I’m an avid Pinterest user and I find inspiration for almost everything – fashion, beauty, and interior space. One thing I have realized about the spaces I adore on Pinterest is that there are always flowers and greenery. If you’re looking to spruce up your living space, you may want to consider making your very own flower bouquet. It’s inexpensive and the whole process is a great de-stresser. Plus, it adds a pop of color to your home too!

Store-bought flower bouquets aren’t cheap and they’re mainly for special occasions. To truly save some money and call it your own, you may want to opt for flowers from your local supermarket. We went to Cold Storage and got daisies, roses, and eucalyptus for a reasonable price (They were really fresh too!).

Apart from your chosen flowers, you would also need:

  •  a vase with water
  • a pair of scissors

Step 1: Strip The Foliage!

If you’ve realized that your flowers tend to wilt quicker, it might be because of the uncut foliage. Before arranging your flowers, grab a pair of scissors to strip any foliage you see from the bottom part of the stems that will be placed in water. We don’t want any bacteria growing in the water from the foliage as this will shorten the lifespan. Psst, be careful not to break the stem itself or you can simply use your hands!

Step 2: Create Various Sizes With Your Vase

Everyone’s vase looks different and there is no one size fits all when it comes to flowers. Flowers with ‘bigger heads’ such as sunflowers or lilies need a taller vase to keep their bloom supported. A tall, sturdy vase is recommended if you’re doing a large bouquet. Today, we used flowers with smaller blooms so we went with a smaller vase. 

Huge tip: The wider the opening of the vase, the fuller the bouquet will look.

Next, place each flower next to the vase to see how tall it looks and estimate how much stem you should cut. You would be able to determine how many flowers you would need to fill the vase. 

Step 3: Arrange Your Flowers

There’s really no fixed step on how to arrange your flowers so trust your intuition! Start by choosing 3 – 5 blooms to create a focal point of your bouquet. Once you’re happy with your base, add additional greenery and blooms to the outside two or three at a time. Continue adding until you’ve filled the vase and voila. 

Pro-Tips To Make Your Bouquet Last Longer

Tip #1: Fresh water, always! One of the reasons for cut flowers dying early is the bacteria growing in the water. We suggest changing the water daily or add flower preservatives in the water. However, you can create your own preservatives by using 2 tablespoons of vinegar with 3 tablespoons of sugar for every liter of water.

Tip #2: Space matters. Keep your bouquet away from fruits, extreme heat, or cold. Fruits such as apples, bananas, and tomatoes, produce high levels of ethylene, a gas that interferes with the production of ethylene in flowers. The flowers will thrive in cool, draft-free areas!

What I love about this DIY is that I can utilize the vases I have laying around at home — which is always a good idea if you have a vase addiction like myself!. But if you are missing a vase, IKEA sells them for as low as $2.90, so take your pick! Psst: We’d love to see your creations, tag us on Instagram (@thedcedit) to keep us in the loop!

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