We spend a lot of time here at The DC Edit exploring what’s new and trending in the beauty industry. Particularly in the belly of the beast; with our sights set on the industry’s big players, the latest fads and most fashionable ingredients. So in this very special edit, we’ve decided to bring the spotlight back home. From superlative skincare technology, to the highest standards in organic beauty and industry disruptors, we bring you the ultimate guide to Singaporean beauty brands that are slowly, but surely redefining categories. It’s time to get in the know and get excited. Presenting: The Local Beauty Edit 2020. 

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21. Oasis:Skin

At Oasis:Skin, the in-store Vegan Beauty Kitchen is where the magic happens. You’ll likely find founder Hildra Gwee brewing a concoction of cold-pressed plant oils and butters, premium clay or organic and wild-harvested essential oils. Using only premium ingredients that are kind to the skin and the environment, Oasis:Skin’s handcrafted beauty products are cruelty-free and vegan. Aside from that, they also encourage a low to zero-waste lifestyle. So if you’re thinking of heading to the store soon, bring your own empty bottle or jar for a refill and get a discount!


A round up of Oasis:Skin’s best-sellers that are 100% natural and cruelty-free. You’ll receive a handcrafted facial bar, toner mist, facial oil and clay mask--all tailored to your skin type! [Writer’s note: I chose the Soothe+Rescue beauty kit for eczema-prone and sensitive skin, and especially loved the Baby Soft Clay Mask which is rich in natural minerals and blended with rose petals. I love watching the baby-pink mask powder turn into a deep pink paste as I mix it with liquid, and applying it with the complimentary mask-brush makes for a mess-free experience. After a few minutes, the mask dries and tightens and this is when you should wash it off. I was left with immaculate and seemingly poreless skin! - Xylia]


A zero-waste hair care solution for the eco-conscious. Treat your scalp and hair to this handcrafted shampoo packed with nourishing premium Matcha Powder, French Kaolin Clay, Organic Oatmeal and Castor Oil. The result? Smooth, shiny tresses and a refreshed scalp.

22. Porcelain

Porcelain’s skincare approach is firmly grounded in three guiding principles: the solution for good skin begins from within, every skin type is different and skincare is a commitment. The brand is dedicated to crafting deep solutions that stimulate cellular regeneration and are both customisable, as well as adaptable to your skin’s changes. With a belief in the potency of nature, Porcelain’s products are free from a running list of harmful synthetic ingredients including Parabens, Silicones, Sulfates and Mineral Oils. Instead, their holistic and efficacious formulas constantly integrate natural ingredients with robust R&D to refine your skin. 


This watery, lotion mist is packed with a host of natural goodness like Jojoba Seed and Rose oils, Vitamins E, B5, as well as Hyaluronic Acid. Multi-functionality is key: use it with a cotton pad after cleansing, as a face mist, or spritz it into your palms and pat in. Apart from replenishing the skin’s moisture levels, the lotion heals, soothes, softens, combats free radicals and promotes cellular regeneration. [Writer’s note: Watery, lightweight, but oh so comforting and nourishing! I really appreciate the many ways I can use this — as a toner, a nourishing lotion, a perk-me-up... It works splendidly every time. - Melisa]


Power up your cleansing routine with this deep cleansing formula that gently but thoroughly purifies the skin for a clearer complexion in the long-run. Developed with Coconut Extract, AHA (Malic Acid), BHA (Salicylic Acid), the formula also features strong antioxidant properties from Vitamin C, E and Soybean Extracts. The soothing big guns of Cucumber, Sage and Aloe Vera extracts also help to adequately moisturise oily skin types, while rebalancing skin pH for a fresh and polished visage.

23. PSA

The first thing we noticed about PSA was the diversity in their model faces, and their ethos reflects this. Regardless of who we are, we all have skin, which can only be amply protected by a well-rounded skincare routine. PSA aims to provide a purposeful line of products that do their job, no-frills. How? With products that are safely, but expertly formulated with proven clinical ingredients. No potential irritants will be found lingering at the end of their ingredients list; instead, you’ll find active ingredients in concentrations that make a difference. The entire range has also been categorised into steps, so you know exactly how to start and end your regime, regardless of your level of skincare knowledge. (We think this is particularly useful if you’re just getting around to building a routine!)


