I’ve learned many lessons from constantly re-decorating my home and the DC office over the years, one I have taken away is the fact that home decorative accents maketh a home. It’s all in the little details: your choice of rug, what you choose to display on your coffee table, and the wall art you hang up. I could just have a sofa and a TV console in my living room, but without all these accents the room will lack a story, a sense of warmth and a distinctive personality.

When purchasing accent furniture and decorative accessories, here are some other tips you might find useful:

  1. Don’t be afraid to play with colour, or introduce a pop of colour.
  2. Get movable furniture – I get tired of the configuration of my space every 6 months (just last week I repainted and reconfigured my husband’s home office), and my hands will start itching to move things around. Try it! You’ll be surprised how refreshing your space will look after every “shift”.
  3. Keep up to date with the latest furniture trends by flipping through interior magazines (i.e. Architectual Digest) or scrolling through your favourite home interior personalities (@eyeswoon, @putnamflowers) on Instagram.

We had the pleasure of working with Como Décor for a recent shoot we had, you can see how just three pieces of furniture can immensely help with the appearance of a set. Imagine if you introduced these 3 pieces into your own room: a rug to make your space cosier, wall art to introduce colour, and a side table that can act as a coffee table, or a display table. I like that the side table serves as a good accent piece due to its pink shade and rounded edges. I’ve picked out some more my favourite Como Décor pieces, scroll down to see more.

As seen above: Como Décor Jakob Rug (Starting from $699) | Como Décor Alexa Wall Art (Starting from $299) | Como Décor Anneka Side Table ($399).


Other Items You Might Like…

Como Décor Svea Wall Art
Starting from S$499

The good thing about the wall art from Como Décor is that they come in various sizes, so you can find one that fits your space perfectly, the wall art will also help set the tone!

Como Décor Hansel Side Table

You can never go wrong with gold - what I like about this side table is it is neither masculine or feminine. You could put it in your vanity, home study, or entertainment area.

Como Décor Frei Side Table (Set of 2)

With the rattan trend all the rage in furniture design these days, these side tables are not only trendy, but they are also somehow reminiscent of an older era, almost like something passed down from generations!

Como Décor Kyle Arch Mirror
Starting from S$589

I get so many comments about the mirror in my living room - it's the first thing people notice when they walk in. Get yourself a mirror that - literally - reflects your style and home personality, your guests will love it!


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