We finally hit up the full Fenty Skin range (including its newest eye cream)! Is it worth your coins?

We’re a little late to the Fenty Skin party, considering that it launched in the middle of 2020… But if you haven’t heard already, the brand recently dropped its first eye treatment: the Flash Nap Instant Revival Eye Gel-Cream. Flash Nap’s arrival completes the full Fenty Skin core routine, from cleansing to recovery in the AM and PM. Of which the line-up also includes Fenty Skin’s Total Cleans’R Remove-It-All Cleanser, Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum, Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream and Hydra Vizor Invisible Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Moisturizer. Which makes it about time we hopped onto the bandwagon and served you our verdict on Rihanna’s skincare venture *wink*!

*As always, a mandatory disclaimer on my skin type: I have rather normal but slightly sensitive skin. Generally clear, with the occasional hormonal breakout.


1. Total Cleans’R Remove-It-All Cleanser, S$38

F 5-2

What it is: A 2-in-1 makeup remover-cleanser that gently but thoroughly removes dirt, oil, pollution and makeup. Total Cleans’R is oil-free and packed with a suite of skin-loving ingredients; including Barbados Cherry (vitamin C), Gingko Biloba (oil control, clarifying), Green Tea (classic antioxidant) and Quince (mineral-rich fruit for conditioning). This creamy facial wash promises to purify pores and control excess sebum. Forget post-cleansing dryness/stripping, think hyper clean and super soft skin! 

What’s good: 

Before anything, this is a twist and squeeze tube, which means no cap to twist off/pop open. While this may feel more convenient, I’m personally not the biggest fan because the mouth of the tube (where the cleanser is dispensed) is permanently exposed to the elements. Not as sanitary as I would like!  

Formula wise, I’d say the Total Cleans’R does everything it sets out to do. The cleanser lathers just right (not paltry bubbles, but not excessively like a storm cloud) and as it claims, didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry — which many foaming cleansers do! My skin certainly did feel softer… More importantly, you know how cleansing your face sometimes momentarily accentuates your pores? Total Cleans’R seemed to leave my skin not just fresh and supple, but also matte and toned. No post-cleansing enlarged pores!

All in, I think Total Cleans’R doesn’t exactly stand out on any front, nor disappoints in any way. Which compels me to conclude that… You wouldn’t be missing out on a lot if you don’t have it on your want list. One potential downside is that Total Cleans’R is also rather fragranced, in a sweet and slightly synthetic way (reminds me of a berry coconut body mist). Not the most subtle. So you might want to think twice if you prefer fragrance-free skincare!

2. Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum, S$42

F 1-2

What it is: A 2-in-1 toner-serum that targets pores, pigmentation, unevenness and grease. Unlike many clarifying toners, the Fat Water Toner Serum features an innovative thicc texture that applies best with your hands (No cotton pads!). The toner function refines pores and controls sebum; while its serum properties treat skin concerns like dark spots and dehydration. A powerful cocktail of active ingredients makes the magic, including Niacinamide, Barbados Cherry, Witch Hazel, Japanese Raisin Tree and Cactus Flower. Like everything else from Fenty Skin, Fat Water is oil-free, clean, vegan and gluten-free. 

What’s good: 

Another twist and squeeze tube! I had a little trouble with this at first, because the tube isn’t the most squeezy. Formula wise, the Fat Water Toning Serum does indeed have a unique consistency. Think a gel-like jelly that breaks into liquid once it touches your skin. In the same manner, Fat Water is a surprise in a few ways. While more viscous than your average toner, it absorbs surprisingly quickly and softly mattifies the skin, but doesn’t leave it feeling stripped (like some sebum-controlling toners do). My skin felt quite plump, although I didn’t notice massive pore-refining results. If you love layering your toner (like I do), you’ll be extra pleased Fat Water’s syrupy yet fast-absorbing formula. I felt like I could go home with layering this toner-serum, without feeling like I’d over-saturate my skin.