An all-star night serum that contains a potent blend of actives, namely: Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, BHA + PHA, Probiotics and the prized Tamanu Oil. As you can guess, this multi-acid blend is equally multi-functional -- it works to refine clogged pores, lighten dark blemish marks and reduce breakouts. The fast-absorbing consistency sinks also leaves no uncomfortable tackiness, which is always a bonus. So you can fall asleep comfortably (no pillow streaks) knowing that you'll be a step closer to #skingoals in the morning!


This product contains the A-team of vitamins that rev up your skin’s radiance in just minutes. Unlike most rinse-off masks, this orange mask is fuss-free and spreads evenly across the face without any clunky chunks (pretty satisfying if you ask us). In just five minutes, dull skin is expelled to make room for a more radiant, even and moisture-boosted complexion.


“RE:ERTH spearheads a unique ‘Mindful Beauty’ ethos, embodied in its pared-down, minimalist approach to beauty” — Ziling Toh, COO of RE:ERTH

A step back from elaborate, extended skincare routines. RE:ERTH is dedicated to delivering an effective, but simple and straightforward regime for your best skin health. Its formulas are rooted in patented nature-derived ingredients, university-backed science and time-honoured Japanese wellness practices. Japanese White Turmeric (cultivated in Kyushu, Japan) is the brand’s proprietary active ingredient, which has proven extraordinary results in restoring skin health and is integral to RE:ERTH’s vision of healthy, mochi-like skin. In tune with their mindful ideology, you’ll be pleased to know that RE:ERTH also endeavours for greater sustainability as a brand, from production, to packaging and its recycling programme! 


Like its name suggests, this do-it-all serum is RE:ERTH’s version of mochi-skin in a bottle. Remarkably lightweight, the elixir absorbs seamlessly (in a mere 10 seconds) to reinvigorate and rejuvenate skin from deep within. It alleviates a comprehensive list of concerns from enlarged pores, to dark spots and sagging skin. Expect a more radiant, refined and supple visage.


If you’ve grappled with the dryness that often comes with strong acne-clearing products, you’ll want in on this brilliant blemish treatment. The lightweight gel is oil-free, non-comedogenic and so non-drying that you can use it on your entire face (as well as on other breakout areas like the neck and back). Blemish Control targets the root cause of breakouts — bacteria — in order to effectively alleviate and prevent blemishes, even for the sensitive skin types. [Writer’s note: Easily a frontrunner for one of the best blemish treatments we’ve tried so far! Apart from being completely non-drying, I love how Blemish Control delivers lasting results of clearer, smoother skin. Read our full breakdown of RE:ERTH’s cutting-edge product line here. - Melisa]

25. Rooki Beauty

One for the skincare “rookies”, this Asian superfoods brand was born just over a year ago. Founder Hayley Teo had her heart set on creating her own skincare line that was straightforward and sensitive-skin-friendly. She began by seeking formulators from various countries before deciding on Japan where despite higher costs, she felt produced the highest quality skincare products. All of Rooki Beauty’s products harness the skin benefits of Asian Superfoods such as Japanese seaweed, matcha from Kyoto and chardonnay grapes from Nagano. Psst! Keep an eye out for The Perfectors Serum Mixer Kit which will launch by the end of June 2020! Each mixer kit contains three full-sized versions of Rooki’s serums (Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops, Antipollution Nano Drops and Sun Eraser Glow Drops) — what a treat.  


Packed with nourishing ingredients like Honey and organic Uji Matcha Powder, this gentle cleanser makes for a soothing cleanse that won’t leave your skin feeling stripped of moisture. It is also laced with water-activated Vitamin C and Lactic Acid (a mild exfoliant), for a noticeably more radiant and smooth complexion after each use. [Writer’s note: I really liked how this cleanser left my skin feeling refreshed and soft. With Japanese cleansers that I’ve tried previously, many tugged on my skin and left it feeling uncomfortably tight, so this one really surprised me with how gentle it was. This cleanser also visibly brightened my skin just after one use, and didn’t spark any irritation or redness which my skin is prone to after cleansing. - Xylia]


Featuring the revolutionary Green Pulp Paste™ -- a unique concoction of five plant complexes rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients -- this is the most natural product yet in Rooki's range. Highly recommended for those with sensitive skin! [Writer’s note: I was very intrigued when I massaged the green gel onto my skin as it turned into a white paste, and I noticed a warming sensation (not stinging or uncomfortable!) Turns out, it’s completely normal and part of the skin’s healing process. Truly a spa-like sensorial experience that leaves your skin feeling and looking ultra plump and lit-from-within! - Xylia]

