Cleansing is one of, or if not the most important step in any skin care routine. Not cleaning your face is equivalent to not taking a shower after a long day! Gunk and grime gets caught in the tiniest of spaces with no way of getting out unless of course, you clean it!

As with many cleansing devices, we stop to think: Do we really need this? Why is it important? Afterwhich comes a series of sub-questions: What is ‘Over-Cleansing’? Or ‘Under-Cleansing’? 

We speak to Dr Tan Wang Teng from Moyem Medical Aesthetics to address the importance of cleansing, what a cleansing routine should look like and how to prevent premature aging. 

  1. What is an ideal cleansing routine?

    Removing dirt, makeup and excess SPF effectively and efficiently is ideal to any skincare routine. It should however, remain gentle so as to not rip the skin off its moisture and minerals. It should be easy, enjoyable and provide consistent results.

  2. Is such a thing as over-cleansing?

    Yes, over-cleansing is real and commonly causes tightness, dryness, skin barrier damage and irritation. It might even lead to even more acne breakouts. We definitely don’t want that!

  3. Why is cleansing important?

    Cleansing is the first step in all skincare routines, and is important in a number of ways. If not cleaned properly, build up of sebum, dead skin cells, makeup or product residues can potentially contribute to issues like breakouts, dehydration and premature aging.

    Furthermore, evidence has suggested that city air pollution is an enemy of clean, ageless skin, and is something we should pay attention to. Air pollution contains multiple contaminants that lead to increased oxidative stress (imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body, decrease in collagen, as well as damage to the skin barrier. These, in turn, accelerate signs of skin aging and acne.

  4. What are some common skin concerns experienced today?

    Acne and aging remain the top skin concerns we see today, especially with the presence of regular mask wearing due to the current pandemic. This then leads to ‘maskne’ and subsequent scars and skin irritations should you not take care of it well.

  5. When would be a good time to start using anti-aging products?

    Great skin is not just a matter of DNA. Daily habits can actually have a great impact on our skin’s future.

    You might be tired of hearing this again and again but the fact of the matter is: Sunscreen is the most effective anti-aging product! It should start early on while still in our youth and be used on a daily basis as the last step to your morning skincare routine).

    There are many good UV sunscreen products now that also incorporate ingredients like antioxidants, HEV filters, etc. to further ramp up skin protection and fend off premature aging.

  6. Tell us a bit about the Foreo’s latest Luna 3 Plus with its new heating functions – how does the presence of heat help in the cleansing process?

    This regulated heating function gently softens the skin, so stubborn debris like pollutants and residual sunblock can be dislodged easily by the sonic brush. It also helps melt away oil and impurities more readily in the cleanser, hence delivering a deeper, yet gentle cleanse.

  7. Would the Luna 3 Plus be able to aid in anti-aging as well?

    This device is in fact a multi-function home device that is designed to boost the efficacy of our daily skincare regimen. Besides sonic cleansing, the new LUNA 3 plus also features microcurrent therapy and firming sonic massage to amplify the benefits of anti-aging skincare products, which is to essentially reduce fine lines and maintain skin firmness.

    Microcurrent technology within the device sends out a low-wattage current, similar to that produced by the body during tissue healing. This increases blood flow and promotes production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is cellular energy required for repair and regeneration in your face and body. This would then help in reducing forehead lines and toning of your natural facial contours.

  8. Would double cleansing then be necessary with the Luna 3 Plus?

    Double cleansing is definitely one way in which we can improve the efficacy of the facial cleansing process. Should your skin require a double cleanse (if you wear makeup or a lot of sunscreen on a daily basis), a micellar water or cleansing balm or oil is the way to go, before washing your face with a gentle facial cleanser.

    Another option would then be the inclusion of beauty devices such as the Luna 3 Plus, where it will aid in removing sunscreen and pollutants even in challenging areas like the side of your face and around the nose. This option could be useful especially for oily or acne prone skin types.

You heard it from the Doctor herself, flawless-bare skin is just a good cleanse (and an SPF!) away.

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