Everyone’s talking about it: We get inside one of the biggest skincare hypes with a review of Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow line. How good is great?

Glow Recipe’s sleek blush hardware, lemonade pink textures and spanking labels are — if we dare say — iconic in skincare popular culture. The work of Sarah Lee and Christine Chang who started the brand in 2014 (to resounding cult success), Glow Recipe now occupies a unicorn category of skincare labels you’ve already seen, even if you think you haven’t heard. Maybe you also spent an awful lot of time deliberating whether skincare the beauty community is “so obsessed with” would be worth some serious shipping fees. Although you might want to hold that thought because…Glow Recipe has finally hit local shelves!  

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While the brand’s line-up of natural, fruit-powered skincare has since expanded to include more super-elixirs made from super fruits like Avocado, Banana and Blueberry, the OG Watermelon Glow range remains classic. We had to get ourselves a generous serving of the juice. Here’s the scoop. 

*As always, a mandatory disclaimer on my skin type: I have rather normal but slightly sensitive skin. Generally clear, with the occasional hormonal breakout.

1. Watermelon PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner, S$52

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What it is: An ultra-gentle clarifying toner that deeply hydrates while tightening your pores for more refined and supple skin. The formula was inspired by Korean Aqua Peel Facials and supercharged with amino-rich Watermelon (Of course!), Cactus Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Tea Tree Extract, plus a balanced dose of resurfacing acids PHA and BHA.  

What’s great: 

If you enjoy chemical exfoliators but don’t take to their skin-biting sensation, you might really like this one! Glow Recipe recommends patting this toner in to minimise friction (even if you’re using a cotton pad) and I found that the slightly viscous consistency ultimately applied best with my palms. As it claims, the toner leaves your skin feeling instantly hydrated (almost equivalent to a lotion), smooth and quite supple. Although the highlight is really its gentle formulation that won’t leave your skin tingling, like many acid-charged products do. If you’re new to chemical exfoliation/have sensitive skin, I reckon the Watermelon toner would make a terrific (and safe) start. The pore-refining yet still ultra-nourishing formula seems hard to overdo! I love hopping from toner to toner, but if I have to settle with only one clarifying toner for the long-run, I’d go with this.   

2. Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser, S$60

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What it is: A 100% oil free moisturiser brimming with vitamin and amino acid-rich Watermelon extract, Hyaluronic Acid and soothing botanical extracts including Peony and Jasmine. This gel-emulsion moisturiser promises a dose of lasting hydration and guards against free radicals for restored, happy skin. 

What’s great: 

Tl;dr: I get the hype!! Not going to lie, but the serum-like consistency felt suspiciously lightweight for any serious hydration. But herein lies its magic: Pink Juice is deceptively weightless but packs a punch. The silky moisturiser absorbs in seconds and leaves your skin feeling satiny, bouncy and if I dare say, noticeably glowier. You know that subtle dewy sheen of brilliant skin? I wouldn’t call Pink Juice a water bomb, but it’s an impressively hydrating and smoothing moisturiser that preps the skin splendidly. I’d consider it a forerunner for one of the best morning moisturisers around. If I could only recommend one product from Glow Recipe’s Watermelon line, it would be Pink Juice. Pretty to look at, better to use! 

3. Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist, S$43 

Glow Recipe-7

What it is: An ultra-fine face mist formulated with 84% Watermelon, Hyaluronic Acid and Hibiscus AHAs for a refreshing skin boost. The bi-phase mist features a nourishing oil-layer atop water-based active extracts for softening, smoothing and glow-giving treat. Use it over makeup for a reinvigorating pick-me-up!

What’s great: 

Another unicorn-find! I’m not too particular about face mists because they tend to feel largely similar… But this is a standout. For starters, the Watermelon Ultra-Fine Mist takes its name very seriously — the mist is so delicate that it’s both difficult to overdo and highly addictive. While I didn’t notice much of an illuminating effect, the mist does sink in effortlessly and leaves your skin feeling soft, quenched, but never greasy. Not intensively hydrating, but certainly sufficient! The Watermelon Mist also smells delicious, like honeyed watermelon… And I might or might not have used it excessively, just for the sensorial experience *wink*. S$43 is slightly steep for a face mist, but if you’re a face mist junkie or looking for a mist that will do everything it claims, this is worth a try!

4. Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, S$69

Glow Recipe-09

What it is: A luxurious, radiance-boosting overnight mask that smoothes and refines your skin as you sleep. The pillow-proof formula is powered by amino-rich Watermelon Extract, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and skin-perfecting AHAs. Lightweight, bouncy and very plush — the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is a gently exfoliating and clarifying dream. 

What’s great: 

I must say the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask isn’t the most effortless product to indulge in. While the natural composition of the mask is wonderful, that also causes some degree of product separation. So you’d need to mix the mask quite vigorously (Before every use, no less!) for around 45 seconds to arrive at the right bouncy, gel-like texture. You’ll also want to pat the mask onto the skin in place of any massaging action to avoid pilling. Nonetheless, once you get past all that, the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is indeed a pretty pink dream that visibly performs. Think noticeably more radiant, smoother and softer skin the morning after! I also like how you can use this both as a sleeping mask and a 10-minute skin fix. 

That said, if you’re a dedicated user of robust chemical exfoliants, the Watermelon Glow mask is comparatively not going to be the heaviest lifter around. And if you like jar masks because of how convenient they are to slap on, you might want to save Watermelon Glow for slower skin-pampering sessions. 

The Verdict On Glow Recipe’s Hype

Glow Recipe-2

Glow Recipe’s Watermelon line definitely performs. But if all its hype has given you lofty expectations, the line isn’t going to be an absolute, grand slam miracle worker. Still, everything in the Watermelon Club achieves what it sets out to (Which is a fair bit!) — and it would be hard to find any sore let downs. At minimum, Glow Recipe’s Watermelon range will probably be one of those lines that do nothing wrong: not mind-blowing terrific but so great for everyday skincare that’ll keep your skin happy. Although I’m betting on the potential that you might find your next HG (or close) in the mix! 

Everything aside, Glow Recipe’s formulas are also free from a running list of nasties, including Parabens, Mineral Oils, Sulfates, Silicones, Alcohol and Pthlates. The line is also vegan and cruelty-free, which is always a big plus!

So the million dollar question: should you leap onto the Glow Recipe bandwagon? An easy yes! 

Discover Glow Recipe’s full suite of fruit-powered skincare, now available in Sephora and on sephora.sg!

Take care,

Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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