You’re in for an awakening if you’ve been pigeonholing batik to be worn on traditional occasions. In fact, when it comes to versatile batik pieces, Singaporean-brand Yeomama Batik has a strong footing.

Yeomama Batik started in 2017 to introduce Indonesian batik craftsmanship into our homesoil. To them, Batik is not just for DatuksInstead, the brand introduces batik styles that cater to all body types and walks-of-life. Think: easy, clean-cut silhouettes that range from oversized, form-fitting to full-length options. Diversity-wise? It’s a definite hundred. 

It’s an assortment of ethically produced and sourced motif-specific designs from Indonesia. Just one look, and you’ll notice its handmade intricacies that are bound to wow you. 

This time, we show you how to style 1 piece from Yeomama Batik in 3 different ways. By experimenting with unpredictable hues, clean silhouettes and accessories, it’s versatility that anyone can confidently wear.

The Focus Piece: Sweet Lush

Meet: Yeomama Batik’s Chica Straight Leg Pants in Sweet Lush. It’s a harmonious kaleidoscope of pastels! We’re talking swirls of blues, greens and pinks across a versatile brown canvas. These are a high-waisted fit to flatter the hips for days you want to look extra toned. Finished off with a buckle for easy fastening (or unfastening when the food baby peeks), let this be the batik piece you reach out for without thinking twice.

Outfit 1: Power-Walk To Work

A thin turtleneck is an essential item in your wardrobe, dedicated for the days you want to look sleek. If you really want to speak business, keep your stilettos neutral for a confident flair. For the ones that prefer more understated options, a white leather t-bar sandal can brighten the look. 

Be it heading meetings or lunch, it’s an outfit that requires little thought. And with work on our minds, do we need more to think about? There’s no time for that!

Outfit 2: A Dreamy Date Night

It’s a flirtatious spin on an ordinary shirt-and-pants duo. For a date night look that bubbles with girlish appeal, this intricate woven top is a fine line between femme fatale and bubble-gum sweet. 

These are for the dreamy dates with a view, and just as appropriate for the ones you keep it relaxed. Pair this with a clutch to keep it minimal and let the pants do all the work for you. For elevated allure, consider a side-swept hairstyle for a slight baring of your décolletage!

Outfit 3: Brunch Time Brilliance

We keep it fun-loving and fresh with the unpredictability of a neon yellow cropped tank for your girly brunch days. Seemingly an unconventional pairing of fashionable sorts, this ensemble marries pops of colour without being an overkill. 

For an extra bout of playfulness and buoyancy, opt for a high ponytail to tie all elements in. Lastly, pair this with sneakers instead of stilettos, because why not?

Meet: YeoMama Batik

Batik is not just a novelty you wear for special occasions. Yeomama Batik has made it easy to incorporate batik into our everyday wardrobes, while upholding diversity to their brand. Thoughtfully directed for the everyday person with fits for every body type and age, Yeomama Batik is about the good, the batikful and extraordinary pieces that make you unapologetically yeoself! 


Shop Yeomama Batik’s Chica Straight Leg Pants in Sweet Lush at, or in-stores now! 



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