Everything you need to know about the Haru Kit, the second Drea x Ksisters self-care collection.

We’re so excited to introduce another chapter to the Drea x Ksisters collaboration! Last year’s Deul Kit was all about glowing ‘chok chok’ skin. This year, Drea x Ksisters introduces the ultimate morning me-time ritual. Meet the Haru Kit, which translates to ‘a day’ in Korean and is a curation of 4 skin-loving staples to kickstart your day!

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Introducing: The Haru Kit

OHIOHOO Re’ Juice (Beet)

If you haven’t heard of OHIOHOO yet, this clean, green and vegan cult skincare brand has been taking the Korean beauty industry by storm. OHIOHOO’s Re’ Juice Beet mask is a potent depuffer, especially if you struggle with water retention in the mornings. The largely plant-powered formula is supercharged by 94% natural ingredients and 43% Beet Extract, to dramatically reduce morning puffiness and swelling.

Wash-off masks are also saviours for busy mornings because of how mess-free they are. Just leave Re’ Juice to work its magic as you get prepped for the day.


I fell in love with this mask because of its post-wash off cooling sensation. Use it in the morning and your skin will feel like it’s ready to take on the day. It does not have a drying effect like some clay masks I’ve used, and it creates a perfect base for your follow-up skincare regime. 

OHIOHOO Glowy & Dewy Serum

OHIOHOO’s Glowy & Dewy Serum is an instant illuminator to rescue tired skin. This radiance-boosting elixir instantly hydrates and recharges with Tamarind Seed Extract, Extoin, Aquaseal and Proteoglycan. The watery texture also sinks in without leaving any greasiness, so it won’t mess up your makeup — always a plus.


If you are looking for a serum that is not too heavy, try this one out. It’s lightweight (think: Serum meets Gel Creme), and absorbs quickly into your skin. You can follow up with an additional moisturiser step (See: Last year’s Drea x Ksisters ‘Deul’ kit), but I reckon this serum will suffice! 


For everyone who’s perpetually short on time in the morning! This nifty all-in-one skincare, foundation, primer and sun protection (SPF50) will be a game changer. CLE’s CCC Cream combines the benefits of a BB and CC Cream to protect, enhance and treat your skin as you wear it. Micro Capsule Technology transforms the CCC Cream’s tone to match your skintone seamlessly, while offering buildable coverage — from barely-there sheer to light-medium satin skin. 


I love it when I can have both my sunscreen, and foundation in one product. The CLE CCC Cream is a dream — it not only protects my skin from SPF, it also gives me adequate coverage (Note: it’s not a full coverage if you’re expecting one), and also has a glowing effect when applied. All you need when you are applying your makeup on the go!

YULIP Lipstick #Daring Nude

YULIP’s 100% non-toxic, natural, organic and cruelty-free formulas deliver brilliant colour while protecting your lips from nasty synthetics. #Daring Nude is a deep nude brown with pink undertones and a long-wearing, semi-matte finish that won’t smear under your mask. This ultra-wearable hue is an everyday go-to — it’s so easy to pair!


Sometimes your lips need an extra boost of colour, but not too much colour, like just enough colour to give you that “natural makeup” look you’ve always wanted – I highly recommend this YULIP (It’s child-safe did you know?) Lipstick in the shade ‘Daring Nude’. Definitely a lipstick shade many would DM me to enquire after!

The Full Haru Kit Experience 

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For a complete me-time ritual, every Haru Kit will come with exclusive merchandise worth S$73.60: 

1. A Drea x Ksisters Linen Outerwear

Super comfortable, breathable and versatile, this linen robe is made for lounging, brunch dates and everything in-between!

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2. A beauty gift-with-purchase set 

Featuring a beauty sponge, Jung Beauty 2 Step Steaming Hair Spa, along with samples of the Phytopecia+ Hair Boosting Shampoo, OHIOHOO Re’ Juice (True Rose of Jericho) and BY ECOM Ampoule. 

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Save the date!

The Haru Kit by Drea x Ksisters retails at S$164 and will launch on 23 September 2021, 12PM SGT on www.ksisters.sg

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