Some of the best (and funniest) glow-up stories I’ve heard often involve wildly bad brows… And something I like to call a much-needed (usually tragically belated) brow-awakening. Back in the day, I didn’t know you could actually get your brows shaped, and filled mine in generously as they were. So I had ridiculously voluminous, boxy, triangular brows for a year or so. Although the more regretful part was that I actually thought they looked pretty good then. Oh man!

If you’ve had your own brow-awakening, I’m guessing Anastasia Beverly Hills was somewhere in the picture. Or maybe you’re a longtime ABH-convert — we’re not complaining! With some of the most perennial brow holy-grails under their belt — including the classic Brow Wiz and Dipbrow Pomade — Anastasia Beverly Hills is brow game royalty. Since masking up made our brows one of the few defining features left to be seen, we decided to get cosy with the Queen of Brows herself for some 101. Meet: Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills and easily the pioneer of brows-on-fleek. From ABH’s small beginnings (literally), to THE trick for perfect brows, Anastasia’s personal favourites and the full scoop on ABH’s Spring 2021 collection, we get behind one of the most game-changing beauty brands of the 21st century.

Of course, we also had to ask Anastasia if she’s *ever* had bad brows.  

1. Anastasia, we know you now as the Queen of Brows! But can you tell us a bit more about your backstory?  How did you get started in the beauty industry?  

I immigrated to the United States from Romania in 1989. The first few months were incredibly hard, and  I got a job as an esthetician out of necessity. It was something I could do without needing to speak the language; so I found work in Beverly Hills doing facial and body waxing. It was while working that I realised no one was paying any attention to their eyebrows. If they were tended to at all, it was like an afterthought, and they certainly weren’t offered as a separate service. When you spend so much time studying faces, it clicks that eyebrows have this incredible power to frame and transform an individual’s entire look. I had this stroke of inspiration that maybe the same Golden Ratio I learned about in art school could be applied to shaping brows, bringing balance and proportion to my clients’ faces. 

2. Tell us more about Anastasia Beverly Hills — how did it all begin?  

At first, I offered to do my clients’ brows as an add-on at the end of their waxing. The salon I worked at doubted the potential of brows to become its own separate service. But I believed in the concept. As interest intensified, I decided to rent a room in another salon to focus solely on brows. From there, I went on to open my own flagship salon in Beverly Hills – the first of its kind. Soon I realised that there were no products on the market specifically devoted to brows, so I started production on my own. I was excited to fill a niche, and doing so, I carved out a new category in the beauty industry.  

3. How about your own brow story — have you always had stunning brows yourself? (Or did you have an  awkward eyebrow phase too?)  

Even I wasn’t immune from an awkward brow phase! I definitely plucked my brows too thin, and the shape was all wrong. I look back at old photos with my overly rounded arches and I realise why I looked surprised all the time! Something as simple as a small change to your brow shape can change your entire  expression. 

4. What is the biggest brow mistake one can make?  

The biggest problem I see is when product application is too heavy-handed. Eyebrows should always be filled in ombre. If you envision a natural, beautiful eyebrow, you notice that for the first quarter inch the hair is much thinner and grows sparsely upward. Towards the edges, it becomes thicker and grows in a layered, outward direction. Because of this, you should always start filling the brow from the highest arch point to the outer brow tip. Then with less pressure and product, lightly fill in the inner part of the  brow. 

5. What are your tips and tricks for perfect brows?  

The key to unlocking your individualised perfect brow is the ABH Golden Ratio Shaping Technique, which relies on three measurements: (1) Brows should begin directly above the middle of your nostrils (2) brows should end where the corner of the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye and (3) the highest  point of the arch should connect the middle of the tip of the nose with the middle of the iris. 

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills has since expanded beyond brow wonders to a full makeup line. Can you give us  first dibs on your upcoming Spring 2021 collection? (We hear there are some very exciting things in-store!)  

