We want a sheet mask that checks all of our boxes – to hydrate, brighten, glow, address our skin concerns and of course, to fit our face like a glove. Say goodbye to cutting up ill-fitting masks (it’s actually a Tiktok beauty hack!) just so we can fit them perfectly on all areas of our face. 

SENKA’s Perfect Skin Fit Sheet Mask

Enter: SENKA’s Perfect Skin Fit Sheet Masks! Part of their newest premium range, the Perfect Skin Fit Masks, as its name suggests, are made of CMC (Carboxymethyl Cellulose) – an innovative gel-like material to allow a perfect and seamless fit on the skin while retaining its infused serum of up to 13X the original amount! 

Besides that, the Perfect Skin Fit Masks rescues dehydrated skin – with its ability to provide hydration and moisture of up to 48 hours, and leaves your skin with an effortless glow after use. 


The Perfect Skin Fit Masks come in two different formulas: HydratingEX Sea Grape and BrighteningEX Berry. The common ingredient among both masks are White Cocoon Essence, a SENKA staple for bright and nourished skin, with triple hyaluronic acids – no wonder these masks provide 48 hours worth of hydration!

HydratingEX Sea Grape:

Aside from White Cocoon Essence and Hyaluronic Acid, the HydratingEX Sea Grape Masks provide a super surge of hydration to the skin with the inclusion of: Sea Grape Extract (Umi Buduo) – the main ingredient that contains vitamins and polysaccharides (sugar), and Japanese Marine Algae – a mix of algae and seaweed filled with rich amino acids. All of which help to retain moisture on your skin, and manage the skin’s hydration levels to give you a refreshing and healthy glow! 

BrighteningEX Berry:

The BrighteningEX Berry Masks on the other hand, contains a thoughtful mix of ingredients to beautifully brighten the skin while still maintaining its well-needed moisture. These masks are packed with rich sources of antioxidants through the means of Cranberry and Raspberry Extracts, Yoshino Cherry Blossom Extracts and Licorice Extract, all of which give the skin the energy it needs to brighten its complexion, and overlook the signs of dullness and tiredness. 

DC Team Reviews

We got 4 members of the DC Team (Andrea herself included!) to put these sheet masks to the test. Team Sea Grape Blue, consisting of Andrea and Rachel, tried out the Hydrating EX Sea Grape Masks while Eilane and I joined Team Berry Pink and tried on the BrighteningEX Berry Mask. Throughout this test, we aim to find out: 

  1. How well the Perfect Skin Fit Masks fit our differing face shapes, 
  2. How seamless it is 
  3. Testing the hydration levels 48 hours after use

Team Sea Grape Blue’s Review: Andrea and Rachel

Andrea’s Face Shape: Heart-Shaped

“I found the mask to be a perfect and effortless fit. I did not even need a mirror and the mask fit my face seamlessly. When I took a picture, it was like I was not wearing a mask at all!” 

Hydration levels lasted a great deal for Andrea as well. “With the mask’s ability to retain so much of its serum, my skin felt moisturised and hydrated throughout the night.”

Andrea Verdict: Super Hydrating

Rachel’s Face Shape: Round 

Applying the mask was a breeze and it fit Rachels face really well, needing little to no fixes. But what stood out to Rachel was how moisturised her skin felt when she woke up the next morning. “I blasted the air-conditioning pretty high throughout the night so I was shocked at how moist my face was the next morning, even though I did not apply any moisturiser after applying the sheet mask!”

Rachel’s Verdict: Amazed By The Fit

Team Berry Pink’s Review: Eilane and Shanti

Eilane’s Face Shape: Round 

Seeing as how Eilane has acne prone skin, she wanted to give the BrighteningEX Berry a try as it contains antioxidants needed to prevent her frequent outbreaks.

“The best part for me was how seamless the mask was. It genuinely fits like a glove and it made the whole mask experience very enjoyable!” When asked if this mask helped her acne prone skin, she said “I wanted to try this mask out to see if its antioxidant effect could help with regular inflammation on my skin. So far I’ve seen a bit of reduction in redness plus a pimple has not shown up on my face yet – so I think that is a good sign!”

Eilane’s Verdict: Love The Fit, Will Need More Time To See Results On Skin 

Shanti’s Face Shape: Oval

I generally have a hard time finding masks that fit with my oddly small face. But I must say the Perfect Skin Fit Masks fit extremely well! It usually takes some time to smooth out the creases after application but it was incredibly easy this time. I thought the brightening features of the BrighteningEX Berry Mask really helped lighten my acne scars!

Shanti’s Verdict: Great For Lightening Acne Scars

We tried, we tested and we can safely say it is a YES from The DC Team! We thoroughly enjoyed the masks and highly recommend them for anyone looking to try out new sheet masks to add into their skincare routine, or if you’re looking for new ways to lock in enough hydration and moisture. 

Post-Masking Ritual

In addition to the Perfect Skin Fit Masks, SENKA recommends the use of their Deep Moist Lotion and Gel Cream for an increased hydrating effect. Of course, how much moisture you need is entirely up to you, so feel free to pair the products according to what your skin needs.

Pairing the Deep Moist Lotion 1 with the HydratingEX Sea Grape and BrighteningEX Berry Masks gives up to 95% more moisture respectively, while adding the Deep Moist Gel Cream would increase moisture levels even further by up to 98% respectively!

And there you have it! I hope this review has given you all the information you need on SENKA’s latest mask range. 

Both the HydratingEX and BrighteningEX Berry Perfect Skin Fit Masks are sold in a Box of 4 for $13.90 or as a Single Sheet for $3.50. *Enjoy 20% off all Box Masks (U.P$ 13.90, Promo $11.10) from 2nd December to 29th December 2021! 

Both Masks are available in all Watsons stores islandwide! Shop here:

SENKA has dedicated a MASSIVE giveaway to one lucky reader – We are rewarding one lucky winner with a year’s worth of SENKA masks. Head on over to our Instagram @thedcedit for more details. 

This review was brought to you in collaboration with SENKA’s latest launch:
The Perfect Skin Fit Masks 

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