After spending a year discovering all there is to local beauty brands, here are the absolute best local beauty products in Singapore you must try for the ultimate introduction to the homegrown beauty scene. 

Last year, we took a deep dive into homegrown beauty with a comprehensive A – Z guide on local beauty brands. Putting the list together was absolutely eye-opening. Before our Local Beauty Edit happened, I could count all the local beauty products I knew with one hand. And before I started writing for The DC Edit, I didn’t actually know Singapore had a local beauty scene at all. Let’s just say I hopped onto a unicorn bandwagon of no return. 

Discovering the trove of local beauty products remains one of my best work (and possibly personal) endeavours to date. I remain committed. While the local beauty scene may still be rather elusive, it has so much to offer and I don’t mean this in a romantic way! I mean advanced formulas and category-defining skincare innovation that, in every way, will rival your favourite global brands. 


After spending a year discovering all there is to local beauty and trying out every brand featured in our Local Beauty Edit 2020 (vis-a-vis all other exciting international beauty launches from then till now)… I present my guide to the absolute best local beauty products in Singapore you must try, for the ultimate introduction to our homegrown beauty scene. Whether you’re new to local beauty or wondering how much it has to offer — trust me, you won’t be disappointed! 

TL;DR: Please try something from this list. 

1. Rooki Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops, S$59

Local Beauty Rooki Honey Matcha

The first time I used this was from a sample sachet (when I had run out of cleanser one morning). I tossed the sachet without looking at the product name… Then I ended up going through my trash to find it. It was that great! 

Rooki’s Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops is a properly award-winning gel facial cleanser that’s pH-balanced and with an amino acid based cleansing system to accommodate even the most delicate of skin types. It gently removes dirt and impurities, while leaving you ‘glowin with Honey, Omega-rich Chia Seeds, organic Uji Matcha, water-activated Vitamin C and smoothing Lactic Acid. 

I’ve always considered myself a bigger fan of straight-forward cleansers that don’t include “complicated” ingredients like Vitamin C and skin acids. Well, until this. Impressive formulation aside, Rooki’s Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops does deliver on its promise of an instant radiance boost. A perfect morning cleanser! 

2. Porcelain Deep Hydrating Lotion, S$80 for 150ML

Local Beauty Porcelain Deep Hydrating Lotion

Judging by how many awards Porcelain’s Deep Hydrating Lotion has bagged, I’m not the only one head-over-heels with it. This versatile lotion-mist features ultra-nourishing natural Jojoba Seed and Rose Oils, Vitamin E, B5 and Hyaluronic Acid, as well as Damascena Rose extracts. Use it as a toner or as a hydrating lotion (although I recommend just going home with this one) to replenish moisture, stimulate cellular regeneration and soothe skin. 

Porcelain’s Deep Hydrating Lotion is one of those products that seem pretty average at first glance, but is so monstrously good. I really enjoy using this lotion-mist whenever I’m having a breakout. It does a wonderful job of calming and healing the skin (with visible improvement)! This is delightfully straightforward, can be used in so many ways and I don’t think you can actually go wrong with it. 

3. Oasis Skin Organic Rose Toner Mist, S$32 for 80ML

Local Beauty Oasis Skin Rose Mist

I reviewed this in my radical organic skincare routine overhaul last year. One year on and all I can say is I’ve over-spritzed my way through 5 of these. No regrets. 

This is another wonderfully straightforward product that’s bursting with goodness and terrifically easy to use. You’ll like it either way! The Organic Rose Toner Mist is alcohol-free and powered primarily by organic roses. Its ingredients list is otherwise short, because of Oasis Skin’s strict plant-based, filler-free and chemical-free belief. Created from 100% pure ingredients, use this naturally rose scented toner to soothe broken/irritated skin and rebalance your skin’s pH. 

My favourite thing about the Rose Toner Mist is its formulation and the philosophy behind it. If you haven’t heard of Oasis Beauty Kitchen yet — the homegrown beauty brand freshly handcrafts 100% vegan and plant-based products while being incredibly low-waste. It’s concept is unique, even in comparison to everything you can find in beauty here (including both local and international brands). I personally consider Oasis Skin one local beauty brand you should try at least once! 

4. RE:ERTH Blemish Control, S$87

Local Beauty REERTH Blemish Control

This might be the 3rd or 4th time RE:ERTH’s Blemish Control is making an appearance on The DC Edit. Take it as a sign! I had the opportunity of being introduced to RE:ERTH’s full range during our Local Beauty Edit run and one year on… This is absolutely irreplaceable.

RE:ERTH calls it their ultimate blemish treatment for clearer skin, pores and an all-round healthy glow. The impressive formula is one to beat, with patented anti-microbial ingredients including Lysozymes, Colostrum and Water Soluble Vitamin A. But the biggest win for me is how non-drying and stable this lightweight gel is. You can use it to spot treat, use it all over break out areas (not just the face) and even use it like a serum because it won’t leave you peeling. 

I wouldn’t say Blemish Control delivers miracle results overnight, but that’s exactly it’s magic. The formula is designed to target the root cause of breakouts and destroy blemish-causing bacteria for sustainable results. It’s a long-haul solution that steadily clears your skin and keeps it that way. Frankly, S$87 is a pinch. But in my books — and I take full responsibility for this claim — it is one of the most extraordinary (if not the most) blemish treatments I’ve used to date. 

