixated on past regrets and what-ifs that I had completely deprived myself of living. 

One way or another, I knew I needed a wellness intervention, so I decided to give tarot a shot. 

From the serene music playing softly in the background to the aroma of incense wafting in the air and colourful crystals adorning the table; the whole experience of getting your cards read is just entrancing and enthralling.

While some might go into a reading seeking that “aha!” moment, there’s something I find far more valuable that tarot provides: validation and reassurance.


What Tarot Reading Can Do:

  • Highlight energies surrounding an issue that he/she may not be aware of 
  • Make one aware of their thoughts or behaviour patterns that do not serve his/her highest good 
  • Affirm or refine one’s life purpose and translating it to ways it can be realised 
  • Present actionable steps to move through stuck situations

Tarot As A Form Of Self-Care

Tarot has always been about self-reflection and the acknowledgement of one’s thoughts, emotions and situation. Needless to say, incorporating tarot into my routine has transformed my life significantly.

By just setting aside 10 minutes of my day, the act of tarot reading itself has cultivated a good habit in me where I check in on myself, get in touch with my emotions and be present in the now. It also encourages mindfulness, which is what many of us need right now.


Tarot card spread: What does this signify? How do the cards relate to my situation? Oftentimes, our interpretation of the cards gives us an idea of the current energies that we’re dealing with and provides us with an insight into our current headspace.

Getting Started With Tarot

Although everyone is welcomed to practise tarot, it is imperative for one to understand that there’s more to tarot than just picking out cards. You will have to first cleanse your space, ground yourself, bond with your tarot deck and so forth.

Mei Yan, a tarot reader at Iced Mint Tea, suggests first getting a reading with an ethical tarot practitioner before all else. As emotional maturity is of the essence when it comes to tarot, it’s best if one is 18 years and above when pursuing tarot.

It is also important to note that tarot is not a substitute for medical care but rather, it is a nifty companion for self-enrichment.


If you’re looking to embark on a journey with tarot, here are some ways you can get started!

Tarot Starter Kit

Oftentimes, the answer we’re seeking is already within us, we just need a little guidance to help realise it. While some might turn to friends for inspiration, others turn to tarot, and that’s perfectly fine. At the end of the day, when it comes to self-care, what’s good for you is what works for you.

With love,


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