26. Solos Cosmetics

Makeup products that are vegan, cruelty-free, high-performing and affordable? It might sound too good to be true, but that is exactly what founder Devonne Niam brought to the table with Solos Cosmetics. The brand was birthed from her struggle to find makeup good enough for the skin, but that didn’t come with a hefty price tag. Combining the expertise of her and her business partner’s experience in Marketing and E-commerce, Solos Cosmetics quickly found its way online, offering an eclectic mix of bold lippies and two sleek eyeliners. Simple, candid beauty is at the heart of Solos with its forthright approach to makeup for everyone and anyone terms and conditions do not apply.  


The SplitStix is a duo tone bullet that comes travel-sized, so you can easily take it with you on-the-go (and trust us, you'll want to). Cocoa Chocolate x Racy Russet is a warm and deep chocolate brown on one side, paired with a brighter chestnut shade on the other. The formula glides on effortlessly for balmy finish and can easily double up as a long-lasting cream blush or eyeshadow for a natural pop of colour across the skin.


If liquid liners intimidate you, this one might change how you feel about them for good. Myliner has a precise felt point that will help you create smooth, even lines and ace that flick. The jet black formula packs a bold punch of pigment and is waterproof, so it stays put all day! Plus at below ten bucks, this is an absolute steal.

27. Soul Good Project

Having experienced first-hand the struggles of eczema and dietary intolerances, founder Amanda Moo set out on a mission to develop products that will not only help her, but also ease the burden for others with similar pain points. Starting off with a personal care range of natural deodorant balms and mists, Soul Good Project has since made its foray into plant-derived facial oils and clay masks. You’ll want to keep an eye out for its expanding natural skincare line!


An elixir enriched with antioxidant-rich ingredients including Meadowfoam Seed Oil (regulates the skin’s sebum production) and Rosehip Seed Oil (deeply nourishing, fades hyperpigmentation and heals scars). Its beautiful blue tint comes from Azulene, a Chamomile extract, which boasts soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. A few drops is all you need to achieve luminous skin -- no highlighter needed!


This balm smells absolutely divine! A subtle woody and citrus scent with notes of cedar, bergamot, sweet orange and lemon that will leave you energized. Free from nasties, this natural deodorant balm is made of arrowroot flour, natural essential oils and magnesium to absorb perspiration, fight germs and fungi, and neutralise odour. [Writer’s note: A natural deodorant is a first for me, and I might just be a convert after trying this! The lovely scent aside, I liked how the balm was non-sticky and settled very comfortably onto the skin, leaving it smooth and moisturised. The scent is long-lasting but not overpowering, and does a great job of keeping odour at bay. Highly recommended for those who are new to natural deodorants! - Xylia]

28. Sigi Skin

In pursuit of her passion for all things beauty, Sigi Skin’s founder Xenia Wong (who is just 24 years of age) took the plunge and enrolled in a Korean beauty academy, where she learned that truly beautiful skin could only be achieved with having healthy skin. Sigi Skin is all about superfood-powered, dual-purpose products. The incredibly lean skincare range has slowly expanded from three to five products since its launch, but patience is the virtue at Sigi Skin. Products are only launched after consumer trials and a lot of community feedback — so you know your skin’s getting the best.

If you’re in search of a physical sunscreen that leaves no white cast, this is it! This lightweight sunscreen glides on oh-so-smoothly and is hydrating enough so those with normal or oily skin types can most certainly skip moisturiser afterwards. Besides shielding the skin from UVA and UVB rays, it also contains anti-aging powerhouses like Niacinamide and Adenosine which keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.


The skin saviour for the sleep-deprived, Dream Capsule is a nourishing overnight sleeping mask pumped with skin-loving ingredients such as Bakuchiol, Purslane, Squalane and Niacinamide. The formula melts into the skin and delivers a good dose of hydration, leaving it looking plump and dewy. The hydration lasts throughout the night and you’ll wake up with noticeably brighter and smoother skin.

29. Skin Inc

Probably one of the most iconic homegrown beauty labels! Skin Inc has been disrupting the global skincare industry with cutting-edge skintech (that’s skin + technology). From bespoke serums, to modern beauty supplements and award-winning facial devices, the brand’s philosophy is anchored in highly-customisable, straight-forward and expertly designed products. Skin Inc has even developed an intuitive diagnostic tool, ‘My Skin Identity’, that will determine your skin’s unique blueprint for a serum cocktail custom-blended to individual skin goals. Nothing speaks skincare revolution in a bottle like this does.