Our goal with the Spring 2021 collection was to create a lineup of products that amplify your radiance and enhance your natural features in a way that feels effortless. The Iced Out Highlighter delivers a multi dimensional wet effect shine, with the high reflectivity of a liquid and the weightlessness of a powder. Diamond Gloss and Crystal Gloss create extreme shine without the sticky mess. While Brow Freeze is an easy-to-use styling wax that locks in brows for all-day wear!  

7. We’re excited for the Brow Freeze! What is your favourite way to use it?  

I’m so excited too! You’re going to love it. Brow Freeze introduces our strongest brow hold yet, sculpting every hair into place for incredible feathered-looking brows. Start by picking up a small amount of product using the spoolie end of Brush 12 or 7B from our collection, and work it back and forth on the cap. Brush through the brow using upward motions, gently pressing down as you go. Use the metal ferrule (angled brush side) to sculpt hairs into desired shape and lay down flat. If you want to disguise areas of sparseness, use Brow Powder Duo with the other side of the brush.  

8. And what are your favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills products right now?  

Besides our newest launches, my current favourites are our Brow Pen for creating the thinnest strokes of  hair for realistic detail and dimension. As well as our Lip Stain which features a new transfer-proof formula for a dose of saturated colour. 

9. We’re curious — what do you think will be the biggest beauty trends this year?  

I think we’ll be seeing a focus on eyes and brows, with looks that are easy and don’t feel overdone. For brows, find the hero product or products that work best for your routine. Whether that’s disguising areas  of sparseness with a pencil, or just adding a bit of colour with a tinted brow gel. For eyes, try our Lash Brag Voluminising Mascara for incredibly full lashes!  

10. And finally, what is your personal mantra for 2021?  

Never give up, and never take no for an answer.

Go Big: Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Spring 2021 Collection Is Unapologetically Intense

No shortcuts here. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Spring 2021 Iced Out Collection serves up an extreme new brow hold, blazing highlight and their most blinding glosses yet. And all things aside, we’re also really feeling the pristine white hardware overhaul! The entire collection is also vegan and cruelty-free, which is always a big plus. Here’s the lowdown on ABH’s new elevated staples for maximum impact: 

Iced Out Highlighter
Brow Freeze
Honey Diamond Gloss
Crystal Gloss
Micro-Stroking Detailing Brow Pen

Step aside for the mightiest brow hold yet. Remember the glamorous, full-bodied 90s ‘soap brows’? This universally-fitting transparent wax will tame, sculpt and fluff your brows for lifted, ultra plush feathered brows, without the tediousness of mixing water + soap. Use Brow Freeze on clean brows, before you fill them in -- it's easy to work and sets to a fault, but without any stiffness or flaking. So we’re talking sleek, full brows that’ll stay put all day. *Psst: You can also use Brow Freeze to tame wild strands along your hairline!


If you can’t make up your mind between bold frosted glow and the slick wet-skin look, this universally-flattering highlighter will be the best of both worlds. The super smooth and fine formula wears like second skin. Use a single sweep for that multi-dimensional wet shine, or build it up to an icy strobe. Its versatility is one to beat: use Iced Out wet or dry, layer however you like and sweep it anywhere over your face/body/lips for amplified brilliance.


Make it liquid crystal! ABH’s Crystal Gloss delivers high-impact shine, lasting comfortable wear (sans stickiness) and a plumping gleam. The ergonomic flat paddle applicator also promises the smoothest, most precise glide for fuss-free dimension. *The Crystal Gloss is only available online at


If you prefer your glosses extremely iridescent and loaded with sparkle, meet ABH’s new ultra-smooth formula for diamond-like shine. The Diamond Gloss also features a weightless, non-sticky formula for a fuss-free, long-wearing glaze. We’ll take this on night outs because your pout is going to catch some serious light (and attention) with the starry finish. *The Honey Diamond Gloss is only available online at

We tend to lean towards dreamy and green hues for spring here at The DC Edit, that I almost forgot the fun of taking the highway on spring looks. Intense yes, but I also like how buildable and wearable ABH’s Spring 2021 Iced Out Collection is. From lush brows to a polished hairline, a zero-to-hundred highlight and glosses that I can imagine looking as stunning on the lids as they will on your lips! Happy Spring!

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Melisa Goh

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