5. IRÉN Skin Reboot, S$49

Local Beauty Iren Skin Reboot

One of my favourite skincare tips is to introduce antioxidants into your morning skincare routine — trust me, it will make a discernible difference! And while you’re at that, you’ll also want to give IRÉN Skin’s Skin Reboot Antioxidant Serum a go. 

Think of this as a potent shot of antioxidants; with a cocktail of Beetroot Extract, 4% Caffeine, Astaxanthin (a very powerful source of antioxidants) and the crowd favourite, Niacinamide. Use Skin Reboot is in the morning to protect your skin from free radicals, environmental aggressors and UV damage — while the regenerative formula simultaneously works to restore your skin. 

IRÉN Skin’s Skin Reboot Antioxidant Serum is another product that’s no-nonsense, loaded with only the good stuff (100% scientifically clean ingredients) and is hard to mess up. I can’t think of a better choice if you’re looking for a robust antioxidant boost that will deliver all the magic of antioxidants, hassle-free. The biggest downside? The serum only comes in a petite volume of 15ML — like a little skin spell. Bummer, because it’s exceptional.

6. PSA Skin Liquid Panacea: Centella & Kombucha Firming Recovery Booster, S$28


PSA Skin is another homegrown skincare brand that tops my list of local beauty you really need to try. It’s also one of the most beginner-friendly brands I know, because of how informative and jargon-free their product descriptions are. If you want to dive straight into a hero local beauty product, try the Centella & Kombucha Firming Recovery Booster.

Centella and Kombucha are some of the trendiest skincare ingredients right now, so this is the best of both worlds. The booster is supercharged with a host of firming actives, including 6% Kombucha and White Tea, 5% Centella Asiatica Extract, as well as Madecassoside. Essentially all the powerhouses for combating dull, tired skin, irritation and dehydration! 

I really enjoy the versatility of this. A booster is a little different from a serum: you can use it on its own, or as an “add-on” with your favourite serums/essences/creams. This is a do-it-all in my books and it’s phenomenal. 

7. Balm Botanique Balancing Prebiotics Facial Oil, S$28

Local Beauty Balm Botanique Prebiotics Oil

Another throwback! We introduced Balm Kitchen during our Local Beauty Edit last year. I also credit their facial oils for turning me into a complete convert. One year on, Balm Kitchen has since rebranded into Balm Botanique, I’m still all about facial oils and yes — Balm Botanique is as marvellous as ever. 

Whether you’re new to facial oils or a long-running fan, I highly recommend the Balancing Prebiotics Facial Oil as an infallible addition to your skincare regime. This incredibly lightweight and fast-absorbing facial oil is formulated with Prebiotics, Squalene and essential fatty acids Omega 3s and 6s. I use two drops as the final step of my nighttime skincare routine to lock everything in and always feel like I wake up with better skin. I can’t emphasise enough how much my skin texture/quality has improved since I started using facial oils

Another thing to love about Balm Botanique is their plant-based, zero waste philosophy. Think up-cycled ingredients (by-products from the fruit juice industry), sustainable sourcing and a commitment to sustainable packaging. Balm Botanique is a brand I personally feel is dedicated to doing so much so well — all while keeping their prices really affordable. One of the most stellar among local beauty for sure!

8. Sigi Skin Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, S$58

Local Beauty Sigi Skin Morning Glow

Sigi Skin has had an impressive list of media shoutouts from the get-go. From being raved about by Hollywood MUA Daniel Martin (who did Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup), to being the first Singaporean brand at Beautycon in 2019… Sigi Skin has planted Singapore’s flag in the belly of the (beauty) beast! The Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen — Daniel Martin’s fave — is a must if you’re looking to try a local beauty product. 

Winning formulation aside, this ultra lightweight sunscreen applies like a dream. The air whipped texture delivers just the right amount of light hydration (no dry patches here) without leaving any grease or white cast. Morning Glow is also powered by superfoods Avocado and Acai to guard against UV damage while boosting skin health!

That said, Sigi Skin’s Morning Glow might be relatively pricey at S$58. But this is one of those products that feel potentially “overhyped” but is really not — because it’s that great. Possibly one of the best sunscreens I’ve tried of all time! (Psst: the physical formulation is very sensitive-skin friendly as well.)

9. Glowfully H2O Jelly Mask, S$42.50 (Box of 5)


I’m personally a much bigger fan of jar masks because of how convenient they are to slap on and let be. But this is one of the few facial sheet masks I would use time and time again. Only a handful of local beauty brands have ventured into sheet masks — perhaps because of how saturated the local market already is. Glowfully’s H2O Jelly Mask may be up against stiff competition, but I think it’s one to beat. 

The mask is made of food-grade jello which gives it a rather unique, smooth gelatin-like texture. A proprietary blend of Aloe Vera, Acerola Cherry and Carrageenan make an ultra-moisturising, anti-oxidising and collagen-boosting cocktail. The BEST part about the H2O Jelly Mask for me is how it’s hardly drippy, because the essence is only released upon contact with your skin. 

I can never get enough of how fresh and supple this mask leaves my visage. S$42.50 is a tad pricey (that’s about S$8 per mask), although I would splurge a little on this and save it for special occasions! 


I love telling people about how great local beauty brands are. There’s so much to be excited about! My skincare routine has been 80% local beauty products and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. In fact, maybe the converse is true — you need to try homegrown beauty if you haven’t already!

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Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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