There's a good reason why this nifty device is Skin Inc’s long-running bestseller. This cutting-edge facial massager utilises NASA-inspired coloured LED Chromotherapy for five different benefits (repair, glow, soothe, optimise & sculpt). Sonic Technology delivers low frequency stimulation to gently regenerate skin cells, boost metabolism, blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as augment the penetration of active ingredients. [Writer’s note: I love how this handy but mighty device gives me an almost spa-like experience. I use the blue light most (to soothe) and it does seem to speed up the healing process of any blemish scars. - Melisa]


Another cult-favourite wonder, this nutrient-rich mask works to unveil clearer, supple and more radiant skin. Deep-sea water from Japan, Soybean extracts and Hyaluronic Acid adds to the indulgent experience, while a host of essential minerals deeply nourish. The lightweight, fast-absorbing gel also leaves no residue, so you can sleep-in without ruining your pillowcase and awake to hydrated, clarified and illuminated skin.

30. The Skin Firm

The amount of skincare products in the market can be dizzying. Which are passing fads and which really work? For that exact reason, The Skin Firm’s superbly streamlined, all-natural but still science-backed skincare range is a breath of fresh air. At The Skin Firm, products are created in small batches at an in-house manufacturing facility. The team works closely with skincare scientists and an R&D team — which are also fully run by women! Formulas are developed with 100% organic or naturally-derived active ingredients that are sustainably sourced — although for the degree of consideration that goes into The Skin Firm’s products, we love how their price range remains highly accessible.

Those with sensitive skin rejoice: this micellar water is free from alcohol, fragrances and other potential irritants. It’s infused with ECOCERT 100% Natural Coconut-derived Cleaning Agent which gently melts away makeup and helps fight breakouts.


A do-it-all serum, this elixir treats everything from combating wrinkles to amping up collagen and hydrating skin. Formulated with a potent, antioxidant-charged extract from Red Rice, this lightweight serum works hard to improve the texture and tone of the skin. Its lightweight texture offers just the right amount of hydration without leaving the skin greasy or sticky, perfect for our warm and humid climate.

31. Two Halves 

Two Halves prides itself on essentials. The brand is committed to formulations that will stay efficacious in the long-run, as opposed to quick fixes that plateau off after a few weeks of use. Founded by a mother-daughter duo with years of experience in the skincare field, Two Halves is a 100% vegan brand that aims to boost skin health without using harmful ingredients that compromise your skin complexion and environment. Instead, the unique formulations synchronises with the skin’s natural regenerative function and elevates it with regulated actives. The result? A stronger skin barrier fortified against photo-damage, pollution, fatigue and other damage. No fluff, just straightforward and functional products that will stand the test of time.


As its moniker suggests, this essence is a lightweight and oil-free gel that balances the skin to reveal healthy radiance. With no added fragrance, the vegan formulation promises and delivers nourishing hydration and soothing relief. Dull skin is brightened, sensitivity is calmed and skin is quenched by strong humectants. [Writer’s note: I really appreciate how the product comes in a minimalistic, airless packaging with a pump — it ensures zero contamination! The essence also glided effortlessly across my face and was absorbed by my parched skin in seconds. I had some redness around my nose area that was visibly soothed after I applied it. Works like a dream under foundation too! Truly an all-rounder that I can see sliding seamlessly into anyone’s routine. - Cheyenne]

32. Two L(I)ps

Now this is one local brand that’s soaring high by taking on lows, quite literally. At Two L(I)ps, skincare begins from down under with its range of luxury products for the vulva (a first in the world). It’s about time! This intimate skincare line is all about redefining the limitations of skincare with its collection of indulgent and high-performing but safe formulas. All products are developed free from Sulphates, Parabens and Petrochemicals for utmost assurance — because you deserve it!


A lightweight antioxidant-rich cream that firms, eases inflammation, protects and prevents fine lines. It is packed with precious active ingredients including Baikal Skullcap, Marine Water Microalgae and Green Tea Extract that protects against free radical damage, repairs and restores the skin’s suppleness. The best part? This miracle worker is suitable for your vulva, body and face.

