Who doesn’t love a good hair day? Unfortunately, living in a tropical humid climate like ours and the frequent use of heat can easily damage our tresses. From lifeless locks to big frizz bombs… Bummer. But before you splurge on salon treatments, damaged hair can be significantly restored at home with the right suite of products. That’s right, at home. Investing in a hair and scalp care routine that works for you can go a long way in keeping your locks luscious in the long run, while saving you dollars from regular salon treatments. For the ultimate home hair and scalp ritual, here are the newest and best hair and scalp treatments to buy at Sephora right now!

1. Briogeo Superfoods Mango + Cherry Oil Control & Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner, S$43 

Briogeo Superfoods Mango + Cherry Superfoods Hair Pack

Maintaining a clean scalp promotes overall stronger hair. A big tip: keep your hair care products The shower sulphate-free and silicone-free. Sulphates in shampoos have a bad reputation and here’s why: when I think sulphates, I think about what goes into household cleaning products. Which for obvious reasons, shouldn’t go anywhere near our scalps! Sulphates can strip away natural oils from the scalp and hair, turning your hair dry and brittle. It can be especially awful for sensitive scalps and cause further irritation, redness and dryness. 

Briogeo’s Superfoods Mango + Cherry Oil Control & Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner will be your new sulphate-free and silicone-free hair saviours. Packed with antioxidant-rich fruits, vitamins, and nutrients, this dynamic duo maintains your hair’s natural moisture while strengthening hair follicles. Bonus: If you love dyeing your hair, this duo is less likely to strip coloured hair. The absence of sulphates helps to better maintain your dye!

2. Act + Acre Restorative Hair Mask, S$55

Don’t just stop at conditioning your hair after shampooing. For an extra boost for irresistible softness and shine, pop a hair mask into your weekly hair care routine. Trust me, it will work wonders. For rolling good hair days, Act + Acre’s Restorative Hair Mask is a deeply conditioning hair treatment to restore dry and damaged hair. Loaded with proteins, vitamins, plant-based fatty acids and antioxidants, this silicone-free mask delivers a lasting moisture boost without residue (no greasiness, no weighed down hair). Added Glycerin acts as a natural conditioner, while also protecting your hair from harmful environmental aggressors. Expect smooth, silky, fluffy hair — oh and did I mention, this smells absolutely divine!

3. Percy & Reed Give Me Strength Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner, S$40

Oh the horrors of waking up in the morning to hair all over your pillow! (Who else is guilty of counting how many strands of hair you lost overnight?) That said, hair loss is totally normal. We drop about 80 strands a day! But if your hair fall seems heavier than usual, it may be a sign of weak and damaged hair. External causes for hair loss include frequent hair styling, excessive use of heat tools and harsh chemical treatments. If you’ve been putting your hair through a lot, consider an SOS like Percy & Reed’s Give Me Strength Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner to restore your hair’s tenacity.

This revolutionary pair promises to reduce hair breakage by a whopping 54% after one use (when used together). The winning keratin-rich formula deeply nourishes dry, damaged locks, replaces lost proteins and contains Sweet White Lupine to boost hair growth. In true Percy & Reed fashion, the duo is also free from sulphates and silicones, sensitive-skin friendly and smells amazing (a blend of geranium, orange, rosemary and grapefruit)!

4. Percy & Reed Give Me Strength Strengthening Scalp Concentrate, S$52

You can think of a scalp concentrate like a skin ampoule. For an extra-strength remedy, scalp concentrates like Percy & Reed’s Give Me Strength Strengthening Scalp Concentrate features a much higher percentage of active ingredients for maximum results. This heavy duty formula is rich in Sweet White Lupin, peptides, vitamin B5 and vitamin E to rejuvenate fine, dry and brittle hair. It also blocks the hormone linked to alopecia to alleviate hair loss, to promote optimum conditions for healthy hair growth.  This extraordinary concentrate promises to reduce hair breakage by 68% when combined with Percy & Reed’s Give Me Strength Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner!

Few things beat waking up to healthy, happy hair! ‘Amp up your hair care ritual with these hair and scalp wonders hot off the shelves from Sephora. Now available in Sephora stores and on sephora.sg.


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