At The DC Edit, we share our love for local brands very proudly. Just check out our feature on local beauty brands or local brands who are pushing for sustainability! While times have changed, the global pandemic has been a tough time for everyone — including (and especially) small local businesses who previously relied on foot traffic. So ahead of this month’s National Day Celebrations, we bring you 6 unique local businesses to check out and #supportlocal!

1. BooksActually


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Spreading the love of reading, BooksActually is an independent bookstore that focuses on fiction and literature. What sets them apart from other bookstores? Their collection of Singapore literary (SingLit) publications including some out-of-print titles! It’s the largest you could find and they take their spotlight on local authors very seriously. For instance, check out their #sglitftw Giving Campaign this month.

It’s an  initiative started by BooksActually to give back to local beneficiaries. ReadAble, Reading Roots, and more are the beneficiaries who will receive 8 to 10 books to children who could grow to love the written word and gain a sense of ownership over their own Singapore stories. Local pride, indeed. 

Discover SingLit and shop BooksActually online!

2. The Projector


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The Projector is more than just a movie theatre. It celebrates the art of storytelling and muses of cinema, all in one theatre located on the 5th floor of Golden Mile Tower. Coinciding with the revived Singapore International Film Festival, expect to catch indie films with great reviews by Rotten Tomatoes. It’s never a miss when it comes to their choice of films and the setting of The Projector truly takes you back to the 90s’. Likewise, a vintage photo booth at The Projector is a must-do!

Fun fact: Golden Theatre was the biggest cinema in Singapore and Malaysia when it was completed in 1973 with over 1500 seats. It was well patronised for its good quality Mandarin films in the ‘70s and ‘80s and ‘adult’ artistic films in the ‘90s and The Projector revived the place with an added hall in 2017. 

Book your next movie date directly on The Projector’s site!

3. Ease


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Sexual health is important. But it can sometimes feel complex, inaccessible, expensive… Perhaps even a taboo. One Singapore startup, Ease, is on a mission to change that. Ease endeavours to empower by providing convenient, discreet and affordable women’s health services. From birth control pills to at-home STI testing, Ease turns the process fuss-free and 100% judgement-free, so women can take charge of their own sexual well-being. 

The platform works with licensed doctors and pharmacists to deliver affordable sexual health services to your doorstep, while staying committed to educating women about their sexual wellness, rights and tips! Ease’s telecommunication service also allows women to skip long clinic queues and consult licensed healthcare professionals about their sexual health through the platform. What can we say? Sexual wellbeing (especially for women) has long been a delicate subject in Singapore, but platforms like Ease are slowly revolutionising that. 

Discover Ease’s services on their website.

4. Champion Bolo Bun


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Founded by a local Gen-Z foodpreneur, Hoh Loyi, Champion Bolo Bun brings the signature Hong Kong pastry to Singapore with its newly opened a physical space at Tanjong Pagar. Champion’s classic pineapple buns are the speciality — a sweet and pillowy bun, with a crispy, cookie-like crust (resembling a pineapple). But the menu also delights with bolo bun spin offs and complements, from savoury curried potato fillings to robust coffee and milk tea beverage options. A real treat for bolo bun fans!

Champion Bolo Bun is open for takeaways at 92 Tanjong Pagar Rd.

5. Hip Xiong Photo Studio

I grew up watching ‘The Little Nonya’ on Channel 8 and needless to say, I was a huge fan. What captivated me in that series was the scene on wet plate photography and Hip Xiong Photo Studio specially brought this technique back in 2020.

Wet plate photography is synonymous with the collodion process. Simply put, wet plate photographs need to be processed in a darkroom within the span of 15 minutes. But Hip Xiong is more than just about taking your portraits in a studio. Through his tintype workshops, Ryan Lee, the founder of Hip Xiong, hopes to share the beauty of wet plate photography by creating a memorable photography experience for as many people as possible. It’s save to say that the hipster portraits will also be an incredibly unique and irreplaceable keepsake.  

Bookings can be made through Hip Xiong’s website! 

6. Haikini

Functional swimwear pieces for surfing is the focus of homegrown swimwear label, Haikini! Surfing enthusiast and founder, Beckie, started the label to solve the dilemma of surfers who love to wear fun bikinis that are also practical for catching waves.  While surfing may not be a common hobby in Singapore yet, Haikini’s pieces are equally suitable for a day out by the beach or pool. (Psst: Or try wearing it as part of your outfit.)

Plus with more and more fashion labels moving towards sustainability, Haikini is no different. Using leftover fabric as packaging, Haikini has eradicated the use of plastic packaging for their swimwear. Every purchase from Haikini is not just more Earth-concsicous but also benefits the women in Bali who make them (and the families they support). 

Shop your next bathing suit on Haikini’s website!

We’ve shared 6 of our favourite cool local businesses, but the list of homegrown brands making their mark on Singapore’s market (and beyond) is ever growing! And, there’s no better time than August to support the local scene — happy National Day!



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