But! Like Total Cleans’R, Fat Water is also fragranced. Except that I found its particular fragrance a tad overpowering — like a nectar bomb. For that reason, if I had to pick one Fenty Skin product to skip, I’d unfortunately forgo the Fat Water Toner Serum. Although if you don’t mind your skincare fragranced, this is a unique and convenient hybrid. I can imagine it working especially well on oily-combination skin types!

3. Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream, S$60


What it is: A rich gel-cream night time moisturiser that deeply nourishes, smooths fines lines/wrinkles, alleviates pores and improves dark spots while you sleep. The ultra moisturising yet lightweight gel-cream revives skin overnight and delivers 8-hour hydration. Think smooth, glowy complexion (and improved skin elasticity in one week)! Potent star ingredients include Kalahari Melon Oil (antioxidants, vitamins, hydration), Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Baobab (deeply hydrating) and Australian Lemon Myrtle (refining). 

What’s good: 

I haven’t had a moisturiser in my skincare routine since being converted into facial oils during our Local Beauty Edit feature last year. While it’s going to take a lot to convert me away from facial oils now, I still have a small number of moisturisers I use from time to time and that I wouldn’t hesitate to reintroduce into my routine! I guess the Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream makes the newest addition to my list of moisturisers-I-don’t-mind-using-over-facial-oils. 

Instant Reset is likely the fanciest product from Fenty Skin. The gel-cream is velvety and luxe to touch, but while rich is only deceptively heavy. It spreads like a dream and sinks in beautifully. One of the biggest reasons I love facial oils is because of how well-nourished and supple they make your skin feel overnight. Although I wouldn’t exactly say facial oils revive your skin… But this. Instant Reset is an overnight powerlifter. I found my skin looking and feeling noticeably smoother and satiny matte the morning after. For anyone who has a problem with oiliness in the morning, this could be the fix you need. While I didn’t wake up with miracle skin, Instant Reset did give me visibly better skin overnight — and I’m sold! 

Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream is one of those moisturisers I’d count on to rescue my skin (realistically) overnight — especially when I don’t have time for a sheet mask. If you have oilier skin and are looking for a luscious moisturiser that actually feels lush, but won’t feel like it’s going to suffocate your skin, I think you might really enjoy this one too! 

4. Hydra Vizor Invisible Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Moisturizer, S$54

F 3-2

What it is: A 2 -in-1 everyday morning moisturiser and sunscreen hybrid. Hydra Vizor offers lightweight and indelible sun protection, with a pink tint for zero chalkiness to suit all skin tones. The quick-absorbing formula promises to wear seamlessly with makeup, without pilling, flashback and greasiness. A shot of skin-loving ingredients including Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe and Baobab also help to treat dull skin, dark spots, pores, lines and dehydration! 

What’s good: 

I think Hydra Vizor puts nearly everything you’d want in a daytime moisturiser and sunscreen together in one step. The clean SPF formulation is already a winner for me. (Hydra Vizor is free from Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Parabens, also vegan and gluten-free.) But what really takes the cake is it’s ultra plushy texture. Hydra Vizor has quite a *satisfying* gel-like consistency: not too thin (since there’s no alcohol), not at all heavy, but substantial enough for a daytime moisturiser. 

I used Hydra Vizor over the course of 2 weeks, but only realised it contained SPF in the second (after re-reading its label). So if you have a thing against the common shortfalls of SPF-infused skincare (e.g. chalkiness, that poolside sunscreen smell, greasiness etc.), Hydra Vizor could be a game-changer. My skin felt instantly smoother, softer, more hydrated, almost a little bouncy and without a silver of grease. Hydra Vizor makes a surprisingly impressive skin prep and as it claims, wears flawlessly under makeup. While Hydra Vizor is also fragranced, I found the “fresh desert melon” scent to a lot easier to work with than the gourmand fragrance of Fenty Skin’s cleanser/toner. 

