Maintaining your health comes in various forms. Many of us might go down the route of regular exercise, a healthier diet or even both. While those elements are essential to a healthy lifestyle, there are other aspects that we ought to think about – sufficient sleep, eating at the proper times or even adding daily supplements to your diet. 

We might say that consuming a good amount of fruits and vegetables would be enough to fulfil our daily nutritional needs – but that might not be the case for everyone. Each of our bodies are so unique that some of us might require alternative solutions such as daily supplements to ensure we receive the right amount of nutrients.
Then the next step is: What supplements do we need? And how or where should we get them? Are they safe? We speak to the owners of MOOM Health: how can we make the right decision for our well-being, and how can we make the process of purchasing supplements a little less daunting?

1.  Hi Maya and Mili! Can we take supplements everyday?

Yes, supplements can be a part of your daily ritual in your wellness journey. They should be taken everyday, much like how you consume proteins, carbohydrates and green veggies. 

2.  What should we know before purchasing supplements?

First thing any woman should know before starting their wellness journey is that – they are not an overnight fix! Think of it like starting a new diet or a new form of exercise. It takes time as well as consistency. 

3.  How do you know that supplements are of good quality?

When looking for supplements to purchase, make sure ingredients are patented and clinically backed, organic if possible, and supported by experts. Companies that are transparent in their ingredients and supply chain would be your best bet in finding decent supplements with good quality.

4.  What are some of the top supplements to take?

There are many suitable minerals that can be taken, according to your own individualized needs. But as a start, MOOM recommends: 

Magnesium – One of the most important minerals for women, as they support almost everything: from better sleep, to PMS, to overall well-being. It’s a good supplement to start off with in your daily routine. 

Curcumin – A ‘super-herb’ that addresses inflammation in your body, which means glowy skin and no more cramps! It also contains immunity and collagen building properties and works as a stress adaptogen (a herbal pharmaceutical that works to counteract the impact of stress in your body).

5.  In your opinion, what are some of the top concerns faced by young asian women today?

Anxiety and stress are just two of the many issues faced by asian women today, but are not talked about as much as they should be. “We are huge proponents of education and believe that anxiety and stress starts with conversation.  – something that we are seeing happen slowly, but still have a way to go in Asia.”, as said by Maya and Mili.

Something that might be scary at first, could potentially be the key in unlocking your unique wellness journey. Let’s take it one step at a time. 

This supplement guide was brought to you in collaboration with MOOM, a local wellness brand aimed at creating a new model of personalised womens health. Get started with MOOM by filling out their supplement quiz, here:

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