When days are tough, I dream of what my future home would look like. There are times where we turn to social media for home decor inspiration, especially in the time of COVID-19, where we re-adjust our living space to give new life and energy. Just like everyone else, I binge-watch the ‘Open Door’ series by Architectural Digest and religiously scroll through Instagram for home decor inspiration. And for HDB-owners, you’ve probably chance upon Instagram for HDB design inspiration! Instagram is home to interior designers and furniture brands where it’s an endless supply of visual stimulation. However, if you’re new to interior design on Instagram, here are the 5 best accounts you have to follow for the dreamiest HDB interior (…or any type of housing)!

1. @ateliervime

It can’t get any homier than @ateliervime’s Instagram page. Think rattan elements, rustic wood ,and unfinished walls in the best way possible. It stays away from the usual minimalistic interior we often see with its provincial interior and furnishing that looks like it has been collected from different parts of the world. Of course, we have to work with limited space in HDBs but you can totally bring in elements from French provincial homes to achieve the aesthetic. If you’re in love with the French provincial aesthetic, @ateliervime will serve you exactly that. 

2. @hem

When contemporary meets lounging, you get Hem. The independent brand brings a new era of designer-makers and eradicates the idea of mass production. Hem’s Instagram feed feeds you inspiration on how to style staple furniture and personalise your living space. Psst: Hem is also our creative director, Stuart, personal favourite!

3. @jenniferbunsa

I would spend most of my time at home if it’s designed by Jennifer Bunsa. Playing around with bold prints and muted tones, Bunsa brings vibrancy to the table. Take note of how Bunsa creates warm and inviting spaces just by checking out her Instagram feed – large windows to invite light, statement-making carpets, and clean silhouettes.

4. @happyvillageinterior

Needless to say, the Instagram handle lives up to its name. Maarten & Sharvin has no rules when it comes to designing and their house has been a showstopper. Expect to see mismatched chairs, plants, and unordinary coffee tables. “I was inspired by graphic designers and artists whose pieces feature simple yet colourful forms,” Ramjan says in an interview. Take a look at how they took home decor to another level.

5. @archdigest

We definitely did not forget the OG of interior design, Architectural Digest. Featuring different styles of homes, Architectural Digest is known to feature celebrities’ homes such as Kendall Jenner’s, Troye Sivan’s, and more! The best part of AD’s Instagram feed is that it brings interior elements from different parts of the world into one and you can never get enough of it.

For upcoming HDB-owners, who do you get your inspiration from? And, what’s your favourite interior style? Let us know!


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