The basic recommendation for daily sunscreen is at least an SPF 30. Which Hydra Vizor hits, with additional broad spectrum protection too. I personally don’t have a gripe with the Hydra Vizor Sunscreen Moisturiser not having higher SPF protection (See our Ultimate Sunscreen Guide for why it’s not a biggie!). All in, Hydra Vizor is an uncontested favourite for me from the range. So if you could only try one product from Fenty Skin, I’d recommend this anytime!

5. Flash Nap Instant Revival Eye Gel-Cream, S$48


What it is: A power shot 2-in-1 eye cream and concealer primer for instantly rejuvenated eyes. Flash Nap hydrates, soothes and de-puffs. Non-greasy, lightweight and with a cooling gel-cream texture, the eye cream also comes with a mini eye massager to roll away all those late night woes. Flash Nap’s ingredient DNA includes Horse Chestnut (de-puffing), Hyaluronic Acid, Persian Silk Tree (anti-aging, anti-fatigue) and Green Tea (antioxidant). 

What’s good: 

I have a long-running fear of developing milia seeds, so I have a penchant for lightweight eye creams. If you’re like me, Flash Nap’s formulation could be right on your street! The gel-cream formula is refreshing, weightless, and sinks in quickly without any residue. On its own, Flash Nap did make my under eye area feel instantly more hydrated and supple. I don’t think I’m the biggest fan of facial tools/devices, but this is one of the rare times I’ll say that Flash Nap works its magic best when used together with the mini eye massager. 

The mini Flash Nap eye roller is nothing exceptionally advanced. It’s basically a very petite plastic and metal manual roller that could, on first impression, feel *slightly* flimsy. That said, it fits perfectly in the under eye cranny, which actually felt very neat! I’m not sure if it’s a placebo, but the mini eye massager brought out the best of Flash Nap’s de-puffing and brightening properties. While the fine lines under my eyes didn’t disappear, they were noticeably reduced post a Flash Nap + mini eye massager ritual. 

Flash Nap does deliver as a good, basic eye cream. But it doesn’t perform as marvellously as its description suggests. On one hand, the gel-cream formula is easy and comfortable to work with. Although, I can see it potentially working as well with any other kind of eye roller. Just like the mini eye massager could potentially produce the same results with your usual eye cream. That said, the Flash Nap Instant Revival Eye Gel-Cream is a safe bet if you have oily skin, or as a lightweight daytime eye cream. Or if you’re new to the eye cream game — I don’t think you could go wrong with this!

The Full Fenty Skin Verdict 


But seriously, Fenty Skin ticks many important boxes. They say you can’t please everyone but you can try your best — and Fenty Skin definitely attempted a better beyond the best — and did a pretty good job at that!  

Fenty Skin clearly walks its talk about introducing new skincare essentials. Not the banal “back-to-basic skincare”, but staples that make the most and more out of a primary 101 routine. To put it simply like Fenty Skin does, ya gotta wash your face! But then there’s also an elevation, in how the range is clean, gluten-free (a rare one), vegan and more Earth-conscious with the use of recyclable materials and refillable packs. 

I like how the formulations don’t play with “complicated” active ingredients (like Retinol, AHA/BHA etc.). Instead, the range features essential ingredients that are hard to mess up (Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Antioxidants etc.). Along with the brand’s accessible price point, I think Fenty Skin makes an excellent step up from a basic skincare routine. There’s also something very neat and chic about how every product delivers more in double time. Fenty Skin’s multitasking and functional philosophy makes its skincare both efficient, as well as effective (all the way down to its largely capless packing). I can’t help thinking this would be great to travel with! 

So the big question: should you hop onto the Fenty Skin bandwagon? The range isn’t an all-round stunner, but it’s very promising and refreshingly uncomplicated. It will be easy to slip any product into your existing routine, and I don’t think you’ll be at all disappointed. Just watch out if you can’t tolerate fragrance! 

Shop Fenty Skin, now available at in-stores at Sephora and online at sephora.sg!

Take care,

Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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