33. WANT Skincare

WANT was founded with a simple purpose: it wants you to thrive in your best skin. Focusing on non-toxic, multi-tasking skincare, the brand creates formulas for busy and jet-setting urbanites. Clean, fair-trade and sustainably-sourced ingredients are key. WANT products are free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients and water; so you can expect 100% natural goodness that is also ethical, environmentally-conscious and cruelty-free. How many boxes does that tick?


A non-foaming cleanser that promises a thorough, pampering cleanse that won’t strip your skin. Made with a concoction of skin-loving natural goodness including 60% unrefined raw honey, organic Jojoba and Safflower Oil, Beet This Honey proves that a winning cleanse doesn’t always require complicated science. Work the slightly grainy cleanser into your skin for a pure and nourishing experience, on nature’s tab.


This aloe vera based spritzer is a multi-tasking toner, face mist and mask activator all-in-one. Packed with some of nature’s most hydrating and soothing florals like Lavender, Geranium and Palmorosa Oils, the mist is a reinvigorating and restorative powerhouse. We love how nifty it is too, so you can quench your skin fuss-free (and worry-free) whenever and wherever you need!

34. Yours 

Yours takes the guesswork out of skincare by curating your skincare routine based on your unique skin needs. Relying on machine-learning technology, a quick five-minute (Tried and tested timing!) assessment leads you to a personalised routine of serums, moisturisers and eye cream for day and night. Expect a selection of clean and safe products that are earth, animal and skin-friendly, all formulated with a potent blend of actives designed to address even your most deeply-rooted skincare concerns. Yours’ personalised approach to skincare allows you to better streamline your routine for real results, without the hassle of unnecessarily complicated steps!


Is it possible to achieve supple, glowing skin without a good night’s sleep? This moisturiser says absolutely! Packed with sunflower oil (which is rich in vitamin goodness) and detoxored complex, this lightweight cream is designed to repair skin damage by stimulating skin renewal. The added betaine also soothes and irritation in the skin, allowing you to wake up refreshed with hydrated and bouncy skin. [Writer’s note: I love how this cream has a luxurious glide that makes my skin feel well-moisturised and soft upon application. The morning after, I was honestly shocked at the difference: my skin had a supple softness that was ready to take on the day! I thoroughly enjoyed how this cream addressed my dullness that stems from a less-than-ideal sleep cycle. - Cheyenne]


With this supercharged serum, luminous skin is no longer a dream that we pine for but a reality within reach! Made with Swiss garden cress sprouts and bearberry, its effectiveness stems from the ingredients’ ability to inhibit melanin formation and even skin tone. Aside from promoting radiance, the serum also targets acne-inducing oil production, which is a problem I indicated in my survey. It does so with Vitamin B3, which ensures that skin is amply moisturised while reducing the appearance of acne and pimples. [Writer’s note: My main gripe with using serums in the morning is its excessive tackiness, but this serum was readily absorbed into my skin! I especially appreciate the sheen it gave to my complexion, which peeked through even under my BB cream. - Cheyenne]

35. Zyu Skincare

Derived from the Chinese word 珠 (zhu) which means pearls, Zyu Skincare endeavours towards transformative formulations for healthy and radiant skin. It is a constant work-in-progress with founder Zoen Tay (who runs the brand while being a full-time student) working closely with chemists from Switzerland, Japan and Singapore to develop quality products powered by premium and natural ingredients. Beginning with just two core products — a toner and night mask — Zyu’s line recently expanded to include more essentials. New to the brand? Zyu’s new limited edition Glow-It-Yourself Kit is a customisable five-piece professional-grade skincare set that will allow you to recreate a facial experience from the comfort of your home!


Packed with Witch Hazel, Rose Water, Salicylic Acid and other natural extracts, this toner gently soothes and exfoliates the skin. The watery consistency absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Harnessing the power of natural exfoliants, this clarifying toner polishes off dead skin and brightens the complexion, while sake grade peptides deliver a dose of hydration to the skin.


Formulated to work in sync with the skin’s rejuvenating cycle at night, this mask does all the heavy lifting while you snooze. It has a lightweight, gel-like texture that doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky which we love. Fortified with six natural extracts (Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Sodium Hyaluronate, Arbutin Bearberry, Vitamin A & E), this antioxidant-rich mask deeply nourishes the skin, and combats problems like fine lines, dullness and dryness. Use nightly, and wake up with radiant and plump skin!


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